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Instapromote Top Reviews and Alternatives for Organic Growth

If you run a brand, company, or blog, you must have a presence on social networks. It is just inevitable in modern times. Your prospective clients are using these platforms. Therefore, you have to go where they are. No matter what your niche is, chances are, your target audience is using Instagram. It is the second most popular social networking site only after Facebook.

A successful Instagram account thrives on engagement. That means you will need quality following who likes your content and interacts with your account. In a crowded market, it can be tough to get this kind of engagement on your own. That’s where Instagram growth services come in.

These tools can help you grow your account quickly by providing likes, comments, views, and followers.

One of those services that you may have heard of is Instapromote. Read on below for an honest Instapromote review, along with a list of five Instapromote alternatives that might better suit your purpose.

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If you think you’re wasting your time reading this article and want a fast solution for your Instagram growth, AiGrow is exactly what you want.

How does Instapromote work?

Instapromote is an Instagram promotion tool that allows you to buy Instagram likes, followers, views, and comments. They claim to have a marketing network that “generates thousands of new visitors on a regular basis.” They also say you will receive your followers within an hour of placing your order.

The objective of this service is to promote your brand on social networks, specifically on Instagram. The Instapromote website mentions that they offer “highly rated service,” “high-quality Instagram promotion,” “personalized promotion solutions,” “individual social media marketing consulting,” and “24/7 customer service”.

According to Instapromote, “they guarantee only the best followers on the web.” However, they do not provide any data on how they can make such a guarantee, or where they get their network of followers for you. They say they have a team of marketing experts with “over ten years of experience.”

Besides, they boast of having “more than 100,000 satisfied customers”. They claim that their account will not be blocked because they will not “break Instagram guidelines and terms” and that “their profile will always be protected.”

Unfortunately, they don’t provide any evidence for their claims.

Instapromote plans and pricing

Instapromote offers a wide range of subscription plans. You can mix and match likes, followers, views, and comments to your pleasure. Let’s take a look at some examples.


100 followers: $ 2.95

500 followers: $ 6.95

1000 followers: $ 12.95


100 Likes: $ 2.95

500 Likes: $ 6.95

1000 Likes: $ 12.95

2500 Likes: $ 29.95

5000 Likes: $ 39.95


10 reviews: $ 2.95

25 reviews: $ 5.95

50 reviews: $ 9.95

100 Comments: $ 17.95

200 reviews: $ 34.95

Currently, there is no price listing for buying Instagram views. However, you can fill out a form to request the details.

You can get Automated Likes at $ 10 per 100 and Custom Automatic Likes at $ 1 per 100.

Top Instapromote Reviews

As with any service, Instapromote has its advantages and disadvantages. Unfortunately, this site seems to have a series of negative reviews on the web. Several users complain that received followers usually fall off due to Instagram purges. Others claim they didn’t receive followers in the first place. Also, many say there is no customer service, and they simply don’t return any messages.

Just taking a look at the website should raise some red flags. The writing doesn’t look professional, and the site makes rather vague claims and promises that don’t seem to be supported by any evidence. Testimonials and reviews are also given by people with no last name, which itself is quite suspicious.


They accept PayPal and all the major credit cards.

No Need for Password

Varied Plans


Questionable testimonials

Losing Followers

Unreliable Delivery

Slow Customer Service

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Final Thoughts on Instapromote

There are several reasons to consider alternatives to Instapromote. If you look around the web for Instapromote reviews, you will find that they are heavily skewed towards the negative. Many claim they never received the likes or followers they paid for. Others say they were unable to get any response from customer service. All of this is somewhat troubling.

Now let’s take a look at some alternatives to Instapromote that are worth considering.

Instapromote Alternatives for Organic Growth

1. AiGrow

AiGrow is a managed Instagram growth service that guarantees organic followers. It enlists the help of verified Instagram experts and a powerful AI engine to provide its users with organic followers.

How does AiGrow work?

To put it simply, AiGrow employs a team of Instagram marketing experts to grow your account for you. After registering your free account with AiGrow, you can enter a list of your targetted hashtags and competitors. Afterward, an expert will contact you and ask you a few questions about your page and your goals for it.

After gathering the necessary information, AiGrow’s powerful engine will generate a list of potential followers for your page. You will be assigned an Instagram expert who will contact you shortly afterward. You can keep in touch with this expert throughout your time with AiGrow.

After consulting you, your assigned expert will start engaging with your page’s target audience. He/she will do this by uploading content to your page and following strict Instagram marketing guidelines.

AiGrow guarantees a minimum of 300 followers per month for the Pro Plan and 500 followers per month for the VIP plan. You can learn more about AiGrow’s pricing plans here.

Update August 2020:

  • AiGrow has improved a lot, and you can see it has many new features accompanied by changes in pricing. The very important new feature is that you can add URLs to your bio as many as you want. As you might know, Instagram doesn’t allow more than on bio link. So, AiGrow makes a way possible to bend this rule with its magnificent MyURLs bio feature.
  • On the pricing, you can see the difference below. These changes are about being cheaper for all of the packages. Besides, you can use any pack paying only 1$ for a week.

2. ViralRace

ViralRace is a decent alternative to Instapromote because they offer organic followers and genuine views. They send your content to real Instagram accounts who will be interested in what you’re posting.

You can get all your followers in once place or over a short period. Additionally, ViralRace followers automatically like your content when you post something.

3. YoViral

YoViral also allows you to buy followers who will be active and engaged with your content. You can get them immediately or at a more gradual rate. If you purchase recurring likes, you will receive them as soon as you post something.

With a simple two-click ordering process, you can get started fast. Simply enter your username and select the services you need, then you will receive your order according to your requirements.

4. FriendlyLikes

FriendlyLikes has earned a respectable reputation for a while now. Their followers aren’t real people, but you don’t usually have to be concerned about losing them to Instagram purges.

What makes FriendlyLikes different from other non-organic Instagram growth services is their protection plan. For added security, FriendlyLikes offers a free two-year recharge protection plan and money-back guarantee. Moreover, their customer support is very helpful and responsive.

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If you think you’re wasting your time reading this article and want a fast solution for your Instagram growth, AiGrow is exactly what you want.

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