Instagram Growth Academy – Instagram Growth and Covid-19


So we’re going to jump into some growth ideas, and I thought I’d sort of address this because it’s kind of an interesting time around this virus and what’s happening in business. So a lot of folks are at home. If you’re like me,I’m here at home. I’ve been here a couple of weeks and I will be here for another few weeks. And, you know, the old man asking me as a digital person what, you know, what’s the use of growing and what’s the impact on my business? How is my business doing? What do you do in your business?

And what I always say is that there’s actually a lot more what I’ve been finding is this from my research as a ton additional, there’s a huge increase in engagement, daily use on Instagram. And what I’m seeing is a lot of kind of content come my way. So seeing a lot of training happening right there, fitness training and cooking classes.

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