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How to Get More Followers without Follow Back on Instagram

January 12, 2021 11:49 pm

Are you tired of following a long list of people on Instagram in the hope that they might do a follow back in return? Or maybe you tried various Instagram automatic bots, and they didn’t work. In any case, getting followers on Instagram by following others manually can turn into a nightmare. If you want to know how to get more followers without doing a follow back on Instagram, you are on the right page.

Why Are Instagram Followers Important?

As one of the most popular social media globally, Instagram has more than one billion monthly active users. That means one out of seven people in the world has an active Instagram account! That is a number that you can’t ignore. Thus, many businesses and individuals use Instagram as a mean of communication with their audience.

On the other hand, this popularity caused problems. For example, there are many fake accounts on Instagram, only created to promote other pages. Many Instagrammers started to use bots for gaining more fake likes, followers, and comments. To stop these artificial activities, Instagram tried to stop these fake accounts by introducing its ultra-smart algorithm.


With this brand new Instagram algorithm, the key to gain real followers is Instagram engagement. To engage more with your followers on Instagram, you have to make a strong bond with them. One of the most popular strategies is following followers to get a follow back. But there are always some Instagram followers who don’t follow back. Also, you can easily reach Instagram’s limitation per day without any progress.

Moreover, you might don’t like the idea of continually following the account. So, what should you do? If you are one of those Instagrammers, who wants to know how to get more followers without following back on Instagram, read the following carefully.

Four Ways to Get More Followers without Follow Back on Instagram

1- Manage UGC

Creating your content shouldn’t always be a burden on you. Sometimes you need to let your followers makes your posts. And, this is something you may call a User-Generated Content.

The main idea bout UGC is to provoke your audience to create content. You may ask “Why do they want to do it?”. You have to urge people to create a UGC, and an effective way is to present them something in return.

Take a look at @burtsbees post. They want their customers to share content for them with their favourite product. Then, they will feature them in return. You may think it’s not a win-win method, but it actually works. 

Many people love to be seen and show their active presence on every occasion. They can boast about their appearance with their friends and their community.

But, what’s the benefit of @burtsbees? By doing this, their followers start to share this provoking content to their friends. So, it’s increasing their reach and subsequently their followers and customers.

Another benefit is to bring more awareness to the brand. When followers react actively with a brand, they think of it as a real live institution that can be trusted.

2- Use Influencers (Works without Follow Back)

Another effective way to gain followers without following back is by working with an influencer. As you may know, influencers are Instagrammers who are popular on Instagram. They might be mega influencers like celebrities, or macro-influencers, or less known micro-influencer.


The fascinating thing about influencers is that their followers hold them in considerable respect. Influencers love their audience, and to them, followers are the most critical aspect of their business. Those who follow an influencer completely trust them.

So, you can guess what will happen if an influencer promotes your page. It would be like a dream; hundreds of real, new followers will join your page just because their favourite influencer has recommended you. The only downside to this approach is that influencers rarely work for free. However, you can find some micro-influencers that will work with you for reasonable prices. And don’t worry about their engagement level with the audience; studies show that they might be more effective than macro ones.

3- Run Contest

Another great way to attract tons of new free followers is running a like-photo contest. Everyone loves competition, especially when it is so simple. All you have to do is set a modest prize, for example, one of your own products if you are a business.


You can set this rule: to win the prize, all the participants should mention and invite to follow three of their friends to your page. Soon you will see a flood of new followers that you don’t have to follow back.

4- Make Your Profile Visible

The first thing that a user sees when they open your page is your bio and then your feed. You should make sure that you optimized your page in the best way. Explain your goal of having this page in a beautiful, creative, and clear way.

Use graphic designer apps that can help you to build a unique feed. One of the best of these apps is Canva. You can easily design any social media posts that you want. For more information, read 7 Proven Ways to Get Clients for Your Instagram Account that can help you get clients without a sweat.

Conclusion on Getting More Followers without Follow Back on Instagram

In conclusion, if you want to gain more followers without doing a follow back, there are several ways to approach it, such as:

  • Managing UGC
  • Using Influencers
  • Running Contests
  • Making Your Profile Visible

You should make sure that you use the best and most effective way.

Have you ever used any other tactic/strategy? please let us know in the comment section


This post was last modified on January 12, 2021 11:49 pm