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How to view a private Instagram account in 2021?

As you know, you can have a public or private profile on Instagram. Many users choose to keep their accounts private for security. So, only their followers are approved to view their posts and stories. But sometimes, you want to view a private Instagram account. In this article, we’ll show you how to do it as easy as pie.  

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Difference between private and public accounts.

There are differences between the privacy settings on Instagram private and public accounts. On an Instagram public account, people can see everything posted by others. A private page is a more personal approach. Here, only selected friends and chosen groups of followers can see the posts. On private pages, to become one’s followers, you need to send a request first and wait for their approval. But for following public accounts, you don’t need to send a request. 

Should I have public or private Instagram?

It depends on why you are using Instagram. If you are using it for personal uses, such as sharing photos and videos with friends, we recommend staying private. This way, you can protect your information, pictures, etc. But, if you are trying to grow your Instagram page and start a business, you need a public profile to reach more audiences.

How to change an Instagram private profile to the public?

To change a private profile to the public( or public to private) you can use either the application or a web browser. If you are using the application, follow these steps:

  • Go to your profile and tap Setting.
  • Select Privacy.

Here you can turn on or off the Private Account button.

How to view a private Instagram profile?

Here are the most common ways to view a private Instagram account:

1.Send a friend request

The best way to view someone’s posts is to send them a friend request and respect their privacy. After sending the request, wait for their approval or even you can send a DM to tell them why you are interested in their content. 

2.Search the username on Google

Doing a Google search is a traditional way to view a private Instagram account because it keeps a digital footprint of users. Search the username and you can see some information about your target. Also, you can see some of their posts from when their profile was public.

3.Create a fake Instagram id

If the above ways didn’t help you, you can create a fake account with a different email address and send a request. You need to make your profile look as real as it can be; Here are a few tips for that:

  • Upload a profile picture.
  • Write a good Instagram bio.
  • Gain few followers.
  • Share some posts and stories.

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4.Use Instagram Viewer Sites

There are many third-party apps and Instagram viewer sites that can help you view a private Instagram account. However, we don’t recommend using them because most of them are scams and not safe. 

Note: These apps are not officially related to Instagram but still, you need your Instagram login information for using them.

Here are some of the most famous sites:

  • Instaspy
  • PrivateInsta
  • InstaRipper


There are several ways that you can view a private Instagram account. We recommend you send them a request if you want to see their content and respect their privacy. But if it didn’t work out, you can try other ways discussed in the article. However, be careful about using third-party platforms and don’t share your information with them. 

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