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Stim Social vs. AiGrow – what’s better for more Instagram followers?

In continuing our series looking at Instagram tools from around the web, today we turn to Stim Social.

According to their website:

We target and follow user profiles on Instagram and like their posts according to specific criteria that you set (the system also targets only the most active people who make comments and like posts – the kind of followers you want). A certain percentage will appreciate your content and follow you back.

Gaining likes and followers is in our realm of Instagram marketing, so we decided to put Stim Social to the test against our platform, AiGrow.

  • Setup
  • Connecting Instagram account(s)
  • Features
  • Maintenance and Support
  • Pricing
  • Conclusion

Let’s take a look.

Companies\Features Free Plan Avoiding Bot Behavior Organic Growth TrustPilot Review
AiGrow Excellent
Stim Social Bad

If you think these details are unnecessary for you, you can use AiGrow to solve your SM issues for free.



To start with AiGrow, follow these steps:

1) Go to AiGrow.me and click on “Get Started”. You can also simply go to app.aigrow.me/signup

2) Enter your name, email, and password. Note that your email does not need to be your IG email. After filling the required items, click “Register Now”.

Stim Social

For Stim Social, you also need an email and password. Go to stimsocial.com and click on “5-Day Free Trial”.

Update: Unfortunately, Stem Social has removed its 5-day free trial. So, you can sign up for it, but can’t use its features.

Then, enter your name, email, and password. The phone number is not necessary. After setup, Stim Social asks for your IG username and password.

Connecting Instagram account(s)


Using AiGrow, you can add as many IG accounts as you want. Just go to your AiGrow dashboard and click on the “Add Instagram Account” button. Then enter your IG username and password. In some cases, you might need to enter a code that is sent to your phone by Instagram.

You will see your IG accounts which are connected to your AiGrow account on your dashboard. You can manage each of them by clicking on the “Manage Account” button.

Stim Social

After setup, Stim Social asks for your IG username and password. While connecting your IG account with Stim Social, you should not go to your IG app or Instagram web. This may end up in a banned IG account.


AiGrow VIP Growth

AiGrow has come up with a great opportunity for its users to grow their IG accounts in terms of Engagement (Likes+Comments) and Followers 100% guaranteed. We are talking about an easy-to-use platform with lots and lots of features, including Scheduling and Reposting Posts on Feed and Story, and All-in-one Bio Link.

There are account managers who will take care of your Instagram accounts and manage all your activities precisely. All you need to do is wait and see the leads come. Above all, there are extra features for Instagram influencers to let them direct targeted users in their niche to their business.

Features available for AiGrow users:
  • Dedicated Account Manager

A dedicated account manager will spend his/her time to take care of the user’s account(s). They perform activities on the account using user’s Settings regularly which results in the organic growth of the IG profile.

  • Guaranteed Growth

Your newly targeted followers are 100% organic. They’re interested in your content, products, and services.

  • AI-Powered Hashtags, Competitions, Locations Research

AiGrow team researches hashtags, competitions, and locations in terms of the Instagram algorithm to lead users in your niche to your account.

  • Manual Growth Activities  (Follows, Unfollows, Liking)

AiGrow’s experts will take care of your activities on your behalf regularly. They log into your Instagram account and perform activities based on the Instagram algorithm (since Instagram has terminated automated growth activities result in user shadowbanned).

  • All-in-one Bio Link

Update August 2020: You can build a special link powered by AiGrow, and add it to your bio. Simply, you can do this without using the Instagram app. After that, you’ll have a chance to add an unlimited number of links, Social platforms pixels, and coupon for your contest posts to it. It’s like a beautiful virtual profile within your Instagram profile. So, it’s legit and it goes beyond Instagram limits at the same time.

  • Unlimited Content Scheduler

AiGrow has a powerful tool for scheduling posts and Stories. It allows you to Repost your contents Feed and Story too. Also, it has a tool for searching hashtags. You enter a hashtag and AiGrow will find the relevant hashtags and their popularity. Moreover, because you can add multiple accounts to your AiGrow’s dashboard, you can schedule a post on multiple pages.

  • Priority 24×7 Support

Our experts in customer support are always available to help users solve any possible issues. They offer free one-on-one appointments to help set up your account.

