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Social Captain vs. AiGrow – what’s better for more Instagram followers?

Note: if you’re not interested in the details and just want to know which tool is better for getting Likes, click here.

In continuing our series looking at Instagram tools from around the web, today we turn to Social Captain.

According to their website:

Get real followers, likes and comments using automated targeted marketing & the power of AI.

Gaining Likes and followers is in our realm of Instagram marketing, so we decided to put Perfect Liker to the test against our own platform, AiGrow.

Here’s what we are going to compare:

  • Setup
  • Connecting your Instagram account(s)
  • Features
  • Maintenance and Support
  • Price
  • Conclusion

Let’s jump into it.

Setup and getting started


For AiGrow’s setup, you need to go to aigrow.me and click on the “Free Trial” on the upper menu. Then enter your name, email, and a password. This email and password will be needed whenever you want to log into your AiGrow account.

Social Captain

Getting started with Social Captain is also easy. You just need a name, an email, and a password. You can also log in via your Google account.

Connecting IGs


On your AiGrow’s dashboard, you will have a button named “Add Instagram Account”. Click that and enter your IG’s username and password. You are all done. For some cases, Instagram may send you a 6-digit code which AiGrow will ask for. That’s it. All done.

Social Captain

With Social Captain, connecting IGs is also easy. When you are logged in, enter your IG username and password. If you are not connected, try again.

Features and Tools


AiGrow has multiple tools and features. Each one of these tools can help you have a much better IG account. These are some of the features of AiGrow:

  • Growth Engine
  • Automated Engagement Pods
  • Scheduling Posts
  • Scheduling Stories
  • Connecting multiple IGs
  • Searching Location
  • DMs and Inbox

For a more thorough investigation, let’s dive into each of these features and see how you can use them.

Growth Engine

AiGrow’s Growth Engine can help you connect with more people. As you probably know, engaging with more people can help you get some engagement back. So, engaging with lots of people can lead to a much higher engagement rate on your account. But how can one find all these accounts and engage with them? Isn’t this process very long and tedious?

Well, that’s where Growth Engine comes to play. This tool can help you find those accounts. You give some tags, accounts, and locations and the engine will look for the targeted accounts. The Growth Engine will Like, Comment and Follow these accounts. Also, it will Unfollow people to help you maintain the Following/Follower ratio.

Moreover, you can Comment on other people’s posts too. You give some samples to the platform and it will start the Growing Process. The platform can enable Likes, Follow, Unfollow and Comments. You will have options to change the speed of the engine.

Automated Engagement Pods

This is also a great strategy to boost your account. AiGrow has numerous Engagement Groups in different nice boxes. You join in these groups and then whenever you post your content, the members will automatically Like and Comment your posts. This is extremely helpful as it will increase your engagement rate dramatically.

Scheduling Posts and Stories

With AiGrow, you can schedule your Posts and Stories via your laptop or computer. Publishing Stories via desktop is very helpful as you might not be able to share a Story with your phone. Also, scheduling can help you have a more consistent plan for your posting.

A good IG page is a consistent one. You need to post on a daily basis to keep your audience feel connected. Using the scheduling platform, you can prepare your posts before and then upload them on the AiGrow and set a time and date.

Social Captain

Social Captain is a tool for helping you engage with other accounts. For all we know, the Social Captain platform works very similar to AiGrow’s Growth Engine. It looks for the targeted accounts and engages with them for the hope of some follow-backs. You can Likes, Comment, Follow and Unfollow people via Social Captain.

Give some inputs to the platform to help it find the targeted accounts. You can give hashtags and usernames. Social Captain will show you the results of your growth too. The statistics part of this platform is powerful. You can also use the Auto Direct Message too. However, this option is only available for the BETA accounts.

Maintenance and Support


AiGrow’s support is a powerful one. They answer your questions right away. Also, AiGrow’s FAQ section can answer many of your questions. It also has a contact form that can answer your questions.

Social Captain

Social Captain has two sections for helping you understand the platform. “How it Works” and “Learn” section. By reading these pages, you can learn a lot about the Social Captain. Also, it has a contact form which can answer your questions.



AiGrow offers a five-day free trial offering the full functionality of the app.

During your trial, there is no limit to the post engagement or new followers you can gain.

Below is AiGrow’s starter price packages for consideration after those five days:

You can also fully access AiGrow’s desktops scheduler and Instagram engagement groups for free.

Social Captain

You can have Social Captain features for $15 a week or $39 a month. For these amounts, you will get Likes, Comments, Follow and Unfollow. You can also have a Turbo account which has a 10x speed for $99 a month.


Social Captain is a great for delivering targeted Likes, Comments and Follows to attract relevant traffic and followers back to your Instagram page.

AiGrow offers all of these same features and more. In addition to targeted Likes, comments, follows, unfollows, and DMs, AiGrow also offers:

  • Post Scheduling
  • Story Scheduling
  • Reposting by hashtag, URL, and Username
  • Growing multiple Instagram accounts at the same time
  • Access to 300+ active engagement Groups
  • Dedicated human Support

Plus, while you can try all of these features fully for five days, AiGrow also allows completetly free access to its post and Story scheduler, as well as engagement groups, even after the trial is finished.

To sign up and try AiGrow for free today, click here.

To visit Social Captain, click here.

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