8 Best apps to get more likes on Instagram in 2021

Best apps to get more likes on Instagram

Some metrics are very important to judge the quality of an Instagram account. The number of your Instagram followers is undeniably a big indicator of success. But bear in mind that Instagram engagement such as the number of likes is as important as the number of followers. That’s why we are going to introduce you to some apps to get more likes on Instagram.

As we all know, increasing your interaction and engagement is not as easy as it may seem. It is a kind of tedious and time-consuming process that’s why some IG users prefer a workaround. They use unauthorized apps, bots, or fake accounts to get likes and boost their engagement rate as soon as possible. But note that Instagram has strict algorithms and limitations; once it detects you’re cheating, you’ll definitely end up having your account shadow-banned.

In this article, we will introduce you to some of the best apps to get more likes on Instagram quickly and effectively. So if you are looking for ways to increase the number of likes and ultimately the number of your followers, read on!

Can you get free Instagram likes?

Without further ado, here’s the answer, YES! You can get free Instagram likes using free Instagram likes trial services or even free versions of such apps. It should be noted that some of these apps have no free version; all you can do is to use the free trial and then decide whether you want to purchase packages to keep using the app or not.

So if you are looking for free Instagram likes, you can easily use apps that offer users free and paid versions and use their free version for completely free Instagram likes.

Best apps to get more likes on Instagram

Whatever your reason is, you may need an app to help you to get more likes on Instagram. In this guide, we will give you the opportunity to learn about 5 apps that actually work to help you increase the number of your likes on Instagram.

1- Apps to get more likes on Instagram# AiGrow

AiGrow's Homepage

AiGrow is one of the most popular and trusted Instagram management and growth apps out there. Also, this app provides users with some other tools for scheduling posts, growing followers, bulk deleting posts, automating DMs, etc. Let’s focus on how you can get likes with AiGrow.

AiGrow’s growth service helps you increase the number of your likes, targeted followers, and your engagement rate organically. What makes the platform stand out is its AI-powered system in addition to a group of expert dedicated account managers assigned to grow your followers manually.

AiGrow doesn’t mess around with bots or fake accounts to increase your engagement rate, instead, as soon as you connect your Instagram account to its dashboard, a group of professional human resources (dedicated account managers) is assigned to do everything on your behalf to get your objective without putting your account at the risk of being blocked or shadowbanned.

Take me to AiGrow!

Let’s watch the video to figure out how it works!

2- Apps to get more likes on Instagram# Growthoid

Growthoid's Homepage

Growthoid is an Instagram marketing agency that helps you boost your Instagram likes and followers using organic methods. This app uses targeting to bring you followers who are truly in love with your niche, and then these followers bring you more likes and engagement for sure.

It is worth mentioning that Growthoid uses managers to work on your account and increase the number of likes manually, so it is safe to use.

3- Apps to get more likes on Instagram# More Likes

apps to get more likes on Instagram-More Like

More Likes offers auto likes for all your Instagram content that you post. With such an effective auto-like service, you can choose how many posts you’d like to share, and as soon as you post them, you’ll start getting likes.

More Likes says that they deliver real and authentic likes from their networks of users who are part of their like program. Moreover, you can choose the number of likes that you expect this app to deliver. You can also control the speed of getting these likes.

In order not to be detected by Instagram, More Like provides a dynamic likes scheme, which means they don’t send the exact number of likes to every single post you upload. For looking more natural, they usually send 5-10% more.

4- Apps to get more likes on Instagram# Stormlikes

apps to get more likes on Instagram-stormlikes

Due to the fact that Stormlikes works with the group of its users to help them exchange engagement with each other, you’ll never need to worry about spam or fake accounts and violating Instagram rules.

They’ll provide you with followers at low prices. As you know, when the number of your likes increases, you are more likely to boost your exposure and have more followers.

5- Apps to get more likes on Instagram# Growthsilo

apps to get more liikes on Instagram-Growthsilo

This app takes advantage of advanced targeting and engagement service to help you meet your needs. This app helps you target the right audience and turn them into loyal followers. 

Getting the right users’ attention and not just adding random followers is of prime importance since only the right followers can bring more engagement and likes to your account.

This service does everything by hand without using bots, so you don’t need to worry about spam, block, etc.

Instagram like app for Android

There are times when you don’t have access to your computer or for whatever the reason is you want to work with your mobile. In this case, you definitely need apps to get more likes on Instagram, which can be installed on your Android device.

Here are three apps to get more likes on Instagram for Android users:

1- AiGrow

Instagram like app for Android-AiGrow

AiGrow’s growth service is also available on mobile and is one of the best apps out there. This app increases the number of likes, followers, and your engagement rate, etc., by targeting users via hashtags, geotags, etc.

As we said earlier, this platform uses tried and tested ways of increasing the number of your likes and growing your account that are all legitimate. 

This app doesn’t use any bots or spammy actions. On the contrary, AiGrow’s dedicated account managers get you more likes through organic methods without exceeding Instagram limits and violating its rules.

 All you need to do to get Instagram likes is to download the app from Play Store, and then sign up on AiGrow’s application for free. The rest is super easy, thanks to AiGrow’s friendly-user dashboard.

2- Turbo Like for Instagram

Instagram like app for Android-Turbo

Turbo Like for Instagram brings more likes to your account. Do you want to know how it works? Well, this is a kind of like for like platform, which means for getting more likes, you need to like other Instagrammer’s posts.

By liking other users’ posts, you earn coins, and then you can get followers and likes for your posts with the coins.

Keep in mind that it is possible to get shadowbanned by Instagram if you get beyond the Instagram likes limit.

3- GetInsta 

Apps to get more likes on Instagram-GetInsta

GetInsta is relatively a new app, but it is gaining popularity as time goes on. This app allows you to get Instagram followers and likes by gathering real Instagram users in one place to like and follow each other.

It’s an Instagram coin app. In order to be able to use this app, you need to follow others, like their posts, etc. then, by doing so, you can earn coins. You can use these coins to gain unlimited free Instagram likes.

How to get more likes on Instagram without apps

Most Instagram users prefer to use third-party apps to grow accounts and gain more Instagram likes. Frankly speaking, growing your account on your own is a kind of hard work because it takes a lot of time, effort, patience, experience, etc.

But if you are one of those who prefer to grow your account and number of your likes by yourself, then have  a look at the tips below:

  • Post high-quality content with an engaging caption
  • Run Instagram giveaways and contests
  • Post consistently
  • Choose a specific theme
  • Pick a niche and stick to it
  • Don’t post too often

The last word

All in all, picking a third-party app to help you while growing your Instagram account needs a lot of attention. Because not all these Instagram liker apps work; some may violate Instagram rules and put your account at the risk of being suspended. So, you’d better search and then pick the best. In this article, we introduced you to some apps to get more Instagram likes both on desktop and Android devices. Make use of them in order to facilitate the process of increasing the number of your likes, and ultimately your followers.

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