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AiGrow VS Gramto – How to Manage Your Instagram Professionally?

Today we want to put AiGrow VS Gramto and compare their features to have a good choice for our Instagram management.

Nowadays, people use various social networks to market their business online. Managing social networks is self-evident, and everyone should choose a specific strategy for their business.

Social networking is one of the key parts of any company’s content strategy. There are various social networks that anyone can use to promote their content according to their business approach.

Instagram is one of the newest social networks that play a big role in the development of businesses, especially startups.

Here’s a look at some Instagram management strategies and tips on how to better manage your Instagram page.

Our comparison consists of the following 4 items:

  • Setup
  • Connecting Instagram account
  • Features
  • Maintenance


Companies\Features Free Plan Avoiding Bot Behavior Organic Growth TrustPilot Review
AiGrow Excellent
Gramto Poor

AiGrow is the best Instagram web-based app you can find. So, if you don’t want these details, register now without paying anything. 



  1. The first step to registering for free on this platform is clicking here. You will then be taken to the homepage where you can follow the registration steps.

Click on the Get Started button or Start Free.

2. You can then complete the registration process and enter the dashboard page by entering your name and a valid email and password.

Here is your dashboard page where you can enter as many Instagram accounts as you want and this is where your account growth begins.



  1. To register for Gramto you must first log on to its website. Click here.
  2. After logging into the homepage of the website, click on “Sing up” or “Sing up for Free”

3. In the new window, select the information you have been asked for, including a valid email and name and password, the language you want, and the country where you live and click on the Get Started.

3. Your registration is complete and you can now easily start managing your accounts.

Connecting Instagram account


Once you’ve completed the signup process and logged into the dashboard page, you can import and manage your Instagram accounts.

The steps to add an account are very simple.

  1. Click on the add Instagram Account option

2. Enter your Instagram username on the page that opens.

3. Clicking on the next option and entering your city and country of residence on the new page will complete the steps for adding your account and you will be able to see the added account on your dashboard page.

Your account is now added and you can easily see it on the dashboard page.


Once you have registered, click on the Accounts option on the dashboard page, then select New Accounts on the new page.

Then enter your username and password on Instagram. Gramto will send you a six-digit code that will be added to your account by entering it



This program is capable of managing the instant and long-term management of thousands of Instagram accounts you have created with your commands.

Our platform is a state-of-the-art Instagram management tool that enables you to manage your page and attract followers and achieve your goal according to your needs.

This is the surest way to attract real followers, which works in the normal way.

Learn about our services …

Click on the Manage Account option to manage any of your accounts.

After clicking on the Manage Account option in the new page that opens, you will have 4 options including Growth, Scheduler, Bio link, and DMs.

We will briefly explain these options with a brief explanation.

 Growth: Here you can customize the settings you want to apply to your page. The first thing you do is to provide AiGrow with information for smart AI-generated targeting. This info consists of location, hashtag, influencer, and an arbitrary list of accounts suggesting to be your competitors.

By clicking the start growth button, AiGrow identifies your targets and then your account managers will do the rest. But, who are these account managers? AiGrow wants your Instagram growth to happen naturally to bring you real customers and money. To such purpose, there are real persons who dedicated themselves to manage your accounts.

Their main job is to bring you more followers and raise your engagement. Besides, they can design your content to be the best-looking posts on the market.

Scheduler: From here you can easily schedule your posts, prepare your posts in advance and set the date you want them to be automatically shared.

Bio link: AiGrow helps you have more than one link on your bio on Instagram. Although you’re not allowed to have more than one bio link, AiGrow uses this link to create a virtual profile for you to add URLs as many as you like.

DM to Email: From here you can set the DM directly to your email and you can also reply to the DM by email.

INBOX: Here you can reply to your directories such as your emails or set filters for them.

We talked about some of the settings above that you can manually adjust. Now we want to talk about more professional services.

Manage your Instagram page professionally:

One of the best features of AiGrow is that you have a dedicated admin page that will do all the tasks related to your page.

Here are some of the page manager tasks:

  • Share posts: Just as everything has its own rules, sharing posts on Instagram also follows certain rules that, if done correctly, will increase the number of your followers. An administrator is well aware of these rules and algorithms and will make your posts more visible by sharing posts during busy hours on Instagram.
  • Trying for follower growth: One of the major tasks of a page administrator is to collect followers in a variety of ways. These can include publishing interesting posts, advertising, or interacting with other pages.
  • Sharing story: A Page Administrator is required to share as many times as possible the story related to your Page.
  • answer to users on time: Another task of the admin is to timely respond to users and also to interact with them.
  • Page Performance Check: The Instagram admin should have a consistent plan and goal for page development and act on the plan and regularly review the performance of the page for the purpose it pursues and remove any shortcomings and obstacles.


Gramto is actually a platform that helps you set up and schedule all your Instagram page tasks automatically, saving you time and money.

Below I will list a few services in Gramto and give you a brief explanation of how they work.

  • Auto Follow: With this feature, you can follow people in a targeted manner, Or follow people accordingly gender, no Private Profile, Has Profile Picture, Ignore Unfollowed Profiles.
  • Auto DM to New Followers: This feature is so used you can set a message for people who are just following you to have the content that you specify like introduce your Products to them.

  • Automation Speed: You can specify the speed of follow and unfollow people and other things you apply to the settings.this will help you prevent your account from being blocked by Instagram.

  • Auto Unfollow Tool: You can choose to unfollow people who don’t follow you or to unfollow people you have followed.

  • Auto Comment: With this service, you can automatically comment on users who comment on you.

  • Auto Like: You can choose to like all the followers ‘posts that follow your competitors’ page.Or like hashtags or location that you want

You can easily help your page grow on Instagram by using this strategy.



Connecting with us is very easy. You can reach out to our coworkers in the online support section and tell them your problem to get a solution.

Or send us your problem with an email to send you the solution.

Or you can easily reach the solution in the FAQ section


You can get your answer by emailing your question to the Gramto Team.

Or access them online and tell your problem with the Gramto Team

We suggest that you first look for your answer in the FAQ section.



Prices are determined by the services you choose. You can also take advantage of the incredible discounts that we offer to our customers by reaching out to our customer service.

You can see our discounts On our pro packages:

Our prices are very reasonable. experience quality with us.

Update August 2020: You can use any AiGrow packs for 7 days by only paying 1$ to test its performance. This is in addition to a lifetime free plan in which you can have most of the scheduling features.


You can enjoy a free 3-day course that includes the following services.

  • Add 1 Account
  • Schedule/Instant Posting
  • Auto UnFollow
  • Auto DM (New Follower)
  • DM Manager
  • Auto Repost
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Image Editor
  • Spintax Enabled
  • 20MB Storage
  • Upload Size: 5MB

 Conclusion: Professional Instagram page management requires generating engaging and non-repetitive content such as unique photos and videos, writing catchy and thoughtful content, developing a regular sharing plan, and choosing the right hashtag for each post is a time consuming and costly task, and may involve hiring a number of specialist human resources. Continuity and discipline are two important and influential attributes in the growth and outcome of Instagram.

To make it easier for you, just click on one of the following that you liked to sign up and go through one of them.

AiGROW OR Gramto.






AiGrow is the best Instagram web-based app you can find. So, if you don’t want these details, register now without paying anything. 

This post was last modified on February 22, 2021 3:03 pm