AiGrow vs Somiibo.Choose the best Instagram growth services for your business.

AiGrow vs Somiibo.Choose the best Instagram growth services for your business.


What is Instagram Growth Tools? And how do you make money from Instagram?


Today we are going to compare Aigrow vs somiibo and explain how to work with them so you can choose one for your business development.

In my opinion Instagram growth services are one of the best human discoveries .

If you used the best Instagram Growth tools on Instagram you would literally know what I was saying.

When you want to choose an Instagram growth service for your page, that means your page is important to you! So you have to choose carefully.

Different criteria have to be considered for selecting the best Instagram growth services.

Our comparison consists of four cases:

  1. Setup
  2. Connecting Instagram account
  3. Features
  4. Maintenance


Aigrow vs somiibo  Aigrow

  • To register, first click Aigrow and follow the registration process.

Click on “get started” to complete the next steps.

You can have 5 days of free experience in Aigrow and try it for free.

Aigrow vs somiibo

  •  Then enter a family name and a valid email and password and click on the Register Now button .

Aigrow vs somiibo

Your registration is simply finished and you’re currently a member of your best Instagram management service.

Aigrow vs somiibosomiibo

  • To register for Somiibo you must first click here to sign up.

Aigrow vs somiibo

Start by clicking on the “get started for free” then you have to Download FREE app and install it.

their app works on both Mac & Windows.

Once you have finished downloading the app, open it and you will see the following page.

Aigrow vs somiibo

If you are already registered and have an account click on “sign in” and enter with your email and password .

Otherwise click on the “sign up” and make an account by enter a  valid email and password. 

Aigrow vs somiibo

Your registration process has been completed.


Connecting Instagram Account

Aigrow vs somiiboAigrow

After logging into the homepage of the site you can simply add your account or Instagram accounts by clicking on the “Add instagram account”.

You can also view and manage all of the accounts you add from the page that is like below image.

Aigrow vs somiibo

You can easily access your accounts on Instagram by simply adding your account here.

To add your account just enter your username and password.


A six-digit code will be sent to your email or phone number, Which will be added to your account by entering it.

After adding your own accounts you can easily manage any of your accounts by clicking on the manage account option or  simply hire a dedicated administrator to manage your account by using the Aigrow VIP service.

You can add as many accounts you like for free by registering in Aigrow.

Aigrow vs somiibosomiibo

First, select the target you want for your account from the top, as shown in the photo below.

Aigrow vs somiibo

After you have selected your target you will be provided with services that you can choose from and click on the Load option.

Aigrow vs somiibo

For instance, I chose IG option and I was redirected to a new window where I could manually select the robot settings and then I added my Instagram account.

After you have selected the settings that suit your goals, click on the Start button in the upper right corner of the application to get the robot started working.

Also, click the Stop button to stop the settings.

Aigrow vs somiibo



Somiibo is a social media that helps you automate your marketing services and help you grow your reach.

This platform helps you to get real followers in programs like Sound Cloud, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouLikeHits, AddMeFast, and many other tools …

  • Open unlimited modules/tabs at once!
  •  Manage 30 Accounts (30 Sessions / multi-logins)
  • All modules are incredibly customizable and all settings are active
  • Access to advanced filtering options to better target your fans
  • Unlimited usage. You can automate 24/7 if you want!
  •  Enjoy an ad-free experience
  • Private Email Support
  • SoundCloud play module
  • SoundCloud promo module
  •  Instagram promo module
  • Twitter promo module
  • YouLikeHits promo module
  • Website traffic module
  • Proxy Browser
  • Priority consideration for beta testing future modules
  • automate Instagram, SoundCloud, YouLikeHits, at the same time. This is possible with Somiibo Premium!


We’re the best host for your Instagram admin and in less than 30 minutes we’ll start managing your page.

One of the prominent features of this popular platform is that you can manually enter custom settings up and wait for them to run automatically.

And you can also hire a dedicated page manager to go ahead with your goals and ensure your business is guaranteed to grow.

The administrators that our professional team chooses for your Instagram account management are fully professional and trained.

You just have to specify your area of ​​business so that the administration will start working toward your goals.

Some Instagram Account Manager Tasks
  • share your posts at the right time: According to the research done and the algorithm obtained from Instagram, choosing the right time to share posts has a great impact on increasing your page views.

  • Trying to increase your Follower :One of the major tasks of a Page Administrator is to collect Follower in a variety of ways. These can include publishing interesting posts, advertising, or interacting with other pages.

  • share stories: In order to reach a better audience, an Instagram admin sometimes share stories related to Page activity.
  • Responding appropriately to the audience : Another task of Admin Page is to keep in touch with the audience on a regular basis. He or she should respond to audience questions and criticism and respond appropriately to direct messages or comments.
  • Generate appropriate content: Content is one of the most important things that can both attract and excite fans, so it is better to produce your content professionally by a professional admin
  • Page Performance Check : The Instagram admin should have a plan and a goal to improve the page, act on the plan, and regularly review the performance of the page for the purpose it pursues, and resolve any deficiencies and obstacles.
  • Choose hashtags that are relevant to your posts : If you have information on how to use keywords then you should know that using proper hashtags is important and requires knowledge. Your admin page will use the most used hashtags for each post
  • And etc…
Some of the features available for Aigrow users include:
  • Dedicated Account Manager

  • AI Powered Hashtags, Competitions, Locations Research

  • Guaranteed Growth
  • Manual Growth Activities  (Follows, Unfollows, Liking)
  • Automated DMs
  • Unlimited Content Scheduler
  • Priority 24×7 Support
  • *Ambassador Instagram Accounts (Special Feature for Influencers)

Maintenance and Support

Aigrow vs somiibosomiibo

Those who subscribe to this platform can use the support section and if they have any questions or concerns about how it works, the answer will be sent privately to their email

Aigrow vs somiibo


If you have a problem you can look for a solution on FAQ section  and we are always ready to answer your questions by email seven days a week.



You can first sign up for a free five-day course by signing up for this free platform, Then if you are satisfied you can use whichever package you want.

If you look at Aigrow’s price list, you will find that the price list is very reasonable and appropriate to the service it offers.

You can select and activate one of the available packages tailored to your purpose.

Our team guarantees that your Instagram will grow naturally and in accordance with the algorithms set by Instagram .This will prevent your account from being blocked.

Take a look at the prices of VIP packages :

Aigrow vs somiibo

Important Note: Each of the VIP packages you choose will be provided by a Page Manager who performs account tasks.

In the meantime you can use each of the services of this platform separately and only pay for it.

Aigrow vs somiibo

Aigrow vs somiibo


The interesting thing about Somiibo is that they make one of their packages available for free.

You can add and manage up to 6 Instagram accounts.

There is a point that you can use this free package for a limited time, up to 3 hours.

Aigrow vs somiibo

Summary : Managing your Instagram account is not an easy task and requires a lot of knowledge and software required.

Today we reviewed two professional platforms and explained how they work and their features.

For those who want to use Aigrow click here.

And for those who want to use Somiibo, click here.

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