All Revealed About Social Captain! Is it a Scam?

social captain

Social captain has shut down. There was a leak of their clients’ Instagram credentials in 2020; also many complaints and bad reviews. 

So if you know this, you must be looking for an alternative to social captain. Here it is! I’ll be introducing you to the best one in this post.

Comparing its features to the social captain, you’ll see you haven’t lost much not accessing Instagram growth services like Social captain.

Instagram growth service for organic followers

There are still a few great growth services you can rely on with much better results.

NOTE: if you’re not interested in the details and just want to find a perfect Instagram growth tool to help you organically grow your Instagram page, click the link below. 

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What is Social Captain?

According to their website: 

Get real followers, likes, views and comments using real people. Powerful growth. Instant results.”

Note: Another website is working under the social captain’s brand, probably with the same team and strategies! So be careful to give it a try. 

Social Captain Review

Here are a few social captain reviews I found on other websites since they are not available on review sites just for you to be sure that it was just a scam!

socialcaptain reviews

socialcaptain review

In most socialcaptain reviews, I saw users complaining about their Instagram account getting banned, being charged even after canceling their plans and getting fake and not engaging followers.

Best Alternative to Social Captain

Considering all these bad reviews and the fact that the platform is not working anymore! Introducing an alternative to it is a must!

In the following sections, let’s compare social captain and our Instagram growth solution AiGRow. First, let’s have a quick overview of their features, then I’ll go on them in detail.

features AiGrow Social captain
Hashtag targeting
Manual growth activities(Follow, unfollow, like, comment)
Content design template (feed/stories)
Schedule feed plans
Account manager
price $99, $109, $129, $199 $15, $39, $99
Active blog

As you can see Social captain didn’t have the essential features of an Instagram growth service in the first place! On the contrary, AiGrow offers a full suite of features to help you have a strong presence on Instagram.

Start growing and saving time with AiGrow.

Note: The original article was written when the social captain was still running. 

I added updated information wherever it was necessary.

Now, let’s go on a detailed comparison of these two Instagram growth agencies:

Setup & getting started


For AiGrow’s setup, you need to go to and click on the “start free” on the upper menu. Then enter your name, email, and password. This email and password will be needed whenever you want to log into your AiGrow account.

AiGrow sign up

Sign me up!

Social Captain

Getting started with Social Captain is also easy. You just need a name, an email, and a password to access the social captain login page. You can also log in via your Google account.

social captain sign up

Connecting IGs


On your AiGrow dashboard, you will have the “Add Instagram Account” button. Click that and enter your IG’s username and password. You are all done. In some cases, Instagram may send you a 6-digit code that AiGrow will ask for. That’s it. All done.

aigrow conecting instagram

Social Captain

With Social Captain, connecting IGs is also easy. When you are logged in, enter your IG username and password. If you are not connected, try again.

Note: according to TechCrunch, Social Captain had exposed thousands of Instagram account passwords. Instagram said the service broke the Instagram rules and terms of service by improperly storing their users’ login credentials.

Features and Tools

AiGrow features

AiGrow has multiple tools and features. Each one of these tools can help you have a much better presence on Instagram. These are some of the features of AiGrow:


Give AiGrow manual growth features a try now!

For a more thorough investigation, let’s dive into each of these features and see how you can use them. 

Manual Growth

AiGrow uses manual growth for more safety and more reliable followers. It means that AiGrow is not a bot or acts like a bot. 

Using dedicated account managers of AiGrow you connect with more people. As you probably know, engaging with more people can help you get some engagement back.

So, engaging with lots of people can lead to a much higher engagement rate on your account. But how can one find all these accounts and engage with them? Isn’t this process very long and tedious?

AiGrow growth set up

Well, that’s where the growth AI engine comes to play. This tool can help you find those accounts. You give some tags, accounts, and locations, and the engine will look for the targeted accounts.

Then, the account managers will Like, Comment, and Follow these accounts. Also, they will Unfollow people to help you maintain the good-looking Following/Follower ratio.

Moreover, these account managers will comment on other people’s posts too. You can inform them about the activities you want them to conduct on your IG through the following section. 

AiGrow growth set up

 Get immediate access to the AiGrow growth service now.

Scheduling Posts and Stories

With AiGrow, you can schedule your posts and stories via your laptop or computer. Publishing Stories via desktop is very helpful as you might not share a story with your phone. Also, scheduling can help you have a more consistent Instagram content plan for your posting.

A good IG page is a consistent one. You need to post daily to keep your audience feel connected. 

You can prepare your posts in advance, upload them on your AiGrow dashboard, and set a time and date using the scheduling Instagram posts feature.

AiGrow has solved the problem of adding only one link in bio. As you might know, Instagram restricts users only to have one link in their bios. 

So, many accounts, especially business ones don’t like this rule. They don’t like it because they want everything handy, and it can be done by simply clicking a link. Fortunately, with AiGrow, you can add as many links as you want.

Get your mind off your Instagram growth worries.

Social Captain Features

Social Captain is a tool for helping you engage with other accounts. This platform works very similarly to AiGrow’s Growth Engine for all we know. 

It looks for the targeted accounts and engages with them in the hope of some follow-backs. You can Likes, Comment, Follow, and Unfollow people via Social Captain.

social captain dashboard

Give some inputs to the platform to help it find the targeted accounts. You can give hashtags and usernames. Social Captain will show you the results of your growth too. 

The statistics part of this platform is powerful. You can also use the Auto Direct Message too. However, this option is only available for the BETA accounts.

Update: Social captain is down now due to not working properly. Click on the link below to access a growth service that has been working successfully for a few years.

Take your Instagram growth to the next level with AiGrow.

Maintenance and Support


AiGrow’s support is a powerful one. They answer your questions right away. Also, AiGrow’s FAQ section can answer many of your questions. It also has a contact form that can answer your questions.

Social Captain

Social Captain has two sections for helping you understand the platform. “How it Works” and “Learn” sections. By reading these pages, you can learn a lot about the Social Captain. Also, it has a contact form that can answer your questions.

AiGrow pricing

Below are AiGrow’s pricing packages:

growth plans-aigrow

Start your Instagram growth journey here!

You can also access AiGrow’s desktops scheduler, and link in bio features for free.

Aigrow free plan
AiGrow free plan

Start your AiGrow free plan 

Social Captain pricing

You can have Social Captain features for $15 a week or $39 a month to get Likes, Comments, Follow, and Unfollow for these amounts. You can also have a Turbo account with a 10x speed for $99 a month.

social captain pricing

Social Captain Pros and Cons:

Here are some pros and cons of social captain:

social captain pros and cons

Apart from that, using risky bot automation, getting followers that don’t engage with you, and requiring technical skills are some other cons of social captain service.

Honestly, no one will invest their money in such a growth service! You need a trustworthy company that delivers quality followers in a reasonable period. That’s what Aigrow growth service gives you, as I mentioned above. 

Get your mind off your Instagram growth worries.


Social Captain Instagram growth service used to work to get you targeted Likes, Comments and Follows to attract relevant traffic and followers back to your Instagram page. But it doesn’t work anymore. I introduced you to the best alternative to it in this post.

AiGrow offers all of these same features and more. In addition to targeted likes, comments, follows, unfollows, and DMs. 

Plus, while you can try all of these features fully for 7 days, AiGrow also allows completely free access to its post and Story scheduler and link in bio even after the trial is finished.

 Try AiGrow for free today

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