Like4Like vs. AiGrow – Which App Is Better for More Likes on Instagram?

like4like review

Like4like is a questionable company for a few reasons. Firstly, they say that their services are free, but how do they afford to run their business if that is actually true?

Furthermore, they could be generating fake engagement, which is worthless to your business or directing a bot to do their work aimlessly. 

It’s difficult to say what this business really does, but it could be a few different things. To save you a lot of time and frustration, I wrote this Like4like Instagram review where I’ll take a closer look to clear up these questions. I also put it up against our getting likes on Instagram solutionAiGrow– to see which is better. So stay tuned!

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What Is Like4like?

like4like homepage

According to their website:

“Get real likes from real Instagram users for free! Earn likes by automatically giving likes to other users of Like4like. It’s that simple! Download one of our apps to get started.”

Like4like is a website in the business of exchanging likes, called like for like. You’ve probably heard of Instagram engagement groups where Instagrammers swap likes, comments, and views to increase their engagement rate artificially.  

The fully automated likes trading process is a bit complicated; you can’t track where the likes go from you and come to you! The service like4like offers is free, making us question their incentive to help you. 

Moreover, they claim that this free automated likes service comes from real people, not bots, making it more questionable! Either way, the like trading is against Instagram terms of service.

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How Does Like4like Work?

Do you remember this old concept on Instagram? Give likes and get likes in return? This is how likes4likes work. They have actually taken this old tactic of exchanging likes with other users on Instagram and automated it. 

You like other people’s posts from their network, like4like saves your likes and then applies them to your posts and videos. It’s hard to give you the exact numbers and authenticity of likes you get by this method. 

But what is clear is that bots and fake likes might get you in trouble with Instagram, so if you want to be cautious, there are better ways to grow your Instagram account that I’ll go on in the following sections.  

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Now let’s discuss the features. What does this like4like Instagram app offer you?

Honestly, there isn’t much to say about like4like apk features since they only offer one service for only two platforms, like 4 like for Instagram and TikTok! But the service itself has some features; let’s break it into several parts:

Automated Likes

According to their site, once you go on the like4like login page and start using the app, you get a like in return automatically for every like you give. When you have collected enough likes, you can withdraw and use them for getting likes on your Instagram posts.  


No targeting is actually another feature of this like4like Instagram free service! You can’t choose whose posts you like, and more importantly, you can’t pick which of your posts will receive the likes back.

Imagine you have a local sports store company trying to grow your online Instagram presence. It’s going to look weird if you suddenly begin liking half-naked pictures of people.

The company says your interactions would be with profiles in the same niche, which is unclear if it’s true.

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Customer Service

You can get support from the company through a “contact us” section on their website. Their working hours are not stated though, so the “support” page might be a better way to contact them.

Note: Like for like apps for Instagram are available for different platforms, such as windows, MAC ( like4like Instagram ios), Android, and a chrome extension. There is a like4like app download button on the website where you can get the app for your device.

But the app to get free TikTok likes is only available for Windows and macOS. 

Like4like Review

like4like reviews on trustpilot

For like4like app reviews, I went on some review websites to see what their customers think of them; I couldn’t find any like4like Reddit reviews, and I only found two reviews on Trustpilot, one excellent and a bad one!

like for like trustpilot review

“Extremely good!!! It takes a bit time but u generate up to 15-20 likes an hour so on one day u have over 200 likes to put on the post u want!!! AND ITS ALL AUTO u dont need to do anything u can just check anytime how many likes u got!! I recommend this”

Andreas says like 4 like app was extremely good for him, generating up to 15-20 likes an hour for his page.

Trustpilot review of like 4 like

“Used this crap for 3 days and my account got disabled. Do yourself a favor, stick to a real ORGANIC growth done by you.”

And Timothy is distraught with his experience! He says that his account got disabled after three days of using the Instagram like4like app.

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Like4like Not working? We’ve got a solution for it!

If you are one of those unhappy users who like4like app not working for them, here is a solution that has worked for thousands of Instagrammers already to increase the visibility of their pages, getting more likes and comments hence engagement rate and bringing in more organic followers.

AiGrow Instagram growth service is one of the leading companies in the market. You can consider it as one of the best like4like alternative sites.

Top 20 Instagram Growth Services

While comparing two Instagram tools, I normally review other aspects, but everything about a service like Likes 4 likes app is overshadowed by the fact that you’re not on the right path to organic growth! After all, what do you want to do with some fake likes in the long run?

Just to give you a better grasp of these two Instagram tools, let’s have a look at their features in the table below:

Features  AiGrow Like4like
Organic growth
Manual growth activities(follow/unfollow,likes, comments)
Account manager
Trustpilot score 4.5 3.2
support 24/7

AiGrow has come up with a great opportunity for its users to grow their IG accounts in terms of Engagement (Likes+Comments) and organic Followers. I am talking about an easy-to-use platform with lots of features, including:

  • Scheduling and Reposting Posts on Feed and Story 
  • Automated DMs
  • Content creation plan
  • Content plan calendar
  • Hashtag generator
  • VIP growth service
  • Bulk unfollow/post delete
  • Multiple links in Bio

All these features lead to having professional Instagram pages generating real likes from real followers and as a result more engagement and revenue.

Note: Account managers will take care of your Instagram accounts and manage all your activities precisely. All you need to do is wait and see the leads come. Above all, there are extra features for Instagram influencers to direct targeted users in their niche to their business. 

Sign up and schedule a meeting with your Instagram manager.


Like4Like’s service is entirely free. It only requires that you allow it to use your account to Like posts belonging to other users of the Like4Like network.

But with AiGrow, you have a variety of different options. You can choose the right one based on your budget and your needs.

AiGrow pricing packages

pick a package and sign up right now!

Is Like4like Legit?

Buying Instagram followers and likes from like4like similar websites is an instant remedy with preliminary results. Instagram tends to delete fake likes, followers, and views and punish those participating in such activities.

Therefore sites like like4like, fall under this unauthentic apps group that Instagram is actively cracking down on. So, all in all, using these like 4 like Instagram apps puts your Instagram account at significant risk.

In terms of safety and whether like4like is a scam, you need to know that they ask you to log in to their system using your Instagram username and password, which I don’t come close to regardless of the promises to not storing my account credentials! 

Note: On AiGrow an account manager works on your behalf to manage your page; while you don’t have to give your login information to your Instagram account, your page will be connected to the AiGrow dashboard and they get access from there.

Use the safe and secure manual growth of AiGrow

Pros & Cons

There are a few pros regarding this insta like 4 like app, and a lot of cons that you can see in the table below:


Secure HTTPS website

Contact form and FAQ page on the site

Gives you some free likes


No targeting options

Likes might get removed probably fake likes

Requires your Instagram password

No 24/7  customer support

Guarantee your Instagram growth with AiGrow


Do you think your Instagram posts go viral with the help of like 4 like apps for Instagram? Probably not, especially free Instagram likes coming from unknown sources.

Keep in mind you get what you pay for, you may be getting something free, but you need to consider its side effects on your Instagram page. As I said earlier, Instagram has put an end to automated growth engines. It means your account might get shadowbanned or banned if you wouldn’t be cautious enough.

Organically growing your account is the best short and long-run Instagram growth solution, not buying followers and likes or using a free service like the Like4like insta app. This is why I recommend AiGrow organic growth service, which has many incredible benefits compared to a website like like4like.

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