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Instagram marketing has become increasingly massive, and so many people want to make money for themselves by using it. Simultaneously, you can see that a great number of Instagram apps or Instagram growth agencies emerge. And all of them claim to market for you in the best shape. One of these apps is Likegrower. Now, we want to analyze its performance and safety, and come up with its pros and cons. Besides, we’re going to introduce the best alternatives to you, in case Likegrowers won’t suit you well.


Likegrowers Introduction

In the first place, the Likegrowers website looks fine with initial info about its work. However, it does not have a FAQ or any blog on it. So, all you have is mainly the homepage with limited tabs. If you want to sign up for it now, you will face the following picture. Showing that you cannot sign up due to mass traffic. We hope it’s temporary because it has a negative impact on potential customers. However, you can see what further steps are about. For example, they need you to give them your Instagram user name account and its password. Well, you may feel a little unsafe, but they’ll need it as you will get to know how they work.

Likegrowers Features

The features that Likegrowers provide you with are understandable when you find out the process of their work. After signing up, you will need to purchase a like package which contains a certain number of likes. Then, you should spend these likes on 3 elements. These three elements are hashtagslocations, and users.

But, what does it mean to buy or spend likes on these elements? For instance, Likegrowers starts to like the posts related to your input hashtags. This action continues to happen for the equal number of posts you’ve spent your likes on hashtagging. In other words, It’s actually a substitution of you to like hashtag-related posts.

This process happens for your added locations and users too if you choose to spend your likes on them. So, what’s the point? They claim that the owners of those liked posts will likely react to you with back liking or back following. So, it’s organic and will increase your growth. In addition to these three elements, Likegrowers allows you to have a blacklist of users to avoid liking their posts. They also allow you to add unlimited accounts.

Likegrowers Safety And Controversies

If you search for Likegrowers reviews and safety on the web, you’ll be disappointed. Because there are some negative opinions. One of them asserts that the website does not contain any price or plan for the services. However, it isn’t right, because they have it now at least. Some other famous reviewers have mentioned this problem too. So, there are two explanations.

One explanation is that they have prices only on some packages, but not their like packages. So, it’s not really obvious how much you should pay for likes. Thus, the objection may refer to this problem. The other theory is that they’ve added their prices recently. In other words, by the time people found the app transparency guilty, the website hadn’t shown its pricing.

Likegrowers Pricing

There is no free trial mode, so you should purchase one of their 3 packages. The basic, the premium, and the professional packages cost you 10$, 35$, and 50$ respectively. The good news is if you buy these packages, they will be permanent. But, you should always buy likes.


AiGrow is one of the best Instagram tools which you can use as an alternative for Likegrowers. The website is very smooth, and you can find instructional videos while scrolling down the main page. AiGrow is a web-based app, and in order to use it, you don’t need to install anything. As you see on top of the website, you can sign up for free. After adding your Instagram user name, you will be ready to use AiGrow’s features.

AiGrow Growth Features

You can be 100% sure of AiGrow growth because it’s a manual Instagram growth tool. In other words, it’s organic, and your followers and engagement increase by the management of real people. These people are expert dedicated account managers who work on your account engagement, growth, and even content. However, they are helped by a smart AI-targeting with using your hashtags, locations, influencers, and your specific targets. To learn more about how it works, watch the following video.

AiGrow Scheduling Features

It’s obvious that people don’t have much time working on their posts. So, a very easy-to-use scheduling tool can help them a lot, and AiGrow is the one. To get familiar briefly with its features, take a look at the list below.

  • Scheduling all kinds of content categorized in feed and story
  • Hashtag and account monitoring for listening and reposting
  • Automating giveaways posts using AiGrow special template for contests
  • Using a beautiful social calendar to prepare for various events in the business.

AiGrow Bonus Features

In spite of having all of these features, AiGrow’s features don’t end here. There are some intriguing features you can use including the all-in-one bio link and email DMs.

As you might know, Instagram doesn’t allow you to have more than one link in your bio. So, with AiGrow you can hack it using that link to be directed to a multiple-link page. The other great feature that AiGrow has is that you don’t need to use the Instagram app for DMs. To be more specific, you can connect an email on AiGrow to have your DMs in your inbox. Besides, you can respond to them using your email too.

AiGrow Pricing

Using most of AiGrow’s features for free doesn’t make the whole features free. The good news is that the prices are really fair and affordable. For example, if you want to use its most expensive package annually, you only need to pay 75$ per month. Overall, if want to grow as fast as possible, use pro packages.

To see all plans, check this.


if you want a relatively good Instagram bot instead of Likegrowers, you can use Nitero. Similar to Likegrowers, being bot or actions like bot might make Instagram track your account. However, Nitero reviews are much better.

Unfortunately, you cannot do more than watching the dashboard before paying for Nitero packages. So, we can confirm that there isn’t a free plan. But, let’s get to its features.

Nitero Features and Pricing

The main features of Nitero are listed as follows.

  • Following and unfollowing related targets
  • Niche related story viewing and analytics
  • Gender, niched, location, and time-related targeting
  • Liking relevant content on your behalf

As mentioned above, Nitero doesn’t have any free plan, and it doesn’t have many options either. You can only have two choices when it comes to its packages, and these two will cost you 50% and 80% monthly.


Another Instagram growth tool you can use as an alternative for Likegrowers is Instajool. At first glance, the Instajool website is feasible and fine. Everything is its place, and you can easily find anything. There is no free plan and it’s not strange at all because of the Instajool services. After all, what are the features? Another Instagram growth tool you can use as an alternative for Likegrowers is Instajool. At first glance, the Instajool website is feasible and fine. Everything is its place, and you can easily find anything. There is no free plan and it’s not strange at all because of the Instajool services. After all, what are the features?

Instajool Features and Pricing

Instajool has so many claimed real accounts that are obliged to follow, like, or view posts and accounts on your behalf. So, it’s not a bot. After setting up your account on the website, you have to buy three kinds of packages. You can see them in the following pictures.

  • Follower purchasing
  • Like purchasing
  • View purchasing

The Final Destination of Likegrowers

When you want to buy a tool, even a physical tool, you look at it as an investment. Imagine you want to buy a mechanical tool and you have many options. Some of them look more expensive than others, and some of them are really cheap. Sometimes, you find some of them as high-quality multitools. So, you choose to buy one instead of buying many. Besides, you may think like, “I’m not rich enough to buy cheap things” when you encounter cheap tools.

If you read this article completely, you would easily understand why AiGrow is the best choice. Both in the manner of quality and pricing. But, all in all, the choice is yours.

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