How To See And Manage Instagram Message Requests 2022?


Instagram DM tool lets you send messages to other people and communicate with them. 

These messages include texts, videos, photos you upload from your library, and so on. 

Instagram DM has separated sections, including messages which is the main part, and requests. So it’s important to manage message request regularly.

New messages from your following will go to the main part, and you’ll be able to see the notification and read their messages. But people whom you don’t follow can send you a direct message on Instagram, but you’ll find their messages in the request section.

You can read their messages, but they cannot see whenever you read as long as you accept their DM on Instagram. Since you open message requests, you can choose whether delete or accept them. 

In this article, we want to explain how to check and manage Instagram message request quickly.

When Do I Get An Instagram Message Request?

You’ll receive an Instagram message request from those whom you don’t follow. So whenever someone who’s not in your contact and you don’t follow them sends you a message, it will go to your requests inbox. As you might know, their chat will move from requests to messages by accepting their direct message. However, some third-party apps can accurately manage your  and facilitate this difficult work for you. Aigrow is the one that you’re looking for. Here by using Aigrow DM tools, you can quickly manage all your Instagram DMs.

Where Is My Message Request Folder On Instagram?

The message request is located in Instagram DM. So when you open DM, two sections will be shown on the top. A red number will display on the arrow when someone sends you a message. 

The message request is beside the messages, and by clicking it, you’ll be able to see the unread and request messages. However, the options will be slightly different if your account is public. Your direct message will be divided into primary, general, and requests.

But it is necessary to know that they won’t know when you read their message in the requests folder until you accept their DM.

Message request folder on Instagram

How To Turn Off Read Receipts On Instagram?

If you don’t want someone to know when you read their messages, you should turn off the read receipts. Unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t offer such this feature. But it’s possible to use some tricks and somehow turn off your read receipts without notifying them.

  • Turn on airplane mode to read messages on Instagram secretly.
  • Restrict someone whom you want to read their messages without notifying them.
  • Read the messages secretly through reliable third apps.

How To Unread Messages On Instagram?

If you’ve accidentally read someone’s message and want to mark it as unread, you should try this. However, there is no way to remove the seen receipt, and they can see if you’ve already read their messages. But when you want to check your direct message, you’ll know which message you should re-read. 

You should know this feature is only available on a business account.

Therefore you need to switch your account to business.

  1. Open your Instagram and tap the direct message icon in the top right.
  2. Select a chat you want to unread and then swipe it left.
  3. Tap “Unread.”
Mark unread messages

How To Reply To Messages On Instagram Message Request Folder?

It’s just like when you want to reply to a message from someone you’ve followed. To reply to their messages, you must accept their message request on Instagram. After you accept the message request, they’ll be able to call you, see your activity status, and see when you’ve read their messages. Follow these steps to understand how to reply to messages on Instagram message request.

  1. First, open your direct message and head to the requests folder. 
  2. Then open a chat you want to reply to the messages.
  3. Tap “Accept
  4. Swipe a message left to reply to it directly.

How to Turn Off Message Requests on Instagram? 

It’s fine if you don’t want to get notifications from message requests on Instagram for any reason. If receiving messages from people you’re not following disturbs you, maybe it’s better to turn off the message requests. However, this option is good for you if your account is public and many strangers are messaging you. Let’s show you how to do it.

  1. Tap your profile picture in the bottom right.
  2. Click “three lines” in the top-right and tap “Settings.”
  3. Then tap “Privacy” and tap “Messages.”
  4. Now, on the messages controls, click “Others on Instagram.”
  5. Select “Don’t receive requests.”
How to turn off messages requests on Instagram

What Are Hidden Messages On Instagram?

Hidden messages are messages sent by people you don’t follow on Instagram that are flagged as offensive or spam. There is another folder for these chats; you can only find hidden messages in requests. This feature lets you filter abusive messages automatically.

Although messages against Instagram community guidelines will be hidden, other message requests based on your hidden word preferences will appear in a separate hidden requests section. You can also add a list of your hidden words and filter them.

How Do I View Hidden Message Requests On Instagram?

Instagram devoted a particular folder for hidden messages, which means you won’t receive any notifications from them. By all means, you can check hidden messages and choose whether to accept or report them. 

You should use this instruction if you want to find and check your hidden message requests on Instagram.

  1. Tap the paper icon in the top-right to be redirected to your chats.
  2. Then tap “Requests.”
  3. Tap “Hidden Requests” which is a separate folder.
Hidden message requests

How Do I Delete Hidden Message Requests On Instagram?

While checking hidden message requests on Instagram, you may wonder how to delete them all at once. Fortunately, it’s possible to delete all hidden messages which contain offensive or unwanted content at once. Here is the way to show how to delete hidden message requests.

  1. Go to the direct message in the top-right.
  2. Tap “Requests,” and after that, tap “Hidden Requests.” 
  3. Now, click “Delete all” at the bottom of your screen. You choose a specific chat to delete by clicking the “Edit” option and mark the chat you want to delete immediately.
Delete hidden messages

How Do I Report Hidden Message Requests On Instagram?

Another option is to report offensive message requests. You should report the messages when you face offensive content or someone who abuses you frequently. According to Instagram guidelines, Instagram expanded its protection and the list of offensive words, hashtags, phrases, and so on. Furthermore, you can simply report the hidden messages. To report a hidden message on Instagram, you should try this.

  1. Open Instagram and tap the “direct message” icon.
  2. Go to the “Requests” section and tap “Hidden Requests.”
  3. Then click the “Report” option.
Report hidden messages


We explained how to manage and check Instagram message request through third-party apps or yourself. People can send a message to you, but in the end, you should decide to accept, delete or block their requests. But when you accept message request, Instagram people will be able to see your activity status, call you, and see whenever you read their messages.

However, in the requests folder, there is another section which is hidden requests that contains offensive, unwanted, and spam messages. These messages against Instagram community guidelines will be hidden automatically, but you can also report them quickly. However, you won’t receive any notifications for hidden message requests until you change the settings. But if you have trouble, you should contact and check the Instagram support request.


How to reply to a message on Instagram?

To reply to a message on Instagram, you should go to Instagram direct message and open a chat, then swipe a message left to reply.

What is a DM message on Instagram?

An Instagram direct message is a tool that lets you send a message to other people and communicate with them. 

What does Hide Alerts mean?

Hide Alerts is a feature that lets you mute the alerts and notifications. It hides any notifications that would appear on your screen. This option is helpful for those active conversations that disturb you.

How to find hidden or deleted messages on iPhone?

Hidden messages are located in a different folder. You should go to your direct message and click requests. Finally, tap the hidden request at the bottom of your chats. 

Can you hide messages on iPhone?

Yes, indeed. You can filter offensive messages, phrases, emojis, and hashtags according to your hidden word preferences. Finally, Instagram would hide such messages.

How to find hidden messages on iPhone?

Hidden messages that may include unwanted or abusive content are located in your requests. To find them, you need to open your DM and go to the requests section. Then click on hidden requests to see all hidden messages.

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