The 4 best Instagram booster software you should be using in 2022

Instagram booster software

Creating an Instagram account and doing actions in a routine won’t work! That’s why you should think of some ways to boost your Instagram account and find the best Instagram booster software. Nowadays, there are many tricks and hacks to grow your Instagram account and be a step ahead of others.  

You might have experienced that some businesses came out of the blue and became famous all of a sudden and grabbed everyone’s attention from all over the world.

To mention some, we can name Airbnb or Uber.


Maybe they were smart enough to find the best path to walkthrough!

Long story short, being popular on social media is not impossible; you should just learn the strategies and growth hacks.

Wait a sec,

Wandering on Instagram without having any goal won’t help you and your business.

Before going through introducing the best Instagram boosters, you should clarify the answer to some questions:

  1. How much growth do you expect from your Instagram account?
  2. What does growth mean to you and how do you define it?
  3. How long can you wait to reach your goal?
  4. Would you be okay by trying new strategies, and would you try your chance?

After thinking about the answer to every single question, you are more likely to reach your goal since you know what you and your business want from being on Instagram.

How to get more followers on Instagram organically?

Well, we talked about some ways to get more Instagram followers earlier; if you want to focus on increasing your followers at the moment, you should take a look at the mentioned article.

Let’s review the effective ways of getting more Instagram followers organically, in a glance:

  1. Post at the best time
  2. Post consistently
  3. Find the popular and related hashtags
  4. Share user-generated contents
  5. Share Instagram stories as well as Instagram posts
  6. Choose a specific niche
  7. Share Instagram videos
  8. Try to have a theme for your posts
  9. Use the best of your bio by
  10. Run contest
  11. Use emojis
  12. Use call to action
  13. Check the analytic and insight
  14. Interact with your followers
  15. Use the Instagram scheduler to never miss the best time
  16. Follow targeted users

What are the primary advantages of using Instagram booster software?

  • Saves your time
  • Improves the engagement rate
  • Increases your sales
  • Improves client satisfaction
  • Would be effective for your social credibility

What is the best Instagram follower booster?

Well, you may know that several Instagram services are claiming to boost the account and getting real followers, but it is easier said than done!

Once using Instagram bots were a trend for getting Instagram followers, but it didn’t last for a long time since Instagram closed down a bunch of Instagram bots and automation.

Instagram recognized the accounts which used Instagram bots and sent them a push notification telling them that they were identified for using a third-party app and asked users to change their account’s password to get disconnected from such services.

It seemed to be a big failure to both third-party apps and business that counted on growing their Instagram account by Instagram automation.

There is still hope; keep calm!

If you manage several Instagram accounts or just need to automate getting Instagram followers, AiGrow is there for you.

Using AiGrow’s VIP service is a smart way of increasing Instagram followers, which is way different from Instagram bots. The VIP service is made of a group of people who work on your Instagram accounts to promote them.

Using AiGrow’s VIP service, you don’t have to browse hashtags or track down users to follow, unfollow, like or comment on posts. The team will find the most suitable Instagram users based on hashtags, popular accounts, and even locations.

It guarantees to get 300 – 500 new real followers each month.

It might be the best Instagram booster software that you were looking for!

The 4 best Instagram booster software you should be using in 2020

  1. AiGrow

AiGrow is one of the best social media management tools which works based on the Instagram algorithm. In other words, you will never face the Instagram shadowban. Moreover, it has a user-friendly dashboard, and it is easy to use.

The main services of AiGrow include:

  • Organic growth
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Post scheduling
  • 24/7 support
  • Content creation
  • AiPowered Hashtags and many more
  • All-in-one Bio Link

Let’s know the features in detail:

  1. VIP managed Instagram service

VIP service is a safe and fast way of gaining a lot of followers without facing any issues. The way it works is like a whole group of people working for you to promote your account. Therefore, you would watch your account’s growth every day.

  1. bio
  • Connects social media accounts to one link
  • Connects stories to external pages
  • Collects emails using an “Email Me” button
  • Retargets bio visitors on Facebook and Google
  • Tags multiple products to a post
  • Connects blogs and websites to your bio
  • Connects feed posts to external pages
  • Collects emails while giving away coupons

You can enjoy its free plan by having options such as multiple bio link and scheduler features that are limited, or you can use the “Post Plus” plan by paying just 9$ per month to have access features ultimately.

  1. Post and reward

It is a creative way of increasing the engagement rate and encouraging users to follow you. Just choose the options on AiGrow’s dashboard and run a contest.

  1. Social monitoring
  • Monitor #hashtags and @accounts
  • Monitor mentions of your @account
  • Find out important events each month
  • Repost
  • Save posts for future
  • Receive daily alerts

AiGrow pricing and plans

Since different people and businesses use AiGrow services, it offers several packages and plans to give users the opportunity to choose the one that fits them the best.

  1. Free

  1. Pro

AiGrow pro

AiGrow pro

  2. Buzzoid

It offers useful features to Instagram users as well as other growth services. Buzzoid helps you get a high engagement rate and grows your Instagram account. It can boost the number of Instagram followers. However, there is no guarantee if it gets users real followers.

Buzzoid pricing

It offers several plans with different features. The pricing starts from 2$ to 39$, so users can choose the one that fits them the best and matches their goal.

Buzzoid pricing and plans

 3. AiSchedul

AiSchedul is another useful service for Instagram users that offers beneficial services such as social monitoring, all in one bio link, post and story scheduler, etc. You can have all the features at a very affordable price that is mentioned in the following.

AiSchedul pricing and plans:

As you see below, it offers its services at an affordable price. You can just give it a try to make sure about the way it works.

4. Social Buddy

Last but not least, Social buddy also helps Instagram users to get more Instagram followers organically. It offers several specified features for brands, influencers, etc. Users can easily decide and choose the one that matches them.

Social Buddy pricing

Social buddy pricing

The last word

Using the best Instagram booster software helps you grow your Instagram account. Once you choose the best one, you can leave all your Instagram actions to it and feel free.

Have you ever tried any Instagram booster software? We would be happy to hear your experiences and ideas.

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