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How to post multiple photos on Instagram

Since 2017, Instagram has added a feature that allows you to share the photo and video albums. This means you can add up to 10 photos together and share them in one post. Sharing multiple images in one post on Instagram is the best way to avoid spamming your followers with too many posts. It’s also suitable for sharing photos with the same content or theme. This article shows you different ways to post multiple pictures on Instagram. 

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How to share multiple photos in a post?

Sharing multiple photos and videos in your Instagram posts allows you to be more creative without putting in the extra effort. To share an album post, follow these steps:

  • Open the Instagram app and tap on the + icon at the bottom of the screen.
  • Open your gallery and tap on multiple photo icons.
  • Select your intended photos in the order you want to show up in your post.


The first image displays in your feed, and blue dots at the bottom of the post, let your followers know that they can swipe to see more images.

  • You can add filters for each photo individually.
  • After doing your editing, tap next to write your caption, add your hashtags, add location, etc.
  • Tao on the Share button and done.

Note: the maximum number of photos you can share in a post is 10. 

How to share multiple photos on Instagram stories?

Sharing multiple stories on Instagram is really easy; follow these simple steps:

  • Open the Instagram app on your phone.
  • Tap on your Instagram story from your home feed.
  • Open your gallery to select your photos.
  • Select multiple photo icon above your gallery
  • After adding all your photos(maximum 10), tap next.
  • Do your editing, and your stories will be shared in the order you added them.

How to share multiple photos in a single Instagram story?

With the new Instagram story feature, you can add multiple pictures together and share them as one single story:

  • Open your Instagram story.
  • From the left menu, select the photo grid icon.
  • You can choose different templates based on the number of photos.
  • After adding your photos, you add stickers, hashtags, etc.
  • Tap on send to publish your story.

How to upload multiple photos to Instagram using the PC?

To upload multiple pics to your Instagram from your PC, you need to use third-party apps. The best platform that we recommend you to use is AiGrow.

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AiGrow is an Instagram management platform with features that help you increase your followers and easily manage your account. Some of its main features are:

Let’s see how to upload multiple pics to your Instagram using AiGrow.

  • Go to AiGrow’s website and signup for free using your email address. The process is easy and takes you less than 2 minutes.
  • After logging in to your account, from the dashboard, select Add Instagram account. Here you can add up to 80 accounts and manage them together.
  • Add your Instagram account with your username and password.
  • Click on Manage account.
  • From the Post&scheduling icon, select schedule.
  • Here you can choose from Feed, Story, or IGTV.
  • Click on Feed. Now, you can upload up to 10 photos.
  • Add your hashtags, locations, etc.
  • After that, you can schedule your post or post it immediately.

To upload photos to the Instagram story:

  • From the Schedule icon, choose the Story option.
  • Upload your photos( maximum 25 photos)
  • You can set a time to schedule it or post it immediately.


Sharing multiple photos in a post allows you to avoid spamming your followers with similar content. In this article, we showed how to share multiple photos in your feed and story. Also, we introduced you to a third-party app for uploading content to Instagram using a PC. With AiGrow, you can share and schedule your posts and stories, grow your account, find targeted followers, etc. So if you are looking for a package with all the essential features for your Instagram, AiGrow is all you need.

This post was last modified on February 26, 2021 5:03 pm