How to put multiple pictures on Instagram story? Simple guide

How to put multiple pictures on Instagram story Simple guide
Nowadays, with half a billion people using Instagram stories every single day, posting on your stories is more beneficial than your general feed, IGTV, and going live. So, creating creative visual content for your story is of great importance. One of the ways that helps you be creative in creating your Instagram stories is to know how to put multiple pictures on Instagram stories.

This article will provide you with the possible ways to figure out how to put multiple pictures on Instagram story in some easy steps. Besides, we’ll introduce you to AiGrow  (an Instagram management and growth service) and its Scheduler tool to help you schedule and publish your content easily.

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Why should you know how to put multiple pictures on Instagram story?

Instagram stories are undeniably important in the process of engaging your audience. So, the more attractive they are, the more engaging they will be.

Learning how to put multiple pictures on an Instagram story makes the story more interesting and eye-catching. Moreover, making just a piece of information in plenty of pages of a story may be boring for some viewers to keep viewing.

To solve the above mentioned problem, you can put multiple pictures on Instagram story. This way, you are not only able to decrease the pages of your story, but you can also put more content on your story which may attach more attention to your story.

How to put multiple pictures on Instagram story? 1# Instagram stickers 

There are different ways to be able to put multiple pictures on Instagram story. We will discuss some of them below. The first way is to make use of the Instagram stickers method. Have you ever given it a try? If not, then let’s dive in to see how you can use them.

  • Launch Instagram on your phone
  • Go to your profile, click the + icon at the bottom of the page then, tap your profile avatar to create a new story.
  • Once you open your camera roll, choose and add the photo which you want to post as the main photo.
  • When you choose the photo, you can see some editing icons on the top right-hand corner. Tap the Sticker icon.

how to put multiple pictures on Instagram story-story stickers

  • Scroll down until you find the camera and photo sticker.

  • In the above picture, if you choose the camera stickers (the one on the left), you can take a photo and add it to the main photo you have added.

Tip: When you take the photo, you can tap the photo to change its frame.

Tip: You can take and add up to 10 photos here. All you need to do is to repeat the mentioned process to add a new one.

How to put multiple pictures on Instagram story-story -camera-sticker

  • If you choose the photo sticker, you can add photos from your camera roll. Repeat this until you have all the photos you need for your story added.

Tip: Drag your photos around to change their position. Pinch or widen two fingers across the screen to make the photos smaller or bigger. 

How to put multiple pictures on Instagram story-multiple photo sticker

  • Once you are happy with the number of photos you have added, you can add text, music, polls, etc., to your story.
  • When everything is ready, tap Send to and then, Your Story to share the story with your audience.

How to put multiple pictures on Instagram story? 2# Instagram Layout feature in stories

In December 2019, Instagram announced its new feature, Layout Mode, to add a new level of creativity and fun to Instagram stories. This feature helps you create collages without needing any third-party apps to combine images.

Using this feature, you can add up to 6 photos using various grid options or looks. You have the opportunity to not only upload images from your gallery, but also you can take photos on your Instagram built-in camera.

Now, Let’s look at the in-depth guide below to see how you can put multiple pictures on Instagram stories using the Layout feature.

  • Open your Instagram application on any device.
  • There are different ways to upload your story as follows; choose one to start uploading your story.

1- On the homepage, click on the Your Story circle in the top-left corner.

2- Tap on the + icon at the bottom of the page. 

3- Swipe left.

  • Click on the divided square option on the left-hand side menu and then, choose the grid you want to use.

how to put multiple pictures on Instagram story-story layout feature

  • Once you choose the desired grid, it’s time to upload images from your camera roll by simply pressing the blue plus sign in the bottom left corner. Or you can take a picture at the time by using the Instagram built-in camera.

How to put multiple pictures on Instagram story-uploading photos-camera roll/camera

  • When you upload the images, you can tap on them to delete them. By pressing and holding the images, you can move them.
  • Tap on the checkmark.
  • Now you can add spunky elements available on stories like text, emojis, and filters.
  • When you are all happy, tap on Your Story to share.

How to put multiple pictures on Instagram story-story elements

Tip: The Internal Layout feature only works on your Instagram story. If you want to make feed collages, download and use Instagram Layout app.

How to put multiple pictures on Instagram story? 3# Instagram selecting multiple pictures option

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to put multiple pictures on Instagram story using the Instagram Select Multiple options. This way, Instagram allows you to add up to 10 photos at a time. Unlike the previously mentioned ways, your uploaded images will appear one by one on separate story pages.

  • Open the Instagram app on your device.
  • Tap the + icon at the bottom of the screen, choose a story, and tap your camera roll in the bottom left-hand corner. Then, select the multiple photo icon.

How to put multiple pictures on Instagram story-multiple pictures option

  • As you can see above, once the photos in the gallery appear, choose the desired ones. They will be marked by numbers based on the order you have chosen them.
  • Tap Next to begin adding Instagram story elements like stickers, filters, text, location, etc.
  • When you are happy with editing, tap Next.
  • Tap Your Story at the end to share your photos in order on your story.

AiGrow’s Instagram Scheduler

AiGrow is an Instagram management and growth service with useful features to make the process of managing your Instagram account as easy as possible.

One of its beneficial features is Scheduler. Using this feature gives you the possibility to schedule your Instagram content (feed, story, IGTV).

AiGrow’s user-friendly dashboard makes it pretty easy for you to work with all its features. Here’s how you can schedule and publish your Instagram stories via AiGrow in some simple steps.

  • Sign up on AiGrow’s website using your email address.
  • From the dashboard, click Add Instagram Account to connect your Instagram account to the dashboard using your Instagram account username.

Tip: You can add an unlimited number of Instagram accounts to AiGrow’s dashboard and manage them all together.

  • Choose the account you intend to manage from the dashboard and tap Manage Account.
  •  From the opened window, choose the Post & Scheduling tab.
  • Select the green button Schedule, and then, from the drop-down menu, click Story.


  • In the opened window, the first thing you can see is the Content box in which you can upload up to 25 photos or videos. You can also add stickers, hashtags, external link, and text to the uploaded photos.


  • In the Scaleup Post box right there, you can choose different accounts that you’d like your content to be posted on them all.
  • Scroll down; in the Schedule Dates box, you can set times and dates for your content to be published by clicking Post in Future. If you want to publish your content at the time, click Post Now.

Tip: When the time arrives, AiGrow will automatically publish your content without sending you any push notification. 

  • In the Link Post box, you can connect your post to an external URL.
  • When everything is done, click Submit.

AiGrow’s Scheduler pricing packages

AiGrow’s Scheduler pricing plans includes: Scheduler- PRO: $49 per month/ Post Plus: $39/ Essentials: $19

AiGrow's scheduler plans

If you want to see how the Scheduler feature of AiGrow works, don’t miss the video below.

Wrapping up

All in all, Instagram stories are of great importance when it comes to engagement. Knowing how to put multiple pictures on Instagram story helps you create more creative and engaging stories. In this article, we provide you with an in-depth guide into posting multiple pictures on Instagram as well as introducing you to one of the best Instagram management services out there AiGrow to help you schedule your stories with ease.


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