Phlanx Use-Case, Reviews, & Pricing in 2022

Alt: Phlanx Use-Case, Reviews, & Pricing

The rise of social media marketing in recent years has contributed to an extraordinary explosion in the number of influencers of different sizes, ranging from nano-influencers to mega-celebrities. As a result, these social media influencers can be a little bit tough to reach out to, and you may feel like a needle in a haystack of people trying to attract their attention. So, some websites and tools play the role of an influencer directory that bridges the gap between brand owners and influencers.

Phlanx is one of the fastest-growing names among the best Instagram growth services right now that can help with a variety of social media marketing issues. For instance, auditing, engagement calculation contract generation, and a lot more are only a few examples of its features.

Top 20 Instagram growth services

In this post, we’ll look at the tool’s features, as well as its upsides and downsides, and how users rate it. By the end of this article, you’ll know whether Phlanx is worth your money, and above all whether it can help you grow your Instagram account.

As if Phlanx wasn’t already a good fit for your business, we’ll also present you with a few of the best Instagram managers. More specifically, we’ll look at AiGrow as an alternative, which has been tried and tested by thousands of Instagram accounts.

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So, Stay tuned!

 Features of Phlanx

Feature Phlanx AiGrow
Influencer Directory
Instagram Auditor
Instagram Engagement Calculator
Social Campaign Manager
Contract Generator
Instagram Competitor Tracking
Content Design Template (feed/stories)
Schedule Feed Plans
Unfollow Plans
Bulk Post Delete Plans
Bulk DMs

As you may have noticed up to this point, Phlanx is an influencer marketing platform designed to enable PR professionals to collaborate with influencers to boost engagement rates across social media platforms. With over 100,000 vetted influencers, the platform is a vast influencer directory. The essential filtering options, including keywords, categories, location, brand mentions, hashtags, total reach, engagement rate, and verification, also ease the process of influencer navigation.

In addition to influencer finding, the platform offers a social media auditing service for Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. The function is best suited to brands with dwindling engagement rates. The auditor will help brands evaluate how successfully they’ve been fulfilling their goals and key performance indicators (KPIs), such as follower growth, interactions, and traffic.

The 6-step contract generator, which makes the process of pairing up between influencers and brands stress-free, is one of Phlanx’s unique offerings. Moreover, the contract generator draws guidelines up for payment terms and other details to ensure that everything will go smoothly.

There are no reviews on Phlanx’s social campaign manager’s and competitor tracking service’s functionality levels. So, we recommend giving your competitor tracking tasks to AiGrow, where all the experts gather to grow your brand. Above all, it’s a brand that has lasted the test of time.

Phlanx Engagement Calculator

What sets Phlanx apart from other directories is its calculating tool, which answers the question of how to measure Instagram engagement by allowing businesses to calculate the rate of audience engagement by just entering the specific handle. It’s good to mention that engagement rate must be calculated differently depending on the platform and Phlanx does it for various social media like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube, Tiktok and Twitter.

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However Phlanx began to work in 2017, it has recently established a strong foothold among influencer directories. The advantages and downsides of the service are discussed below.

Here below, you can see a list of pros and cons derived from customer and expert feedback on the Phlanx service.

Pros Of Phlanx

  •       User-friendly, straightforward, and intuitive interface design
  •       Deployment on both Android & iOS
  •       Unlimited searches for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch
  •       Cost-effective
  •       Friendly & quick customer service
  •       Helpful free version

Cons Of Phalanx

  •       Being billed before the trial ends.

Review of Phlanx

In this part, I’ve gathered some Phlanx reviews to help you find more about its users’ experiences. Review of Phlanx

When I forgot to cancel my trial account… and was charged $300, Katie from support was extremely kind – and fast – in giving an immediate and full refund! I appreciate this kind of honest service, and I’ll return to their excellent software soon when it eventually aligns with my company’s needs.

Review of Phlanx

I too forgot to cancel my membership before the month was up and Kate was super awesome in helping me get a full refund. It was a stressful time for me as I have a child on the way and am a bit behind on bills because of the pandemic. When I am ready to get my business up and running again I will definitely go with this SaaS online.

Review of Phlanx

My experience with Phlanx has been perfect! I’ve actually gotten such an amazing opportunity through them with a brand I’m now working with. I highly recommend Phlanx, nothing but positive experiences

Review of Phlanx

Phlanx is a useful tool for influencer marketing campaigns. I use their Instagram and Twitter engagement calculator all the time.

They also have a good customer service support team. They took a few days to respond to my concern, but when they did they were courteous and eager to help solve my problem.

Review of Phlanx

Best Influencer Auditor report

This is the only functionality that I need in terms of my gathering data of Influencers. A big plus also on One stop feature when I wanted to take a quick look on engagement rates on influencers that I want.

Review of Phlanx

Be careful with trying the free plan as you will be charged for the whole year even if you created the account just to check the services and used it once. No replies from customer services to several emails I have sent and no reply from tech support either. There are no transaction emails confirming the charges or billing history to claim the bill. Would not recommend the services after this terrible experience.

Pricing of Phlanx

Although Phlanx has a lot of free marketing tools to offer, it also presents three paid plans: Basic, Premium, and Business, with prices varying depending on the number of user accounts. Phlanx pricing starts at $25.00 a month per user as a flat rate. This charge rises to $35.00 for three users and $55.00 for eight. Phlanx also provides a free version and a free trial. All of the plans, as well as the full feature list, are shown below.

Pricing of Phlanx Pricing of Phlanx

AiGrow; The Best Alternative for Phlanx

As it was mentioned in the introduction of the article, the process of matching and partnering up with influencers may be tough. Because of that, smaller brands may lose the race to the big fishes as their budgets are more limited to pay the marketing costs. Now is the time that alternatives set foot on the scene.

As one of the leading Instagram growth services with an Instagram follower growth trial, AiGrow guarantees your growth with real, relevant, and engaged Instagram followers. With more likes, comments, and, of course, Instagram views, AiGrow will not only guarantee your follower growth but your engagement rate as well. It also comes with a full set of Instagram management tools to help you grow your profile and earn more Instagram followers.

We mean “genuine” guarantee when we say “guarantee.” It means, if AiGrow fails to meet the benchmarks they promised, you can get your money back.

It’s important not to mistake employing AiGrow with buying fake followers who bring no value to your profile. The scammers who claim to get 1000 Instagram followers in 5 minutes will only get you a number but no quality. It will also put your profile at risk of being temporarily or permanently banned by Instagram.

How to get started with AiGrow?

  1.     Create an account on AiGrow and then confirm your email address.

AiGrow Dashboard

  1.     In the dashboard, add your Instagram account.
  2.     Firstly, choose Manage Account. Secondly, define your targets depending on locations, influencers, and hashtags; the more hashtags you use, the more targeted followers you’ll get.

AiGrow Dashboard

  1.     Watch as AiGrow’s Instagram experts build your account.


Are you in doubt about which tool to employ for your Instagram growth? In today’s extremely competitive marketing landscape, which is rapidly expanding and changing, time matters more than ever. Influencer marketing has become a $9.7 billion industry and influencers are the ones that are in trend right now. As a result, brands strive to pay more and piggyback on the fame of social media influencers to get themselves in front of their target audience.

The growth of your brand would turn into something temporary by only being promoted from a social media figure if you don’t have a solid plan to stick to. So, as a complementary to Phlanx influencer directory, I strongly recommend you use a tool that offers you a growth plan. AiGrow is a vip managed instagram service that matches you up with the people who’re mostly to engage with your content. It also does social monitoring and reposting for you.

Give AiGrow a try now and see the results.

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