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How to recover deleted Instagram posts? Easy way

Imagine such a situation; you were cleaning your Instagram profile and deleting old photos with fewer likes/comments; you accidentally delete one with around a hundred likes, and you personally like it. The situation even becomes worse if you have already deleted it from your phone. The only thing you can think of at that moment is finding the answer to the question “how to recover deleted Instagram posts?”

There are some ways to check your Instagram archive feature, search some folders on your phone, use recovery tools (software), recover your photos using a Google account, etc.

All the above-mentioned ways are time-consuming, and some of them may not bring you back the exact content with all likes/comments. Don’t worry! This is not the end. The good news is that Instagram has recently rolled out a feature called Recently Deleted. Using this feature, you can recover your accidentally deleted post easily as A, B, C.

Read on to see how exactly you can use this useful feature.

1# Can I view deleted Instagram posts?

Well, there is good news for you. The answer is Yes! Here in this article, you can find a full guide on amazing ways to see deleted Instagram photos on your Android or iPhone device. So if you are looking for a free way to see deleted Instagram posts, stay tuned! Let’s get started!

  • How to see old deleted Instagram photos on Android? # Use a deleted Instagram photo viewer

iStaunch is a free tool that allows you to see deleted Instagram photos and videos from any web browser on Android, iPhone, or PC. Working with this app is super easy. First of all, open Deleted Instagram Photo Viewer. Type the account’s username you want to see its deleted posts, and then select the profile and tap on Next. Here you can see old deleted Instagram photos.

  • How to see deleted Instagram photos? Find deleted photos via Instagram Archive Feature.

The deleted photos can be kept in your Instagram archive for a limited period. You can simply navigate to your Instagram profile by tapping your avatar on the right side of the homepage. Then tap the three horizontal lines on the top right-hand corner of the screen. From here, you are able to see the Archive option. Now you can see recently deleted photos and save them on your profile again.

Read more: know everything about the Instagram Archive feature.

  • Look in the photo albums on your device

Instagram photos are automatically backed up in a folder named Instagram in the photo gallery of your smartphone. You can usually find this content in one of the following folders, depending on the version of Instagram and your smartphone operating system. But generally could be the photo gallery, photo albums, downloads, or other folders. If you can’t find the folders in the photo gallery, a file manager could also come in handy depending on the operating system. Then look for the Instagram folder and try to find the deleted photo.

But if you are an iOS user, this procedure is slightly different. Here’s how it works: open the photos app, look for albums, open the album, click the recently deleted folder. And at the end, look for any lost photos inside. Then, all you have to do to restore the photo is tapping on the photo and clicking recover.

Note: Bear in mind that the recently deleted folder stores them for a time span of no longer than 30 days.

  • Check Google photos and iCloud

Another possible way is to recover photos from Clouds if you have set it up on your smartphone. If you have accidentally deleted a photo from Instagram and can no longer find it on your phone, look for it on iCloud or Google photos.

  • Use photo recovery software

There are so many file recovery apps out there which you can use to retrieve your files. First of all, try to remember where you stored the photo. Install a recovery tool and then scan the location for deleted files. In the end, save found images.

2# How to recover deleted Instagram posts?

If you have unintentionally deleted an Instagram post and you want to get it back with the same number of views, likes, and comments, then you can use the new Instagram feature called Recently Deleted.

Instagram is rolling out a much-needed new feature, Recently Deleted, that allows users to view and restore all deleted posts, including images, stories, (IGTV) videos, reels in the app. So from now on, all the posts that you delete will be moved directly to the Recently deleted folder so that you can access them and either choose to permanently delete them or restore them.

Bear in mind that any deleted content will automatically be permanently deleted after 30 days from your recently deleted folder, and there will be no way to recover them.

Note that this new feature is being rolled out in a phased manner. So if you are not able to find this feature on your phone, there is a chance that you will receive it in the coming days.  

Note: Deleted stories that are not in your archive will stay in the folder only for 24 hours.

How to restore deleted Instagram posts via the Recently Deleted feature?

Here’s a full guide on how to recover deleted Instagram posts using the Instagram recently released feature with ease. Let’s dive in!

1- Download and install the latest version of Instagram.

2- Navigate to the app and tap on your avatar to go to your profile in the bottom right corner.

3- Tap the hamburger menu at the top and head to Settings.

4- Select Account and tap Recently Deleted.

5- Now, all the content that you have recently deleted is displayed on the screen.

6- Choose the post that you would like to recover, and then tap the three dots icon on the top.

7- By tapping Restore you have the chance to simply recover your deleted post. 

8- In the process of restoring, you need to verify that it’s you using a one-time password sent by Instagram to your phone number or email address.

9- Once you’re done verifying, tap confirm

How to mass delete Instagram posts?

There are times when Instagram users feel the need to delete Instagram posts. If you only desire to delete a few photos, you can use the Instagram app itself. But imagine the time when you want to remove dozens of posts or even all of them on your account. In this case, using the classic way may not work since it’s tedious and time-consuming to delete thousands of posts one by one. The best alternative would be turning to a third-party app.

How to mass delete Instagram posts via AiGrow?

As we mentioned earlier, deleting Instagram posts one by one is a huge hassle; that’s why you need AiGrow as a solution to make it pretty fast and simple. 

AiGrow is an Instagram management app providing you with expert manual growth services and advanced features. We will introduce you to its Bulk posts delete feature to help you facilitate the process of deleting your Instagram posts all in one go. Take the following steps to mass delete Instagram posts using AiGrow.

Note: AiGrow allows you to add as many IG accounts as you want to the dashboard to manage them all together. All you need to do is click Add Instagram Account from the dashboard, then enter your IG account username, and that’s all.

  • From the dashboard, choose the Bulk Posts Delete option on the left. Then pick the account that you’d like to manage from the drop-down menu.

  • In the opened window, you can preview all your posts. If you want to delete all of your Instagram posts, click on the Select All to Delete option.

  • You can also remove specific posts by simply selecting them and clicking Delete.

Watch the YouTube video below to see how this feature works in detail.

AiGrow’s Bulk Posts Delete pricing plans

You can choose between 3 packages offering the following prices: 

1- Delete Posts Advanced: $39 lifetime

2- Delete Posts Pro: $19 lifetime

3- Delete Posts Essentials: $9 lifetime


Sometimes, people may need to get their deleted Instagram posts back on their feed, no matter what the reason is. In this article, we introduced you to one of the most recently rolled out features of Instagram called Recently Deleted to be able to restore your unintentionally deleted posts with ease.