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Followers & Unfollowers App not Working anymore? Use These Alternatives Instead

Has your Followers and Unfollowers app stopped working too? This is now a widespread problem among users of Instagram follower and unfollower tracker apps. 

Are you facing the same problem? 

Are you looking for a way to unfollow Instagram followers who don’t follow you with a follow unfollow Instagram app that actually works? 

Then, you’re in the right place.

In this article, we’re going to let you know what the follow unfollow method is and introduce the best follow unfollow Instagram app alternatives that actually work.

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What is the follow unfollow method on Instagram?

Most users consider the Instagram follow unfollow method one of the very first ways to gain new Instagram followers. Through the Instagram follow unfollow strategy, people follow lots of Instagram accounts, only looking for a follow in return. This follow unfollow strategy Instagram is also called Follow for Follow.

If they don’t receive a follow back in a certain amount of time, they’ll press the Instagram unfollow button. Bear in mind that most of the time, even if you follow them back, they still unfollow you.

Which Instagram follower apps you should avoid?

Numerous Instagram follower programs promise to increase your following quickly, simply, and sometimes even by a certain percentage. Unfortunately, the majority of these apps are not as impressive as they appear; they can also have repercussions. At best, you may lose fake Instagram followers; at worst, you may face security difficulties, which no one likes to deal with.

Here is some advice to help you recognize the Instagram follower apps that you should avoid in order to keep your Instagram account safe.

  • Instagram follow apps using automation

Suppose the follower check is accumulated gradually from follow for follow techniques, and there is no significant commitment on your posts. In that case, only the number of followers you’ve gathered may do nothing with your account reputation.

  • Instagram follow apps that allow you to buy Instagram followers are known as “Instagram Followers” apps.

Buying Instagram followers will do nothing to your Instagram account growth since these followers are bot or fake accounts, so they won’t engage with your posts.

  • Instagram follow apps that offer virtual coins to gain free followers

Virtual coins to get free Instagram followers are just something to deceive you. There are tons of similar apps out there and have named themselves Free Instagram Follower apps. Most of them just waste your time and energy and do nothing and only use the follow for follow method.

Followers and unfollowers app not working anymore? Here are the alternatives

If you’ve been trying several Instagram follow and unfollow apps and haven’t got the desired result, then you have to search and look for the one that works. That’s why we are going to share some alternatives below to help you mass unfollow Instagram safely and quickly.


It is a unique follow and unfollow Instagram app, which centers around Instagram growth and management. AiGrow provides you with all features you may need in the process of managing your Instagram account and the unfollow Instagram feature is only one of them.

With AiGrow, you don’t follow to unfollow; all you need to do is select your follow and unfollow cycle and leave the rest to our experts.

If you wonder how to unfollow Instagram with ease and safety, the answer is the best mass unfollow Instagram app, AiGrow. Our dedicated account managers are professional at following unfollowing Instagram techniques and know how to follow unfollow on Instagram without putting your account at the risk of being blocked.

How does AiGrow work to mass unfollow Instagram?

We are going to provide you with a full guide on how to unfollow everyone on Instagram via AiGrow. Let’s take a look to see how you can use this feature!

  • Sign up for free using your email address.
  • From the dashboard you have the possibility to add as many accounts as possible by simply clicking “Add Instagram Account.”
  • From the left dashboard, choose Instagram Growth > desired account > and then Growth Engine.

  • In the opened window, toggle on “Unfollows.”
  • Now, you can select your unfollow cycle. We recommend you choose 1500 for a safe experience.

  • Click “Start Growth” at the end.

Note: with AiGrow, you can schedule a live meeting with your account manager to review and analyze your target list. Talk about the activities you’d like our managers to perform on your behalf, and then sit back and have your activities done.

AiGrow’s mass unfollow Instagram pricing plans

There are 2 pricing packages for AiGrow’s mass unfollow. Here is how you can access the pricing plans.

  • Click the “Upgrade” button on the top of the dashboard.

  • Select “Unfollow Plans” from the drop-down menu.

  • Now you can see and buy one of the two mass unfollow packages.

Note: for Android users who would like to use AiGrow on their mobile, there is the opportunity to download its app from Play Store.

Here are some other features of AiGrow to help you manage and grow your IG account:

Crowd Fire

After being fed up with Followers & Unfollowers that does not actually work, if you’re looking to get into a new phase of interaction with your audience, just download Crowd Fire.

Usually, it goes down like this: the user posts some videos, photos, or stories and waits to see how the audience will react. If the user is a keen analyzer, he/she will soon know the audience’s taste and will post more optimized posts.

On the other hand, a simple user who only uses Crowd Fire gets all this done with more accuracy, without even doing much work! In other words, Crowd Fire finds and recommends posts or articles that will be interesting to your audience; of course, it is totally up to you to decide whether to use that recommendation or save it for some other time.

Crowd Fire also offers scheduling services, which help you design your posts and stories and then automatically publish them on more than one account. This said, I want to say that AiGrow offers the same service with more customized options for you (for example, you can filter out your target audience by location, hashtag, etc.)

After publishing a post or a story, Crowd Fire app lets you evaluate your performance (reach, impression, engagement, conversion, etc.) and also helps you track the mentions of your account.

Last but not least, Crowd Fire is compatible with Android, iOS, and macOS.


The next application I’m going to introduce as an alternative to the Followers & Unfollowers app is InsPlus, dedicated to focusing on following and unfollowing on Instagram.

One of the tricky features of the InsPlus app is that it lets you secretly watch other users’ Instagram Stories without them noticing you. This option is available directly from the app itself.

Using this app, you can easily find out users that are not following you, your mutual contacts, the users you don’t follow, all missed follow requests, access the bulk follow/unfollow, and many other features.

Followers & Likes Tracker for Instagram

Let’s get this straight; we’re looking for a working alternative instead of a Followers & Unfollowers app, not an application that sells you followers.

The app I’m introducing in this part is a professional Instagram follower tracker tool; put more simply, it gives you data about your own account as well as other users’ accounts and makes it possible for you to make comparisons and behave according to the expectations of the users (to get them more engaged with you).

Now let’s take a quick look at what features this app has and how you can use them instead of the Followers & Unfollowers app.

This app lets you know who has unfollowed you, which user blocked you, or even closed his/her account. Moreover, using this app, you can see other people’s stories without even having your name on the “watched” list (the user will not notice).

Let’s imagine you have a follower or following account that is somehow your rival, and now you want to see if you’re matching or not. Using this app instead of Followers & Unfollowers, you can compare likes, comments, and hours. Getting your hands on such valuable data can help you make better plans for future posts.

Why not More of These Apps Instead of Followers & Unfollowers?

You only need to search a few keywords in Google or any other platforms to see a very long list of similar apps that can be used instead of Followers & Unfollowers to bulk unfollow on Instagram.

The point is that you can’t trust each and every one of these apps; that’s why we decided to be a bit picky with our list and name those apps that actually work and are safe for users.

If you know any other working apps that are also safe to mass follow and unfollow on Instagram, please leave us a comment, and we’ll add that app to our list.

The last word

Don’t follow and unfollow anymore! Using the right Instagram third-party app allows you to gain more and more followers without lifting a finger!

This post was last modified on October 25, 2021 1:57 pm