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How to Post IGTV from desktop? Step by step guide

Instagram TV or more popularly known as IGTV, is one of the greatest features of Instagram. As you may know it better, although Instagram limits the duration of uploading feed videos to 60 seconds, IGTV desktop feature lets you upload up to 60 minute long videos from the web.

In this article, we will explain how to upload IGTV from the desktop. Moreover, we will introduce the Scheduler tool of AiGrow to you to upload your photos and videos from the desktop with ease.

Read on to figure out this process in detail!

What is IGTV and why is it important?

The more popular social media platforms like Instagram get, the less interested people especially teens are to watch TV. That’s why Instagram released its own long-form video feature IGTV.

In comparison to Instagram feed video length (60 seconds), IGTV allows you to upload longer videos, up to 60 minutes of the video from the web or 15 minutes if you upload from mobile.

IGTV desktop uploading possibility exists so users can create longer and more compelling content in order to engage their audience more and more.

How to post IGTV from desktop?

First of all, prepare the IGTV video you intend to share on Instagram. Make sure the video fits Instagram requirements.

Let’s read this article to figure out what requirements are necessary to share your IGTV video!

  • IGTV desktop uploading # using the web

There are times when you need to use IGTV desktop uploading method to upload your video. For instance, if you edit a video from a desktop, there is no need to send the file to your phone and upload it to the native app. You can upload it directly to IGTV using the web, once you are done with editing your video.

Also, if you want to upload videos longer than 15 minutes, you need to upload them using the web, as we said earlier.

By the way, whatever your reason may be, you need to know how to upload your IGTV video from the desktop. Let’s dive in!

  • 1#Go to Instagram.com on your desktop

After opening the Instagram web, to sign in, use the username and password of the account you want to publish an IGTV to. Then click on the IGTV tab on your profile. In the end, click on the Upload button.

  • 2#Upload your video

Once you click on upload, a new window pops up. On the left-hand corner, you can see a box. Drag/drop your video file into it. After that, you can fill out your cover frame, title, and description.

When you are done with details, click Post to add the video to your IGTV channel.

  • IGTV desktop uploading # using a third party app AiGrow

AiGrow is an Instagram management and growth service providing you with highly beneficial features to help you manage your account with ease like a professional.

One of the most useful AiGrow’s features you can make use of is the Scheduler feature. You can easily take advantage of this feature to either schedule your IGTV video or publish it at the time.

If you would like to know how this feature works, stay tuned. A step-by-step guide is prepared below to help you out.

  • Sign up for free on AiGrow’s website using your email address.
  • After logging into AiGrow’s dashboard, click Add Account to connect your Instagram account to the dashboard. All you need here is your Instagram username.

Note: you can add up to 80 Instagram accounts here and manage them all together.

  • Choose the account you intend to manage and then tap Manage Account.
  • Head to Posts & Scheduling tab. Tap the green button, Schedule.
  • By tapping Schedule, you can see three options: Feed, Story, IGTV. From here, you can choose one of them you want to publish.
  • Select IGTV.

  • In the opened window, you can add the desired video in the content box by clicking Add Video.

Note: In this box, you can also convert a YouTube video by simply pasting the YouTube video URL.

  • Scroll down to set other details, including: adding title, description, and clickable link or URL. Plus, you can toggle on Post a Preview to let the preview of your video appear on your profile and feed.

  • In the box below, you can search and add hashtags using AiGrow’s powerful AI engine. All you need to do is to enter a keyword to search and add trendy hashtags.

Note: If you can’t find some of the hashtags you need, you can write them in the box.

  • You can also choose the accounts you would like to share your IGTV video on, in the Scaleup Post box.
  • In the last bow, you can set a time in the future to let your IGTV be posted in the future, or you can publish it at the moment.
  • Once you are done with every detail, click Submit.

Note: There is no push notification since AiGrow publishes your post automatically in the set time without needing you to do anything.


  • Thanks to AiGrow’s user-friendly dashboard, using this feature is as easy as this.

AiGrow’s Scheduler pricing plans

AiGrow provides you with 3 pricing plans for the Scheduler feature, including: Scheduler Pro ($49), Post Plus ($39), Essentials ($19).

Watch this video to fully understand how AiGrow’s Scheduler feature works.

 All in all

There are times when you feel the need to upload your post from the desktop. Luckily, Instagram IGTV desktop feature gives you the possibility to do so. Actually, when you use the desktop to upload your video, you can upload longer videos in comparison to the time when you use your phone.

This article provides you with a full guide to uploading your IGTV from the desktop using the Instagram web or AiGrow.

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