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25 Top Instagram Story Designs + Story Designing Service

December 20, 2021 1:14 pm

Do you need professional Instagram Story designs that wow your audience and increase engagement? What about a powerful Instagram theme maker? You are not alone. Instagram Stories is used by half a billion people every day, and 58 percent of individuals report they are more interested in a company or product after seeing it in Stories. 

So if you haven’t come up with Instagram Story design ideas and creative Instagram Stories to make the most of this Instagram feature and put your best foot forward, you’re going to miss out. 

In this post, we’ll show you 25 top Instagram Story designs to wow your audience and be like a professional Instagram Story maker. Also, we are going to introduce you to one of the best Instagram story apps to help you create stunning Instagram stories.

How to customize Instagram Story?

The best news is that you don’t necessarily need to be a professional Instagram Story creator. Luckily, you can create beautiful Instagram Stories without needing prior design knowledge to get started. How? There are so many Story making apps out there that can give you a hand in the process of creating creative Instagram Stories.

If you want professional-looking Stories without the hassle, you can simply customize your Instagram Story design either by using the Instagram Story templates included in this blog post or the top quality Instagram third-party app, AiGrow, to help you get custom content and design plans.

AiGrow- A Professional App To Help You Customize Instagram Story


AiGrow is an Instagram marketing service that centers around Instagram growth and management. This all-in-one IG third-party app provides users with so many useful features they need in the process of growing their Instagram account.

AiGrow has recently rolled out the PostMate program. Using this feature, users can create Instagram content with ease. As long as you start using this feature, a dedicated account manager and professional designers are assigned to do everything from designing and creating your content to scheduling it on your behalf.

Simply put, with our PostMate program, you can get custom content, design plans, and a personal account manager delivering you fresh and relevant content every week. 

After having live meetings with managers to clarify, review, and analyze what type of content, theme, design, etc., you would like our team to create on your behalf, they will create templates for you to use for your Instagram feed or Stories. So, AiGrow can be your top Story making app from now on.

Here are some feed design examples by AiGrow’s designers:

Give AIGrow a try and design your page

Be a top IG Story creator by AiGrow

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25 Top Instagram Story designs

You do not want to waste the opportunity of connecting with your audience with dull Stories and visuals, do you? If not, you need creative Instagram Story design ideas and templates. 

We’ve put together 25 Instagram Story templates to help you captivate your audience in Instagram Stories. Want to be a professional Instagram Story creator? Let’s jump on the Story template bandwagon!

1# Instagram Story Templates for New Year’s

Are you thinking of Instagram Story design ideas for New Year? It would be fun and easy to create IG Stories that encourage your audience to look back on the year that’s ending and dream about the year that’s about to begin. The following template can help you have fun while sharing your favorites with others:

Templates for New Year are very funny and lovely

2# This or That

This is one of the most challenging Instagram Story design ideas. People find it appealing to share their opinion. Now imagine, you are asking for their opinion on something and giving them the opportunity to get to know them and vice versa.

Note: Using Instagram poll stickers helps you best here.

This or That story design is very challenging

3# Music

This Instagram Story design lets users share the songs they are listening to at the time. Place the music sticker in the following template and ask your audience to share theirs on their Stories and tag you.

Music template let you share songs you are listening

4# Instagram Story ad Template

Instagram Story ads are of great importance since they can give advertisers coveted access to a massive pool of audiences. So, the more creatively they are designed, the more likely they are to catch people’s eye. Include some shots, a tempting description, price, etc., of the product/service you are advertising and put things elegantly together.

Advertise in a best way by the story-ad-template

5# Quote

Not sure what to post on your Instagram Story today? How about some unique ready-to-post Story quotes? Choose a background photo and then add the text. Pay attention to all the details such as font, color, etc.

Use quotes to engage more audience

6# AMA

This is one of the other intriguing Instagram Story design ideas. Inserting AMA (ask me anything) stickers lets users type in their prompt and add the sticker to the photo or video being posted to their Story. 

