8 Instagram Pods for Photographers in 2020

READ FIRST: as amazing as Instagram pods are, finding the right one for your instagram page, going through the process to actually join pods, and maintaing your presence in multiple pods on a daily basis can all get a little tiring. This is especially true if your pods are full of leechers. Leechers are people who receiving engagement from all other pod members but who don’t return the favor and engage back. If you’re going to put in the effort to Like and comment on everyone else’s posts, you want to ensure that you’re getting the best ROI possible.

To help solve the issues above and make your life a whole lot easier, we created automated Instagram pods. With these automated pods, you no longer have to worry about long application processes or pods full of leechers. Join or create the perfect Instagram pod from one easy-to-use dashboard, upload and schedule your Instagram post from your desktop using AiGrow Scheduler, and sit back and watch as all members of your pods begin automatically Liking and commenting on your posts.

Try AiGrow’s automated Instagram pods now for free and choose from over 200 active Instagram pods in photography, fitness, artists, travel, pets, and many more industries, or create your very own Instagram pod.

Instagram pods are quickly emerging as one of the go-to keys to a building a successful Instagram page.

The biggest issue people face when thinking about using Instagram engagement pods, however, is finding one that best suits their specific Instagram needs.

Today, we’re helping out photographers on Instagram.

We scoured the web and compiled a list of 8 active Instagram pods for photographers:

IGGainz ••• PHOTOGRAPHY ONLY Dx10 Comments & Likes Group (240+ MEMEBERS)

Instagram Engagement • Beauty • Fashion • Photography •


Instagram photography pod


Photographer Engagement POD – INSTAGRAM GROWTH 10k+


Instagram Travel and Photography Group


Instagram Photography Pod


Photography/Art Instagram Boost/Pod Group


Photography Boost Pod


Alternatively, you can reach out photography channels on Instagram yourself and ask whether or not they use/know of any relevant Instagram pods for photographers. You can even start your own pod and reach out to people to invite them them.

When reaching out, improve your chances of getting a response by targeting similarly-sized and similarly-themed photography channels. One very easy way to do this is with an automation tool like AiGrow, which you can use to target and connect (DMs, comments, likes, follows, etc.) with other Instagram photographers based on hashtag-use, location, and competitor connection.

For example, if you are a travel photographer with 10,000 Instagram followers, you would want to reach out to other travel photographers on Instagram with around 10,000 followers. You could do with AiGrow by targeting people using the hashtag #travelphotography and people who are already following a travel photography channel on Instagram.

The 8 Instagram pods for photographers above are a great start.

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Annika is the chief editor for AiGrow. She has been working in the Marketing industry for more than 10 years and is the perfect Instagram Management Service advisor for you!

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