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Top 5 Instagram Courses in 2021 (Free + Paid)

The wait is over. We are here with a list of the top five Instagram courses in 2021 that would turn an Instagram amateur into an expert in no time.

You might wonder, what’s so special about Instagram courses? Well, instead of pouring hours upon hours into learning and discovering Instagram for yourself, you can take the easy way and learn from the experience of others. This makes Instagram courses and webinars fantastic for beginners: they’re time efficient and simple.  

Without further ado, scroll down to see a list of the top Instagram courses in 2021 that are recommended by hundreds of Instagram experts.

1- AiGrow’s Fundamentals Instagram Course 2021

This webinar on Instagram fundamentals is a fantastic place to start for beginners. AiGrow employs a team of seasoned Instagram experts that have been helping people grow their Instagram accounts since 2015. They are now sharing their knowledge with the world for free, and you shouldn’t miss out!

In this course, you will learn about the basics of running a successful Instagram page. First, this course teaches you how to carve out your Instagram identity. Then, you will learn how to design your profile page, feed, and story-based on your Instagram identity. Finally, you will be familiarized with key Instagram terms such as engagement, organic growth, and content planning. All in all, we highly recommend that you start your journey here, and then branch out to more detailed courses.

Sign for this course here

Time: 60 minutes + Bonus content and tools

Price: Free

2- Entrepreneur Academy’s Instagram Marketing Guide

After you’ve acquainted yourself with the basic know-hows of running an Instagram account, it’s time to tackle something more expansive. We recommend Entrepreneur’s Instagram Course 2021, which is just the right course to continue your journey. The primary focus of this course is the marketing aspect of Instagram. 

Starting this course, you will get familiar with the basics of growing your Instagram account. First, you will learn how to find your targeted audience on Instagram. The next step is converting them into prospective customers, and getting your Instagram business going. Finally, you will learn how to make money through these followers.

This course guarantees to get you at least 10 thousand organic followers. If you have learned the basics, and now are curious about how you should increase your account’s reach, you should definitely give this course a try.

Sign up for this course here.

Time: 5.5 hours of video + other content

Price: Varies

3- Evan Kimbrell’s Hashtag, Stories, and Ads Instagram Course

Now is the time to expand your basic knowledge of Instagram. You can follow this course immediately after learning the basics (course #1), or you can throw it somewhere in between your learning. It’s worth mentioning that this course is very comprehensive.

There are quite a few important topics discussed in Evan Kimbrell’s Instagram Course 2021. Those include anything from setting up and optimizing an account, using hashtags to your advantage, and running successful ad campaigns,  to other more ‘advanced’ methods such as creating zombie accounts and bots for driving traffic to your Instagram account. If you want to focus on one comprehensive course only, we recommend this one + the basics course (#1).

Sign up for this course here.

Time: 23 hours of video + other content

Price: Varies

4- Sean Dalton’s Guide to Becoming an Instagram Influencer

Instagram influencers are celebrities of the new era. They are ordinary people who combine hard work with smart Instagram behavior to carve a name for themselves. They gather an army of fans and sometimes make millions of dollars along the way too.

Sean Dalton provides a very nice introductory guide on how to become an Instagram influencer. He focuses on key topics such as establishing a theme for yourself, creating quality content, and using targeted hashtags to grow your page. Eventually, he teaches you the basics of how you can start monetizing your page. Keep in mind that It’s not the most in-depth guide out there, and it never claims to be. This course is there to simply help get you started on your way.

Sign up for this course here.

Time: 48 minutes

Price: 15$ per month for Skillshare subscription (free trial available)

5- Brandon Woelfel’s Instagram Photography Course

Last but not least is a course pertaining to photography, Instagram’s inherent identity. There are quite a lot of Instagram photography courses out there, but Brandon Woelfel’s stands out due to three reasons: it’s beginner-friendly, simple, and comprehensive. 

This course will teach you the fundamentals of Instagram photography and editing. Some of the topics you will be exposed to include finding your creativity, planning your shoots, equipment and settings, shooting at different times of day, editing in Camera Row, retouching with Photoshop, and how to share your photo on Instagram. All in all, if you need to do any kind of photography for your Instagram page, this is a great place to get started. 

Sign up for this course here.

Time: 1 hour 9 minutes

Price: 15$ per month for Skillshare subscription (free trial available)

What did you think of these courses? What’s your favorite Instagram course 2021? Feel free to share with us.

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