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everliker – Does it work? Reviews+alternatives

NOTE: if you don’t feel like reading the whole article and all you are looking for is the best everliker alternative, AiGrow is all you need.

It offers an all in one package of all the tools you need to grow or manage your Instagram account.

AiGrow is also offering a free package to make sure you are confident about the service you are purchasing.

Everliker is a google chrome extension that promises your Instagram account to get more engagement, which leads to more growth.

Just like any other chrome extension you can easily install them on your google chrome browser, set its settings the way you want it to proform and the rest will be taken care of

What it essentially does is to go through your Hashtags, feed, location, etc, and like other people’s content.

Is it useful? It surely is. This process leads other individuals to notice you a lot more and come to check out your profile.

If you are producing good content, these kinds of tools can bring you hundreds or maybe even thousands of new followers.

Everliker is free to download and use but you have to pay an extra $5 to go pro, and as you can guess most of the good stuff come with the pro version.

The pro version offers:

  • Average of 350 likes per day
  • Likes are not random and are based on location and hashtags
  • You can filter posts by keywords, users and dates

Are they safe to use?

In the case of automation robots, you can never confidently say they are safe.

Since 2019 Instagram has made big changes to shut down automation tools and stop spamming.


To be honest they are aware of this fact and are putting a lot of effort to change their algorithm frequently so that Instagram won’t catch them.

Additionally, You don’t need to login to your account which is a great thing, you just install the extension and it starts working on the Instagram account that is already logged in on your google chrome browser.

So we can say it’s safe for now, but there is no guarantee that things will stay the same tomorrow.



  • It has a free version
  • You don’t need to give them your Instagram username and password
  • It also likes your home feed
  • It’s cheap


  • It doesn’t do anything rather than liking
  • You cant use it on your phone
  • Only works when your computer is turned on and connected to the internet
  • It is not designed for the management or marketing goals
  • You probably get irrelevant followers by using the free version
  • You should stop it if you want to manually use or work with your Instagram account

However, we need to tell you that their service was really popular in the past, but they don’t seem to be that good these days.

What are the best alternatives?

There are plenty of Instagram growth services available on the internet, based on your budget and your needs you can use any of them.

Here we go through two of the best services you can use to grow on Instagram.


If you are looking for a full package of all the useful Instagram services, AiGrow is made for you.

By using AiGrow you can confidently say that you are using the best alternative for everliker or any other Instagram growth service.

It uses an AI (artificial intelligence) which has helped it stand out among other services.

AI serves you well because it can easily understand and adapt to Instagram changes, powers you the best possible hashtags and even help you get more niche-specific followers.

Here we go through some of their features.

AiGrow Services

  • Niche-specific followers
  • Post Management tools
  • Post & reward activities
  • Multiple links in bio
  • Content creation
  • Personalizing DMs
  • Your personal account manager

And many more…

AiGrow is also offering a free package so you can test the platform and your dashboard.

Why should I start using AiGrow

  • Secure website
  • An all in one package of all the services you may need
  • Offers a free package as well
  • Its using AI that makes it more effective and safe
  • Real followers/organic growth
  • 24/7 Support

you can sign up on AiGrow by clicking here, remember, it’s totally free.



Instazood is another possible alternative for everliker.

It is also an Instagram automation service that helps you grow your account and create more engagement.

It helps you by automatically liking, following, commenting, sending DMs, etc

The good thing about instazood is that it offers different services like scheduling posts, auto direct massaging, manual promotion, etc which can be purchase individually as well.

Another great thing about instazood is that they are offering a free 3 day trial on their services.

Instazood pros

  • It offers services for twitter and TikTok as well
  • Packages can be bought separately according to your needs
  • It has been a while since it was launched

Instazood cons

  • It is just a bot and it offers no account managers
  • Trying to get all packages adds up quick and suddenly becomes so expensive
  • They don’t have good support for customers

You can also find more information to compare AiGrow and Instazood by clicking here.



Instagram automation tools have become famous these days and everliker is among them.

Everliker is and googles chrome extensions that like other individual’s contents to get you more engagement.

It used to be a great service in the past but nowadays there are plenty of better services available for you.

AiGrow can be mentioned as the best alternative for everliker, as it is using AI to give you the best results and top safety.

You can also find more information on the only Instagram growth agency your will need in 2020 by clicking here.

It is a full package of means needed to grow on Instagram, and it is also offering you a free package to make sure you feel confident while purchasing their services.

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