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How to Cite YouTube Videos in AMA Format?

The American Medical Association (AMA) format, as guided in the AMA manual, is mostly used to cite sources used in medical research. Apart from written literature, experts in the medical field use videos to explain medical vocabularies and biological concepts. 

Experts in other fields of study also utilize video technology to explain their concepts. During research for college assignments, students may need to use information from the video to support their findings. Like any other source, they must cite the source in the correct format. This article will help students cite videos in AMA format. 

Cite the video creator

The first item to look for is the name of the person or entity that created the video. Not all YouTube videos are created by individuals. Some are created by organizations like hospitals, pharmacies, manufactures, developers, and NGOs. If the video was created by an organization, note down the name. 

YouTube videos created by individuals differ too. There are those created by one person, others by two, and others by a group of people who could be any number from 3 and above. 

If the video was created by an individual, note the first name and initialize the other names. For example, Sarah K. If the authors are many, list the first three as in this example followed by et. al. (Joseph A., Born S., Lucy R., et. al.). Note the source might not be original. People download and re-upload YouTube videos to create traffic. If you are not sure who the author is, note the source but do not indicate it as the author. 

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AMA citation generator

There are many citation styles used for various types of research. The main ones are APA, Chicago, MLA, AMA, and Turabian. It is the responsibility of every college student to study and understand how to cite in each style. Colleges have different requirements related to education and the student may not be able to clearly understand each format. The best solution is to go online and use this free online AMA citation generator by EduBirdie. The site also offers many other useful tools like a plagiarism checker and, of course, writing assistance from professional writers.

Video Title

In most cases, YouTube displays video titles to the top right side of the video. Some videos will have the title on the top screen. After you open the video, the title changes position and displays at the bottom of the video to the left side. 

It may also display in the introduction part of the video. The more complex method will be to get the video title from the URL, which might require some expertise. Write the full title of the video but do not italicize. 

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Cite the video URL

Copy the video URL. It’s very simple to find any video URL. Open the video online and check the address bar of your browser. Copy the URL and paste it on your document. You should not copy part of the URL. Instead, copy the whole link from https://www…. to the end. 

Note the publication date

The publication date of a YouTube video displays right below the title after you open the video. At the place where you find the number of views. What displays immediately is the month, date, and year of publication. 

In AMA format, you start with the publication month followed by the day and then the year. It can be something like this – February 25, 2021.

Date accessed

Access date means the date you retrieved the video to access the information to use in your assignment. To avoid forgetting the date, note it down immediately after you access the video. The format for the retrieval date should as follows: month, day, and year of retrieval. Remember to precede the date with the word Accessed.

Example: Accessed February 25, 2021. 

Write the whole format to cite AMA

After you have gathered all the information, cite the information in AMA format as follows: publisher – video title- URL – date published – date accessed. Here is an example of an AMA citation:

Eye Diseases. 3 Common Eye Conditions [Video]. 

YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MV-6b5PJIvQ&t=6s. Published June 10, 2019. Accessed March 11, 2021

Final Thoughts on How to Cite YouTube Videos in AMA Format

Different research work uses its unique citation format. Students should familiarize themselves with each format and avoid using the wrong citation format for their research work. It can be challenging to remember all formats but students have access to an online citation generator to help them cite correctly. 

However, the citation generator will not source for the dates, authors, and titles. The student will have to get the details and insert them in the citation generator to get the correct format. 

Author’s Bio:

Julius Sim is the Head of Support Team at Edubirdie, leading the CS and CX teams to produce the best results in terms of customer satisfaction. Her consistent efforts to reduce customer query resolution time has helped Edubirdie to achieve the top rank in the academic writing service field. In her free time, she loves to relax on the beach, play with her pets and read books. 

This post was last modified on March 17, 2021 3:09 pm