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How to Add Text to Images to Gain More Traffic?

Running an ad campaign without properly edited and detailed visual content can make you lose followers and ad money in the current tech era. This is because web traffic mostly depends on visual content and quality for judging brands and procuring their services. No one would read any promotional content unless something to provide in an image format. When you use tools to design images and use them in your content, it becomes easier for readers to digest and read through when some descriptive images are added to it.

To create images solely responsible for bringing in traffic from different channels and gaining massive traffic, they need to be descriptive. Your pictures can be better understood if they have written information, even the title in them. The following are some understandable rules to edit your images with written content in them.

Provide Space

After finding out the text you want to include in the image, you need to make sure that it is decently applied to the picture for ease to read. For this task, you must place your text in a manner that would be easy to read, and the readers concentrate on the main point and keywords in the text.

Depending on how your image is created, ensure to add words above and below if they don’t easily fit in a line. If you have made such a mistake in your previous images, this could be a significant reason why traffic isn’t clicking on it. However, you can quickly edit the photos on your text using Soda PDF jpg to pdf service.

Use Clear and Unique Fonts

The font should be clear enough and enticing to make your image and words clearly displayed for readers to scan through. It can be challenging to choose between several fonts available on the internet, so make sure to do your research and get the most popular fonts used. It’s essential to choose between fonts that people usually click on and not those of your personal taste. Using more than one font is beneficial for different sentences or highlighting a word.

Go Easy with the Color

Just as you need to be careful when choosing proper fonts to display your text, selecting the colors is another important matter. If the hue of the text matches the images, it can be a disaster, but using a totally different color would be wrong as well. For this reason, choose a color that stands in between and contrasts the image nicely. However, don’t dwell too much on it and go with whatever feels natural and anything extreme yet compelling.

Keep a Consistent Standard

After all this hard work to select the right font, colors, etc., for your image text, it’d be best to keep at it with all your other images. If the response on the first image turns out to be good, make it a consistent rule to use those few fonts and colors. This can also work positively for you if you want to create a brand image and maintain authority.

This post was last modified on September 13, 2021 12:27 am