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How to run a successful Instagram fashion account

Instagram fashion accounts are the best option for people who are passionate about fashion. As you know Instagram is getting competitive with a lot of people discovering and creating an Instagram account daily.

in this article, we are going to give you our top 4 tips to run a successful Instagram fashion account.

Now sit back, take notes, and then execute

Have great pictures

Number one tip to run an Instagram fashion account successfully is of course having great pictures. This may seem pretty basic but it is what makes you different from other accounts.

You should always be experimenting on the location that you are using or the outfits that are just up and out of your comfort zone. the other thing that can also help you a lot is to find new ways of presenting your outfit or even your location.

An easy way to do this is to find some inspiration from accounts that you like or enjoy but keep in mind that you should not copy what they are doing. always have your way of presenting that picture which inspired you.

If you think you need more info about how your pictures should be and need some help on Finding inspiration go to AiGrow and check its social calender for many inspiring ideas and also many great pictures.

also before we go to the next tip I would like to take it further to your feed design and all your visual attractiveness:

take your accounts visual attractiveness seriously, people who visit your page can click on that follow button just because of your beautiful theme, highlights, or especially your feed design.

you can read AiGrow’s perfect article about this subject here and I promise it is going to help you a lot on this matter.

Be consistent

consistency is another basic step to run your fashion account but it is very crucial and important. what I suggest is setting a schedule throughout the week and sticking to it.

The best way to plan your weekly schedule is by looking and analyzing your Instagram insights, by going through your statistics you can find out when your followers are most active throughout the week so you can pick 4-5 days that are going to have the best outcome and prepare your content to get the most exposure.

Another thing that you need to know is that you don’t have to post every day, what is most important here is quality, it’s better to put something great and post one time instead of crushing everything in posts every day, so take time to plan something really good and post it throughout the week.

If you ever feel you may lose out some of your content plans, you can schedule them from weeks or even months before using AiGrow‘s scheduling platform

Be creative

Copying is a bad way to grow your account because your followers will eventually find out about it.

the thing is, your content is already out there, even before you, publishing it.

The best way is to show people something new, a different perspective that can differentiate you from everyone else on Instagram.

Experiment with your styles and pictures more and also try to find inspiration from a couple of accounts you enjoy the most.

You should always keep in mind that what separates you from copying and being inspired is, when you’re inspired, you want to take something from whoever that has inspired you and apply it to whatever you want to create and make your own version of it.

try to be open-minded with everything on Instagram that will separate you from your competitors, what you want to achieve is to show people what they haven’t seen before and is new to them.

And this will result in the next step to run your Instagram fashion account successfully.

Whenever you feel out of ideas, you can go to AiGrow‘s social calendar to get many ideas from there.

Exposure, Exposure, Exposure

if you haven’t watched the video above yet, I  suggest you take a look at it before continuing.
A great way to gain some exposure is to get some attention from tagging.

And by tagging a lot of them for the start you will higher your chance of getting featured.

We went through that process and we tagged a lot of accounts and it caused that account to get featured.

This can really help your growth process.

There is only one thing I would like to add before we get to our conclusion which is :

Number of likes and comments traps many people. It keeps them from taking care of the most important thing which is creating good content.

Your goal should be creating good content, and also having a good interaction with your followers not getting 10.000 likes.

what I mean is likes and comments follow the good content but not vise versa

you can always go to AiGrow to have a lot of exposure at the start of your work


we learned 4 tips to run a successful fashion account on Instagram which are :

    • Having Great and High-quality pictures
    • Being consistent
    • Being creative
    • Exposing yourself to the community

And there you have it, the most important and also practical tips for your Instagram fashion account to grow successfully.


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hashtag research is really important for your Instagram growth.

By analyzing hashtags you can also monitor your brand and even your competitors.

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