Update: AiGrow is now offering another feature

  • Post and Reward

You may know that running a contest or rewarding your followers is a great way to go viral. now using this new feature provided by AiGrow you can boost your Growth with running contests and also rewarding your followers automatically and even of your own choosing.

Stim Social’s Features

Stim Social is basically a version of AiGrow’s Growth Engine. With Stim Social, you can auto Follow, Unfollow and Like other accounts based on the information, you give the platform. So, when you engage with other accounts, the traffic will come to your account. The average follow-back ratio is 15% which means that out of every 100 Followings, 15 will come back to you and Follow you.

To start Stim Social, you need to target at least 5 accounts. The followers of those accounts will be followed. Also, you can use hashtags and locations to find your audience. The AiGrow’s Growth Engine and Stim Social work like each other. They track down followers and find them and engage with them so that they will come back to your profile.

Maintenance and Support


You can always use the contact form on the AiGrow’s page to ask your questions. They are fast and responsible for their customers. Also, AiGrow has a powerful FAQ section that can answer many of your questions. Moreover, the platform is easy to use and you will probably need no help to learn it.

Stim Social

Stim Social has a support section that can answer many of your questions regarding the platform. It consists of many articles that help you with a better experience. Also, it has a chat section where you can ask your questions.



With AiGrow Pro-managed packages or simply pro packs, you can manage your Instagram activities. Simply choose the appropriate package suited to your goals! Our service helps you grow your Instagram following and engagement 100% organically.

Update: AiGrow has recently made it tasty by allowing you to test all its packages for 1$ within a week. So, don’t worry if you hesitate to buy its packs or don’t. After one week, you’ll surely find out its advantages without risking much money.

Stim Social

With Stim Social, you will also have multiple options. You will have Fast, Turbo, Extreme, Pro, and Managed settings. With each setting, you have different speeds for Likes and Follows. For Pro accounts, you will have to pay about 40$ a month. You can see the options down here.


Stim Social is a great tool for mass following and Liking. You can set your target hashtags, accounts, and locations, and the platform will look for the relevant accounts and engage with them. This can be intimidating since Instagram has put an end to automated growth engines. Meanwhile, your account will get shadowbanned and it can even get removed!

On the other hand, AiGrow is a complete platform with lots of features that can be used to grow your IG page ORGANICALLY. With AiGrow, you are going to give your IG in the right hand and see great results. This is an easy-to-use platform that can be used on any browser.

AiGrow also can automatically Follow, Like and Unfollow accounts at different speeds depending on your needs. On AiGrow, you also have those options to auto comment and DM. In addition to growth, AiGrow also offers the following additional features:

  • Post Scheduling
  • Story Scheduling
  • Reposting by hashtag, URL, and Username
  • Growing multiple Instagram accounts at the same time
  • Guaranteed growth by AiGrow ambassadors
  • Dedicated 24/7 human Support

Sign up and try AiGrow VIP program by clicking here.

You can also use Stim Social.

If you think these details are unnecessary for you, you can use AiGrow to solve your SM issues for free.

View Comments

  • We have used Stim Social successfully for 3 years, on their Pro-Account. It was brilliant, the service great and I used to recommend to others a lot. In the last 3 months, this has all changed. The customer service, although responsive, take no responsibility for the issues that are inherent now that Instagram have updated their software. If you have a problem with their service, they mostly try and up-sell you to their Managed Plan, which I don't appreciate as a solution for our Pro-Account not working.

    For the last 3 months, our account has been continually blocked by APIs, and just this week Instagram have sent us a FINAL WARNING alert to stop using their service. I took this to Stim, and they said that Instagram are wrong and what Stim are doing is fine. Whatever Stim's assessment, it is Instagram that are making the judgement call. Stim said "just re-log in in a couple of days and it will be fine" [sic]. I don't have that confidence, and Stim have taken no responsibility for offering alternative solutions, or an apology. We have asked for a refund for our account not working for 3 months, which they have refused, instead offering us a free trial of their Managed Plan (what a surprise).

    Stay away from this service. For 3 years they were fantastic, but they pose too high a risk now and accept zero responsibility for their issues.

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