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How to Use Instagram to Sell Cars: 5 Steps to Fast Sales and Good Prices

When it comes to selling cars, you should get used to repeating what model your car is and how long you’ve had it etc. over and over; then, you should prepare yourself to people replying: “let me see the car first.” OR INSTEAD, just take a quick look at our “how to use Instagram to sell cars” guide and let the app do the job for you.

Introduce Your Car Properly

If you’ve not taken the time to state clear data and stats for selling your car on Instagram, don’t expect the potential customer to put in the effort. In other words, your post will most probably be another extra scroll on the screen.

The general stats (like how many miles it has gone, what model and year it is, has there been any crashes etc.) is a great place to start. These sort of data will attract the attention of the general buyer.

After the general stats, it’s time to give out some technical content for those who mean serious business. To use Instagram to sell cars you really should cover the areas that most buyers would ask (consider what you might’ve ask as a starting point).

If there’s one thing that pushes most customers away, it’s when sellers try to be too exaggerating with their products or uncannily sugarcoating them. So keep it positive but real.

Monitor and Use Smart Hashtags

Who doesn’t want his/her ad reach a larger audience? You might not have much Instagram followers (you can learn to get 500 more followers here), but it doesn’t mean you can’t attract more potential customers.

Using the smart hashtags will give you a reach well beyond the number of your followers. You even have a chance of appearing on the explore page.

We’ve made a list of some of the popular hashtags that will help you use Instagram to sell cars.

Here’s a Tip for You: We emphasize that one of the key tricks of learning how to use Instagram to sell cars is getting connected to the right audience and monitoring their behavior.

Monitoring a certain hashtag on Instagram is not something you can do overnight; you need to be consistent over a given period of time so as to make your data valuable and applicable.

If you don’t have enough time for this activity or using more than one account, AIGrow is more than prepared to do it for you; all you need to do is to sign up in AIGrow and activate the Hashtag monitoring. You’ll see the amazing results in no time.

Take the Chance to Interact Warmly

One of the biggest advantages of using the Instagram to sell cars is that buyers can leave a comment or directly write to you at any time they want and here’s your chance to connect to them and maybe answer some customized questions that are not covered.

If you’re really learning how to use Instagram to sell cars, you should note that people tend to trust more cautiously on social media; however, when you’ve fully and honestly satisfied their concerns by interacting with them, you will also gain their trust.

What a Real Marketer Does to Sell Cars on Instagram

Warm interactions, proper introductions, high-quality photos and all other things will definitely increase your chance of selling cars on Instagram, but a real marketer won’t just stop there!

Maybe your followers haven’t noticed your post about the car; will you just wait? Definitely not. Send direct messages to your followers and let them personally know that your selling cars on Instagram.

Got too many followers to write to? Or maybe you want only your new or influencer followers to get the message. In any case, AIGrow will do the job for you one more time.

What you need to do is to sign up in AIGrow for free and use the DM Message option. This way, you can even upload an Excel list of accounts and send messages to each one of them.

Show, Don’t Tell!

As told above, it’s absolutely essential that you write down the features of your car, but none of that will amount to anything if you don’t also post a few quality shots of your car or even a short video.

When taking the pictures, try to cover the car from all four sides and if there are any dents or broken pieces, you should get a clear shot of them. This will let your potential buyer to see things for him/herself and trust you.

A Pro Tip: Experience shows us that stock photos in using Instagram to sell cars are not good enough for customers; what we mean to say is that don’t just post a stock photo of the car you’re selling; instead, take clear and high-quality photos yourself.

Yet Another Pro Tip! Let’s imagine that you’re using more than one account on Instagram to sell cars; are you supposed to post and monitor on both accounts manually? Of course not! Link all your accounts to Post Scheduler on AIGrow; the photos you choose will be automatically posted whenever you want on all accounts.


How to Use Instagram to Sell Cars + Website

Most people looking to selling cars on Instagram don’t have a dedicated website for this. For professional car salesmen, however, it’s a must to have such a website.

If you’re do have a website and are learning how to use Instagram to sell cars, we have great news for you. The Link in Bio feature in AIGrow will generate more traffic and visibility for your website and ads than you think.

All of this and even more practical features are only a few clicks away; just take the chance and sign up for free.

Any Suggestions to Complete the “How to Use Instagram to Sell Cars” Guide?

So far, we’ve covered some tips that will help you sell your car on Instagram fast and easily. Needless to say, these tips will help you make your sales get more credibility and visibility; your car and sales conditions will say the final words. though.

Paying attention to the techniques and also using the tools we introduced, you’ll see that it gets much easier to sell cars on Instagram.

If you know any other techniques that are not mentioned in this article, please share them with us in the comments.

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