Ask-me-anything template is good way to gain followers

7# Happy Birthday

Instagram Stories are used to congratulate people on different occasions, such as birthdays. Use the following template to congratulate your friends’ birthdays!

congratulate your friends’ birthdays with happy birthday template

8# About Me

Using about me or about us Instagram Story design ideas is a great way to let your audience get to know you. You can include whatever you would like your followers to know about you, such as what you do for a living, your age, where you live/work, etc.

About me template help you to give information about yourself

9# Thankfulness List

Create a list of things you are thankful for and ask your audience to do the same. Sharing positivity always works.

Motivate your audience with thankfulness list

10# I Want to

People enjoy dreaming and even sharing their dreams. As the name suggests, this Instagram Story design allows you to let others know what you want to do this year, what goals you want to achieve, etc.

Show your ideas in future and entertain your followers

11# Try Something New

Is there something new you would like to experience? Then share it with your followers and let them know what it is. This way, they can see your vision board, and you can see theirs.

Share every new things you want to experience

12# Bingo

Do you want to be a creative Instagram Story maker? Don’t forget the latest viral Instagram trends, Bingo boards. All you need to do is to find the base Bino template image and tag friends to challenge them.

Bingo template is a very user-engaging template

13# Donation

Having an attention-grabbing Instagram Story design can help you most to encourage others to donate. Choose a photo, add details to tell your story, etc., to benefit Instagram Stories and raise money.

encourage followers to donate with donation template

14# Items Added Daily

This one works best for those brands/businesses desiring to promote their new products and services on sale using Instagram Stories.

You can promote your product with this Instagram story template

15# Weekend in Review

People love seeing what their friends, colleagues, etc. do on the weekends. Sharing some shots is fun, isn’t it? Then use the following template to share some of your weekend moments with them.

Share your routine on weekends

16# My Weekend Mood

If you wouldn’t like to share your weekend photos, you can write about them:

Write about everything you do on weekend

17# My Camping Essentials

Are you into going camping? What about sharing your camping experience with your followers through some quality shots and a creative Instagram Story design?

share your camping experience with your friends

18# Valentine’s Day Q&A

Use Valentine’s day Instagram Story design ideas to your benefit by asking challenging questions about people’s crushes, those who they’re in relation with, their dream date, etc. to increase your engagement.

Ask questions about people’s love experiences

19# Moods of The Day

Sharing how you feel during the day can be one of the good Instagram Story design ideas. Show how you feel during the day via photos and gifs in the following template.

Talk about your feelings during the day with this Instagram template

20# Tips

It would be a great idea to use your Instagram Stories to let your audience learn something new. Sharing IG Stories, including tips, can be intriguing.

Share everything you learn with your followers

21# My Morning Routines

Are you an early bird? What time do you get up in the morning and how do you feel? These are the questions you can ask in your Instagram Stories to start a conversation with your followers and build a sense of personal connection.

Share your morning routine and promote engagement

22# Have You Ever?

Using this challenging Instagram Story design, you can use a question sticker box to share exciting questions and their answers. This way, most curious followers may find things they have always wanted to know about you.

Challenge your followers and boost your page

23# Grateful for Today

Gratitude helps people feel more positive emotions, improve their health, deal with adversity, and build strong relationships. You definitely wouldn’t miss this opportunity? Would you? So, share what you’re thankful for and ask your audience to do the same.

Share positive mood with grateful-for-today template

24# Black Friday

Do you want to make the most of the start of the critical holiday shopping season? Promote your products and discounts on your IG Stories using unique Instagram Story designs.

Put discounts on your product using IG stories

25# Work out

If you work out, use Instagram Story design ideas to your advantage and create creative Instagram Stories.

Work out and share it with your folowes


Get started creating your own stunning Instagram Stories using a top Instagram Story-making app like AiGrow and 25 top Instagram Story designs to wow your audience and increase your engagement.

This post was last modified on December 20, 2021 1:14 pm