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9 Tried & Tested Ways to Fix Instagram Couldn’t Refresh Feed

There are several reasons you might get an “Instagram couldn’t refresh feed” error, and it can be a real hassle to get rid of it. 

Couldn’t refresh feed on Instagram error means that the user can not access the newly updated photos and videos and is generally referred to as Instagram won’t refresh.

Before going any further, we should first look at the main reasons why Instagram is not refreshing and then proceed to possible ways to fix this Instagram feed error.

Why Does My Instagram Say Couldn’t Refresh Feed?

To fix the Instagram feed, first, we should look at why we see the “Instagram couldn’t refresh feed” error.

This is one of the crucial steps in fixing this problem. Because if you do not know where the root cause is, then you can not make an effort to fix it.

Instagram is not Refreshing Because of Low Internet Speed or Lost Connection

The first reason for many refreshing errors on Instagram is low internet speed and lost connection to the internet.

Using an outdated version of the Instagram app

The second common cause for “couldn’t refresh feed” on Instagram is using an outdated app version that is not supported anymore.

Technical problems and bugs

Well, the third reason is a mystery! If you are a professional Instagram user, you are familiar with occasional errors and bugs on Instagram.

Until now, we have the three main reasons why Instagram couldn’t refresh feed error, and now we can proceed to fix the Instagram feed. 

Before getting further, keep in mind that maybe there is a technical malfunction from the Instagram side, and it should be fixed in no time at all.

But if you persistently find yourself saying “Instagram won’t refresh” in your day-to-day use of the app, then here are our top-picked, tried, and tested ways to fix Instagram couldn’t refresh feed for good.

In case your Instagram keeps stopping, and you want to fix this error, check our blog out on it.  

9 Ways to Fix Instagram Couldn’t Refresh Feed

Here are the best ways to fix the Instagram couldn’t refresh feed error quickly:

1) Switch off and on Network Connection

As mentioned before, one of the main reasons Instagram couldn’t refresh feed error is lost or slow internet connection. Before proceeding further, first, try switching off your internet connection and then switching it back on. 

Also, you can try alternative internet connections if available. For example, if you were using mobile data, you can try a Wi-Fi connection and vice versa.

In this step, you should make sure that you have a stable internet connection, and the problem is just the Instagram App. Most of the time, switching off and on the network connection will fix Instagram feed refreshing problem.

2) Check Instagram Servers

If you are sure of your internet connection, it’s time to check if there is a problem with Instagram servers. To do that, you can use two services: 

isitdownrightnow.com or downdetector.in. Use these two tools to ensure everything is fine from Instagram servers and there isn’t any significant downtime reported.

If Instagram servers are down, there isn’t much you can do to fix the Instagram feed. Instead, you should wait for Instagram to fix the Instagram feed error.

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3) Update Instagram App

If you have an active internet connection and there is nothing wrong with the Instagram server response, then it is likely that the problem is from your side.

First, you should try and update your Instagram app to its latest version. Usually, an outdated Instagram won’t refresh with new content. You can do this with either the Play Store if you are an android user or use App Store if you are an iOS user.

In either case, make sure your Instagram app is up to date, and then check if you still get Instagram Couldn’t Refresh Feed Error. If the problem continues, then proceed to the next steps.

4) Restart Your Device

Let’s try an old-fashioned way of getting things fixed! A restart can and has fixed many problems we have in the digital world. Therefore, a simple restarting may fix this problem too.

If you restart your phone and are sure of the internet connection, it is time to try a more active solution to fix the Instagram not refreshing problem.

5) Log out and Log in Again on Instagram App

Is Instagram not refreshing after the above solutions? A straightforward solution to why Instagram couldn’t refresh feed is to log out of Instagram and log back in. 

To log out of your Instagram account, follow the steps below:

  • Tap on your Instagram profile picture
  • Next, tap on three dots or bars on the top right corner,
  • Then, tap on the setting. If you scroll down to the end, you’ll see a button for logging out.

Note: If you are using several Instagram accounts, you should log out from all of them.

After logging out of Instagram, close the app, then reopen it. This time you should enter your username and password to log back in. Most of the time, this little trick will fix Instagram feed errors, and you should be able to use the app the way it was before.

6) Clear Cookies, App Cash, & Force Stop

Another active solution for fixing the “Instagram couldn’t refresh feed” error is to make it stop, clear all the cookies and app data, and then start the app anew. 

To do this, long-press on the Instagram app, tap on “app info,” and then try to find three buttons and press them in this order: Force Stop -> Clear Cache -> Clear Data (or Storage).

clear cache

Caution: when you clear data and cash of an app, all its settings, all users’ data, downloaded content (cashed on device) will be deleted.

7)  Reinstall a fresh App

If for whatever reason, you couldn’t solve the issue by clearing cache or data, you can always delete the Instagram app from your device and then install a new fresh app from the Play Store or App Store. 

This trick is almost equivalent to the previous solution of deleting all app data, cache, and logging out and in.

8)  Give unrestricted Data usage for Instagram

The latest Android versions allow you to define a restriction for data usage per app. In other words, you can restrict (make connection slower) on certain apps trying to use your bandwidth. 

Make sure this option isn’t active for the Instagram app. Long press on the app and then go to App Info. Under settings related to Mobile data & Wi-Fi, make sure to allow Instagram to have unlimited data access.

3)  Try logging in from another device

Sometimes things don’t go the way they were supposed to. Maybe you use an old device with limited functionality, or there is a technical problem about the device you are using that prevents Instagram from refreshing its feed. 

So, after everything else, try to log in from another device or use Instagram on your PC to make sure that it isn’t you. Most of the time, all previous steps will fix “couldn’t refresh feed on Instagram.” 

But, if you still get this error even after using another device for logging, then either Instagram is not available in your local area (due to filtering, forbidden server access, or just Instagram server failure in a particular location), or it is just a simple bug. You have to wait for it to get solved by itself. 

In both cases, Instagram won’t refresh, and you’ll have to wait for another solution, not from your side.

If you are facing we restrict certain activities on Instagram error, check our blog post to know how to fix it. 

Where Can I Find the Refresh Button on Instagram?

One of the top questions asked when faced with these kinds of errors is how to refresh Instagram? Is there any refresh button on Instagram I could use? The short answer is a simple no.

 Instagram doesn’t have any refresh feed button. However, to make sure the “Couldn’t Refresh Feed Instagram” error is fixed, you must try refreshing the feed. 

To refresh the Instagram feed, pull your finger down the screen and then let go. If Instagram is not refreshing, then again, you’ll see couldn’t refresh feed Instagram error. But if everything is ok, you’ll see new posts on your feed.

Please note that maybe there aren’t any new posts uploaded from your followings from the moment the error occurred to the moment you’ve fixed it. In this case, if you don’t see the error when refreshing, then you can consider this problem fixed.

How Can I Prevent Getting Instagram Couldn’t Refresh Feed Error?

I don’t mean to sound disappointing, but you can not prevent this error in advance most of the time. 

Problems and bugs are common in any app, and we never know when the next bug or issue will happen. However, in general, there are two things to do for preventing Instagram not refreshing problems in the future:

  • Always use the latest Instagram app and keep updating it whenever available
  • Try the fastest internet speed option available to you when using Instagram


On occasions, users find their Instagram not refreshing. This error can be a frustrating issue because often, this error does not give a clear clue about why that happened.

In this article, we’ve tried top solutions to fix Instagram couldn’t refresh feed error. In many cases, these simple solutions will fix your issue in no time.

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This post was last modified on November 20, 2021 9:21 am