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Our Engagement Pods Have Been Updated: How to Use

Our engagement pods have been updated for the better! Thing’s work a little bit different now but you’ll still experience amazing engagement. Additonally, we’ve added many new beneficial features for you guys including, a rewards system and a new post scheduler.

Engagement Pods Packages & Tiers

Firstly, there are 3 engagement pod packages.

1. Starter

2. Pro

3. Advanced

If you want the best engagement, Join our Advanced Pod Engagement Group Package.

Secondly, there are 4 tiers of engagement pods.

1. Starter (0-100 users) 

2. Rising (101-500 users) 

3. Turbo (501-1000 users) 

4. SuperTurbo (Over 1000 users).

Depending on your engagement pod package, users can join 3 Starter engagement pods and will have to pay to join any 4th engagement group.

Upgrade for access to more pods and features.

How to Setup and Use New Engagement Pods

Firstly, you all can join engagement pods the same way you’ve been doing before via AiGrow’s app via the “PODS” tab.

Second, join any engagement group by clicking the join group button as seen below. As soon as you hit that button, a popup will appear instructing you with further important instructions.

The popup that will appear is the one below!

This popup will instruct you to join our AiGrow ChatBot on Telegram. Telegram can be downloaded via Google Play and Apple’s App Store.

Once you’ve joined the engagement group(s) of your choice and AiGrow’s Telegram chatbot, all you have to do is schedule your posts via our smart scheduler and your published post will be immediately added to the firing line for manual engagement from all users of the engagement pods you’ve joined.

NOTE: Since you are a member of this pod, it is important that when users require engagement from you, you engage with at least 5 members per week so you aren’t removed from the group. We don’t want leechers within these pods.

Refer to the video below on how to comment and post for other pod members!

Updated Scheduler!

Use our upgraded post scheduler including stories, reposting and auto-response. This is the only way we get your posts engagements. We have launched a dedicated Instagram scheduler app which you can log into via your existing email and password

Engagement Pods Reward Points!

Here at AiGrow, we’ve taken the liberty to develop a system that rewards you each time you engage within the first 3 hours a post has been published.

Exchange your engagement group loyalty and hard work for currency! Each engagement (like or comment) is worth 1 reward point and every 10,000 points accumulated earns you $5 towards any service of your choice

This post was last modified on February 21, 2021 6:40 pm