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Guest Posts

How Students Could Write For Social Media to Create the Best Posts

Success in social media requires you to have excellent writing skills. The algorithms in social media platforms keep on changing, making it harder for you to generate great posts for social media.

Some social media managers don’t have the necessary writing skills to create content. You can invest efforts, money, and time to post on social media and get desirable results as a student. You can create the best posts for social media in the following ways.

Be consistent

Developing a style guide to keep your social media content within the brand standards is a great way to create engaging posts. The style guide should include a mission statement detailing why your business exists and why you are on social media. Including the target audience in the style guide could enable you to meet your social media goals. 

The writing guide should include a description of the tone that you intend to use in your posts. The tone could be formal, informal, friendly, informative, funny, and so on. Don’t forget to define your brand voice on social media, whether serious, casual, or professional. More importantly, define the types of messages based on your preferred network. 

Observe clarity and conciseness

The social media audience is looking for simple information they can easily understand. Use short sentences with simple language. People like skimming on social media, and therefore, punchy posts are better. Lists, bullets, and headings can make your posts or content scannable. When writing a topic, try to be as succinct as possible. 

For the main content, you can limit yourself to about one or two sentences, where possible. If you struggle to make your posts short or write essays concerning social media posts, you can seek help from experts.

College paper help from experts

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Focus on sharable content

For you to create sharable content, you need to understand why people like to share content. People want to share content they find helpful, informative, entertaining, or worth attention. If you write posts on how people will benefit, they are more likely to share it.

When sharing posts, people often think of how sharing can reinforce their identity. Create personas or use surveys to understand your audience and try to figure out their way of identity. 

The social media posts must be sharable to encourage the audience to connect with others. People prefer to share posts that indicate that they are part of the big picture. They like posts that can trigger conversations so that they can converse with others. 

Avoid overly sales-driven content.

Organic social media content should not sound too promotional. The content should be created to entertain, inform, or connect with the audience. However, this does not mean that you cannot market yourself. 

The idea is to identify how you can sell to people by encouraging them to take action without sounding promotional. If you want to include a sales message, emphasize the benefits of what you want to sell. 

Be positive

When creating posts for social media, you want people to be inspired and be excited about your posts. This does not necessarily mean that you will always create happy posts. You may take a stand regarding something you consider important to your brand or share your opinion in some posts.

Taking a stand and criticizing others are two different things. Avoid engaging in social media bullying at all costs. Don’t criticize people or businesses publicly. Such criticism is unprofessional and risky as it can attract negative people to your social media page. Such people may hurt any credibility or trust you have built with your followers. 


Writing for social media to create the best posts requires patience and hard work. The starting point is to have a style guide that can help you ensure consistency in all your writing. Focus on clarity and conciseness of your content to encourage more people to read. Creating valuable and shareable content with a positive and “non-promotional” tone can positively impact your brand. 

Author’s Bio:

Robert Everett is a multi-talented writing professional who has climbed the success ladder in the corporate sector quickly. Some highly-regarded writers have mentored him in the industry, which helped him be the number one writer for academic services, digital agencies, and copywriting. He plans to set up an ad agency after leaving his freelancing work.


This post was last modified on September 6, 2021 10:38 pm