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How to mass delete your Instagram posts in 2020

Note: if you’re not attracted to why you should mass delete on your Instagram posts and just need a feature to start deleting content right away from the standpoint of yourself, use AiGrow service so you can do it quickly for free.

Instagram is a perfect photo-sharing network. Great for showcasing stories from your day or posting perfect snaps of you and your friends. But there are times a time when you feel a fresh start is necessary for your Instagram whether you looking out to clear old posts or looking to delete posts from a secondary account. Deleting photos and videos from your Instagram is quick and easy.

Classic way to Delete Instagram Posts

If you having an account only a few photos on it, the easiest thing to do is to open up the Instagram app on your phone and delete them one by one. Head into the app and click on the profile icon far right of the navigation bar. Select the photo you want to view then click the menu button on the top right-hand corner of the display. Click delete then confirm your choice on the screen. so the steps were:

  1. Instagram app
  2. Expand the designated post
  3. Press on vertical dots
  4. Delete


If you want to delete all of your photos at once while still retaining your account, you have to turn into a third-party app.

The Managed VIP service is for “manual” growth service features for acquiring followers, generating more likes, comments, and more. You can also mass delete Instagram posts (or even singular posts) and use our features in this desired way while rowing your account to and be proud of yourself which is very tempting.


On ios, we recommend “InstaClean”. An easy to use app that helps you to delete multiple photos at one quick action. To delete the photos simply select posts then tap on the images you want to delete it.

Instant Cleaner

On Android, our choices are strong. We have book the “Instant Cleaner” for instance which allowed us to delete five photos at once but require to pay an upgrade to delete more than that.

So if you don’t want to waste money on acquiring the pro variant of apps, you can use that app for mass delete Instagram posts. This app is not accessible on the Google Play Store. However, you can download it from other App stores.

Deleting Instagram posts on Android phones is the same as the ios. If you want to delete then press delete.

There is no automation involved in the activities being created. From the information provided by you, our expert team will implement a strategy to help you gain more followers and also delete Instagram posts! We can offer a trial period for the Managed VIP service. The trial period will consist of one week of activities to provide growth. The rate is discounted by 50%, take advantage and test the service! Can’t wait to get you started!

Update August 2020:

Instaclean and Instant Cleaner can only be used through your smartphone.

But if you prefer using your PC, you can either use AiGrow (our recommendation) or install an emulator like Bluestacks on your computer.

Then you can use these two applications through your bluestacks to mass delete your Instagram posts.

Delete Instagram

As a final step, you can also delete your account to stripe your entire post history on Instagram. To delete your account walk on the Instagram website using your computer then head to this URL  found on the Instagram support pages.

  1. Select the reason for deleting your account.
  2. Enter your password in the space provided.
  3. Hit the red button says “permanently delete my account”

If you don’t want to do something drastic, you can always temporarily disable your account as well by going into your account settings from the profile page.

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