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Muchfollowers Alternative For Organic Instagram growth

Muchfollowers is an Instagram follower buying service. They are self-proclaimed as the best and fastest service out there. Unfortunately, however, they are scam.

Why is Muchfollowers a scam?

Muchfollowers’ services go against Instagram’s policies. Ever since 2018, Instagram has cracked down on services that oppose its terms and conditions. That includes the aqquisition of bots and fake followers, which are exactly what Muchfollowers is selling. So what does this mean for their customers?

Instagram monitors any account that interact with suspicious third-party apps, and threatens to punish them. Nevertheless, companies selling such services claim that they do it in the “safest manner possible that does not break any Instagram rules.” (protip: they lie)

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Muchfollowers Alternative for Organic Instagram Growth

The November 2018 Instagram update has been detrimental for several growth services. Many of those services got shut down, and people who conspired with them received warnings of account bans. It was no longer possible to gain 10k followers in one night. But let’s face it, that was never gonna last.

So what should you do if you want to grow your Instagram account, but don’t have the time for it?

Enter organic growth.

What is organic growth?

Essentially, organic growth is gaining real people, instead of bots, as your Instagram followers. This always happens in the form of a managed program, where you pay an Instagram expert to grow your account for a certain period of time. Think of it as hiring a social media expert, but only for a fraction of the cost.

Characteristics of Organic Growth

  • High Engagement Score: Engagement is the most influential metric for an Instagram account. Think of it as the amount of follower activity in a page relative to its number of followers. Naturally, the more likes and comments your posts receive, the higher your engagement score. Because organic growth services only provide real followers, they tend to have a much higher engagement score.
  • Slow Growth: Say goodbye to getting 10 thousands followers in one night. The reality is that if you want to gain real Instagram followers, the process is much, much slower. For example, you can’t expect to gain more than 300-500 followers per month, especially at the start.
  • Target Audience Only: Before your growth starts, you will have a 1 on 1 session with the Instagram expert who is going to manage your account. He/she will ask you different questions in order to learn about the identity of your page and your target audience. Afterwards, he/she will only focus on acquiring followers who are interested in the content of your page.

Now that you know what Instagram organic growth entails, let’s take a look at one of the best and only Instagram organic growth services out there.

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AiGrow – Muchfollowers alternative for organic Instagram growth

AiGrow is a managed Instagram growth service that guarantees organic followers. It employs the aid of several Instagram experts and a powerful AI engine.

Let’s take a look at how AiGrow works.

How does AiGrow work?

Does the video have no sound? Click this link: https://youtu.be/neEbJ6o6UkE

After you sign up your free account on AiGrow, you can configure your desired settings. ّFirst, enter a list of your target hashtags, competitors’ pages, and/or locations where you can find people who are interested in your content. Afterwards, an Instagram expert will contact you and ask you some questions about your page and what you want to achieve with it.

Using the information above, AiGrow’s powerful engine will generate a list of potential audience for your page. Afterwards, you will be assigned an Instagram expert who will be responsible for managing your page. You can keep in contact with this expert all throughout your journey.

Finally, your expert will get to work. He/she will engage with the target audience by creating quality content and following strict Instagram marketing guidelines.

Depending on your account type, your expert will spend more or less time on your account. AiGrow guarantees a minimum of 300 real followers per month for Pro services and 500 real followers per month for VIP services. Learn more about AiGrow’s pricing plans here.

What else can you do with AiGrow?

AiGrow’s visual content calendar

By signing up an account on AiGrow, you will get access to some of the powerful features of its AI engine. If you have the time for it, why not utilize these features to grow your Instagram account yourself? Let’s take a look at what you can do with AiGrow:

  • Post Scheduling: AiGrow’s built-in Instagram scheduler allows you to plan your post for weeks ahead. Simply choose a date and time, and your post will be published. No pop-up confirmation either!
  • Reposting: Unlike Facebook and Twitter, Instagram doesn’t have this option enabled by default. Don’t worry, however, reposting with AiSchedul can be done with a few simple clicks.
  • Instagram Giveaway Generator: AiGrow’s giveaway generator is one of the best of its kind out there. It has a list of pre-defined criteria for you to choose from, and it will automatically send a DM to the winners. Learn more about it here.
  • BioLink Solution: It’s a big problem for many businesses that they can’t post more than one link in their bio. But as you may guess, AiGrow (and other big Instagram managers) have found a solution. You can create a customized, link-friendly page that looks just like your Instagram page, and get your own customized URL for it. Afterwards, you can easily make your Instagram page link-able and even add your other social media buttons! Learn more about this feature.
  • Visual Content Calendar: AiGrow’s visual content calendar provides content ideas and hashtag suggestions for every day of the year. What better way for never running out of Instagram post ideas?
  • Content Curation: You can monitor hashtags and people on Instagram to keep track of what they’re posting. Afterwards, if you find anything you like, you can save it for later or repost it to your account directly.
  • Social Listening: With AiGrow, you can monitor mentions of your brand in Instagram to keep track of what people are saying about you.

What are you waiting for? Sign up a free account now to give AiGrow’s powerful features a try.




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