AiGrow VS iDigic. How to get more Instagram followers?


How to make more of your followers in less time than your friends and acquaintances and other Instagram accounts is something every instagram influencer is looking for.

Since the birth of Instagram, one of the challenges for Instagram users in this program has been to increase their followers.

There are many platforms and ideas in this area that you could use to increase your followers.

But later on, there were many flaws in these kinds of programs. The most important of these problems was the lack of real followers that they attracted to your account or they were inactive and they were fake.

You also felt it when your followers increased through these programs, but no changes were made in the number of likes to your posts. the engagement of your posts, number of leads you generate through your Instagram, the amount of sales you make using Instagram as your channel.

Today we are going to compare AiGrow VS iDigic and explain the capabilities of these two instagram tools in how to attract real and purposeful followers.

Our comparison is based on the following 4 cases:

  1. Setup
  2. Connecting Instagram account
  3. Features
  4. Maintenance



  1. Click here to sign up for the AiGrow platform the direct way.  You can also go the AiGrow’s homepage, Then you will go to the homepage of the site and click on one of the Get started or Start Free options for registration .

AiGrow VS iDigic

2.After logging into the registration page, enter the required information, including a name and a valid email and a password, to enter your dashboard page.

AiGrow VS iDigic

Now your registration is done successfully and you can add as many Instagram accounts you want and start managing them from there.


  1.  Click here to sign up for iDgic to follow the registration process.

AiGrow VS iDigic

2.for using any of the services Just click on any of the services provided on this platform to customers, and what is weird is that you can have a free followers test and continue after that. We will get into that in the next parts

Connecting Instagram account


To add your account or accounts, just click on the Add Instagram Account option and enter your Instagram username and then you can add your IG to AiGrow’s dashboard.

AiGrow VS iDigic


You can start your free trial by entering your Instagram username and a valid email.

AiGrow VS iDigic

NOTE:You don’t need to sign up for iDgic . just choose the service that you need then buy any of the services you want.



After a brief explanation of Instagram and the get follower apps, it’s time to explain the AiGrow features.

AiGrow enhances the activity of your Instagram account. This will increase the visibility of your accounts and posts.

Imagine you have an employee who does the activities you set on 24/7. This will increase your account activity .

The main difference between AiGrow and the followers Instagram apps is these programs are bringing your followers by activities which you can get your Instagram account action blocked.

But AiGrow indirectly increases your account followers by encouraging your target accounts to follow you with human activities and persoalized messages, A true Instagram Marketer’s dream!

You may be wondering what activities AiGrow does to increase your account followers.

You will get the following services by registering on this platform:
  • Dedicated Account Manager

Having enough experience and knowledge to get things started always comes first. It is here that our team shows its strength and competence to do so. We manage your account with a trained person and take responsibility for everything. Having an Instagram manager has many advantages that I will briefly mention a few of them later.

  • AI Powered Hashtags, Competitions, Locations Research 

When you want to share a post on Instagram, keep in mind that using the most popular hashtags depending on the topic of the post you selected will have a huge impact on how your post is viewed and ultimately leads people to follow your page.Also, don’t forget about competitors and know that those who follow your competitors can follow you in the future by take a look at your posts and this is only possible when you can identify them and posting ads for them.You can determine which country or region your followers will be.All of the things I said you can do both manually and you can hire an administrator to do these things

  • Manual Growth Activities – Follows, Unfollows, Liking

By interacting you can boost your follower growth at incredible speeds. These interactions include following and liking others and eventually unfollow them so you can easily cross boundaries.

  • Follower Growth 

With all the tips and timely implementation, we guarantee you will achieve your desired growth in a very short period of time and this is our promise to you.Also, make sure that your followers are real people who are interested in your Page Page and have followed you on their own and that you will not lose followers after a while.

  • Schedule Content

Statistics from Instagram show that users are more active in the special hours and if you publish your post at that time your page views and followers will be higher.AiGrow lets you pre-schedule your posts and it will automatically share when you want them.

  • Automated DMs

This option will increase the amount of interaction you have with your users. For example, you can set DM to thank everyone who likes you or to automatically send an ad message to all your users. Also one of the advantages that you can mention is that you do not need to submit a request and wait for confirmation but you can send it to anyone you want.

  • Priority 24×7 Support

Our eyes are always on our watch so we can get the most satisfaction from our customers.Our support 24*7.


 To use any of the iDgic services you must first purchase them.

These services include:

  • Buy instagram likes
  • Buy instagram followers
  • Buy instagram viewes

After ordering you can go to your Instagram account and have your order delivered there. For example, if you buy followers you will see that you have added as many followers as you bought are added to your account.

Is it a scam?

We didn’t use the premium features of it, But if you’re looking for the free stuff, we couldn’t get it in our test. If you go for the free trial, you will get a message like this:

idigic-errorMaintenance and Support


Problems with this platform are very unlikely because our experts have already reviewed everything and if you have any questions you can find the answer very quickly in the FAQ section. You can also email us for quick access and our experts will be at your service 24 hours a day and the answer to your question will be sent to your email.


First, I would suggest you refer to the FAQ section if you have any questions . If you do not find the answer you want, you can leave a message in the Contact Us section for experts to respond to you as soon as possible, or send your message via email to get the answer you want. We didn’t get any responses for this as well, So you can try it as well.



You can use the free 5-day service before purchasing packages.

AiGrow has a very special offer for its customers. This platform offers 50% discount on all packages, which is incredible considering the services it offers.

I suggest you take the opportunity right now and sign up for free by clicking here.

Let’s introduce the packages and prices:


AiGrow VS iDigic


Scheduler – Starter

AiGrow VS iDigic


AiGrow VS iDigic

IMPORTANT: You can purchase any of the services individually depending on your needs.


The price of the service depends on your choice for example, the more likes you want for your posts, the higher the package price.

Buy Instagram Likes

AiGrow VS iDigic

Buy Instagram Followers

AiGrow VS iDigic

Buy Instagram Viewes

AiGrow VS iDigic

Important: Before you buy any of the packages you can have a free experience and get free followers for your account, which is not supported now!

 Conclusion:To get better and more lasting results, do not be afraid of getting longer ways, but choosing the right way to be more lasting, so use an alternaive like AiGrow which is known by Instagram marketers worlwide and does not offer any shady ways.

Experience Natural Growth and Walk The Right Way We’ll Help You Find the Path to Success.

If you have any comments or suggestions for us, you can help us grow more. Please send us your feedback.

AiGrow  Or iDgic The choice is yours.

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