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Ektora Review; Secret Revealled! +An Alternative

December 31, 2021 9:55 am

Ektora is an Instagram growth service that has been working in Instagram marketing for a while.

It acts like an Instagram bot, providing its clients with more followers using hashtags, locations, and usernames.

Let’s have a full Ektora review today. I will explain all its features, the pros and cons of using it, its clients’ reviews, and ultimately the best alternative to it.

Let’s get started!

How Does Ektora Work?

Ektora is an Instagram growth agency that promises to gain active followers without using bots, spammy behavior, or fake followers.

Ektora is using human-made intelligence. So, unlike AiGrow (our Instagram growth solution), it’s not using Instagram account managers to bring you organic growth. So there might always be a chance of violating Instagram rules.

To get started with Ektora:

  • Add your profile: after logging in to your Instagram profile and selecting your country, you need to provide them with your password to connect your Instagram page.
  • Define your audience: add your niche hashtags, location, gender, and competitors.
  • Track your result: they will grow your Instagram page with liking profiles and story views.

Getting started with them only takes two minutes, then you can tap on Ektora login tab on the right top corner to enter your dashboard.

Note: They claim there is a money-back guarantee to their service. However, it’s not clear how difficult it’ll be to get your money back! 

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Note: Ektora was working as ektor.io till the end of 2020. Starting 2021, they rebranded their agency and started working as Ektora with some slight differences!

Features of Ektora

Hashtag Targeting

Ektora claims that they follow Instagram accounts based on the niche hashtags you chose in your Ektora dashboard.

But according to some negative reviews I found, this feature isn’t working well. Ektora isn’t that precise at separating different hashtags, so they might end up following people by random hashtags.  

Username Targeting

Honestly, this one isn’t that bad if done right. Ektora can follow your competitors’ followers and bring you followers interested in your niche.

The problem is there might be a lot of fake accounts among your competitors’ followers, and you end up attracting a lot of bots to your account!

Mass Story Viewing

Ektora views many stories to make them notice your page, though this method only works if those people are interested in your niche.


The idea of leaving comments on posts found by specific hashtags is appealing, but in reality, it can’t be done right easily. You need to set up comments in your Ektora dashboard in advance, and there is a  high chance that they leave the comments on irrelevant posts.

To give you a better insight into what Ektora offers you, I compared its features to our Instagram growth agency AiGrow:  




Hashtag targeting
Story viewer
Follow and unfollow action
Content design template (feed/stories)
Auto like and comment
Real-time analytics
Schedule feed plans
Account manager
price 99$, 109$, 129$, 199$ 99$
Active blog

Note: With Aigrow growth service, you don’t need an auto like and comment system to seem like a bot! An account manager does all growth activities manually for your Instagram account.

Give AiGrow growth service a try now.

Is Ektora Legit?

To answer this question first, you need to ask yourself what you are looking for, a real and engaged community or just bringing up the numbers of your followers. 

Because unlike what Ektora claims, it doesn’t provide you with organic Instagram growth.

Besides, you can not know how Ektora works. I mean being aware of their strategies to grow your Instagram page.

That is why I got the sense that Ektora is not a very transparent service, which raised some red flags.

Luckily some services do, and I’ll introduce you to one of the best ones in the upcoming section.  

Now to give you a better idea of why I don’t believe that Ektora is a legit and safe service and they are offering you a bot, let’s get into the details of Ektora reviews on different platforms.  

Ektora Reviews

Honestly, I did find some positive reviews on Trustpilot, but I also found many negative ones, more than expected! Bad reviews that haven’t been responded to in almost a year!

Here are some of the good and bad Ektora reviews on Trustpilot:

“I won’t use bots again”

“Too good👌👌👌”

“Fraudulent Behaviour!”

“The product didn’t work and I didn’t get my money back”

 And here is an Ektora Reddit review:

in this Ektora review, the user says that it was just a scam!

Ektora review; Pros and Cons


  • Secure Site: Ektora has secured its website with HTTPS just means that its clients can share information online without getting stolen by hackers. Another benefit is that finding Ektora would be easier because they will rank higher on google.
  • Visible Pricing: you can see Ektora’s pricing plan on their website if you scroll down a bit.


  • Low-quality service: Ektora premium package is $99 a month, with a 14-day money-back guarantee, plus a100% organic growth.

You might think it’s amazing, but it’s not! Firstly, I don’t think they are offering organic growth to its clients, and secondly, I don’t think that is a good price for a premium package. It is average and reflects low-quality services.

  • No free trial: to check out if the service is working or not and how the quality is
  • Bad customer service: there have been many complaints about the poor customer service of Ektora.

  • Not giving enough Info: There is some information on their website about how Ektora works, but I don’t think it’s enough for you to decide on their services. It seems like they aren’t that honest and upfront with their customers.

 Use the safe and secure Instagram growth service of AiGrow.

Pricing Of Ektora

Ektora offers all its services in only a premium package with 99$ per month.

AiGrow The Best Alternative for Ektora

After all that being said, especially in the Ektora review section, you must be looking for the best Ektora alternative. AiGrow Growth service is one of the best alternatives to Ektora.

It offers its clients high-quality organic growth ( all growth activities in AiGrow are being done manually by Instagram account managers). So no need to be worried about using bots and exceeding Instagram limits.

I compared Ektora features to Aigrow’s at the begging of this post, now let’s go on Aigrow VIP growth service in detail and the pricing:

Give AiGrow growth plans a try now.

You can also try some of the AiGrow features for free after signing up:

AiGrow free plan

Try AiGrow growth service now.


Did this Ektora review give you enough information about this growth service? hopefully, it did.

As I said earlier, it rebranded as Ektora.com as recently as 2021. I found it’s not a trustworthy Instagram growth service based on all the evidence, and I don’t recommend using it. 

I suggested you use an organic Instagram growth tool, AiGRow’s growth service, that is helping many Instagrammers successfully.  

Sign up for Aigrow’s growth plan and see real results.

This post was last modified on December 31, 2021 9:55 am