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Using Instagram for Craft Businesses: Pro Tips to Rule the ‘Gram

Ask every business owner how to get more customers around and the most probable answer you’ll hear is “ads.” But what if you’re using Instagram for craft businesses and not a fully budgeted company?

In that case, we have the answer for you. If used correctly, Instagram can generate as much customers and profit for your craft business on Instagram as professional advertisements.

A Shortcut for Your Craft Business on Instagram: Becoming successful in using Instagram for craft business is not a button to push; it includes harmony and efficiency in many fields (like targeting your audience, focusing on the right hashtags, having schedule etc.); AiGrow, as a professional, offers packages that can give you all in one.

How to Use Instagram for Craft Businesses?

As I said earlier, big companies and businesses have one big advantage: budget; regardless of the efficiency of the campaigns and advertisements they might use and employees they might employ, it’s easier for them to carve a niche in a relatively short period of time.

Small and craft businesses, however, are not budgeted enough to go into such depths; so the Instagram craft business owners need to make the most of the tools they have.

So what other better tool than using Instagram for craft businesses? In this article, I have prepared a guide for you and also have tried to be as thorough as possible.

Aesthetics of Using Instagram for Craft Businesses

First and foremost, Instagram is about seeing, not reading or listening. So it’s only natural if you create absolutely valuable content without any aesthetics and get no results.

When you publish posts in Instagram for craft business you own, the first impression on your audience is made by how attractive and beautiful your photos and videos are.

So the thing you should ABSOLUTELY AVOID doing is taking a quick photo of your product and publish it instantly.

Instead, you should spend more time on the aesthetics of the photo or video, edit it with different filters and themes and also consider the general color outline of your Instagram page (obviously, you don’t want a page that is filled with many incongruous colors and shapes that is an eye sore).

Not a professional user of visual editing tools? Don’t worry; Most craft business owners who start Instagram marketing are just like you.

You hardly need to be a master graphic designer or photoshop expert to edit your photos and videos now; more and more user-friendly software types are available now that will make graphics an easy and, what’s more, pleasurable part of using Instagram for craft businesses.

Photo Editing Software for Beginners

From a technical point of view, there are many types of editing software that are used for different purposes (destructive, non-destructive, organizational etc.), but for a person who’s looking only for minimal edits, there are many beginner software.

Here’s a list of some beginner photo editing apps that can help you become more attractive in using Instagram for craft business of yours:

  1. Skylum Luminar 4
  2. Raw Therapee
  3. Darktable
  4. Photopea
  5. Corel Paintshop
  6. Corel Aftershot
  7. Gimp

Don’t Just Sell but Inspire!

It’s true that you’re using Instagram for craft business promotion and also for more sales, but don’t mistake your Instagram page for just a shop.

This attitude towards your page and followers will be known soon to all and will definitely drive every potential customer away. The trick to be a professional salesperson on Instagram is to be able to create and also promote a life style with prestigious or customized themes and touches.

If people wanted only to shop, they wouldn’t have used Instagram; instead, they could easily search the Google and go directly into an online shop.

All that said, the question is: How to inspire people to buy from you?

First of all, you should show them that you spend real time on your business and this is what you love; how can you show such emotions through Instagram only? Well, through publishing valuable posts.

Style isn’t just uploading stock or high quality photos with certain filters; it’s finding the fine line between different types of posts and trying to appeal to as many followers as you can by this variety.

Sometimes you need to post professional posts that are practical and some other times, you might choose to post more entertaining ones.

3 Types of Content to Be a Pro

Professional entrepreneurs that are using Instagram for craft businesses do not just publish ANY content they have; on the contrary, there’s a pattern behind the genius and success.

The genius lies and differentiating between three types of contents that makes your audience see how balanced and also informative you are:

1. Branded Content

In creating branded content for your craft business, you don’t directly promote any products or services. Instead, you share the behind-the-scenes or stories of your crafts.

In general, you might include the following in your branded content:

  • work in progress
  • surveys and questionnaires about your business or crafts
  • gifts and competitions
  • your workspace or workshop

2. Sales Content

This is where you start selling or promoting your products and services directly. One of the common mistakes most business owners make is that they fully focus on this type of content while missing out much on others.

You can use your sales content to show:

  • Catalogues of your products/services
  • Reposts or mentions from other accounts (business or personal)
  • Offers of promotions, discounts etc.

3. Personal Content

It’s proven fact that customers get closer to businesses which have a human touch. What do I mean?

Well, people don’t JUST want to do business and take off; they want to be assured that they are doing business with a human being that can listen and understand and compensate, if need be.

You can create this feeling by adding personal content to your craft business Instagram page. Let’s see what can be published as personal content:

  • Bits of your everyday life like trips, family, hobbies etc.
  • Inspirational quotes
  • Tips that are relevant to your craft business

In the picture below, I’ve summarized the three types of content mentioned above in just one picture; you can save it for offline use:

Hashtag for ‘Gram, Instagram for Craft Business!

Did you know that Instagram allows you to use up to 30 hashtags for every post you publish? The big question here is that should we use all 30? Or is there any way to optimize how we use hashtags on Instagram for craft business?

In fact, the answer doesn’t lie in the numbers of hashtags you use, but what hashtags you choose and what audience you target. Got a bit complicated? Let’s break it down.

Some users claim that if the ‘Gram has made available 30 hashtags, we should use each and every one. NOT TRUE!

Some others say we should use as few as possible to stay optimized. Again, NOT TRUE!

When it comes to using hashtags, there are two main questions you should answer before publishing: 1) are these hashtags related to my post and 2) who am I targeting by these hashtags.

Now that we’re discussing hashtags and how to use them in an optimized way, it’s worth mentioning that AiGrow let’s you monitor certain tags and hashtags to always stay on top of the game; it also lets you stay focused on a target. All you need to do is sign up in AiGrow for free.

Let Your Profile Speak!

When you enter some page on Instagram, the first things that capture your attention are the avatar (profile picture) and the bio. Actually, most people judge personal profile solely based on how well or bad written their bios are.

So the Instagram bio for craft businesses is your first chance to show who you really are and what you do, and don’t forget that you have only 150 characters of space to do all this!

There are a few ways to make the most of bio for Instagram for craft businesses. One great way is to start cross linking: if you have a website or you’re using other platforms, you can add links to your Instagram bio with AiGrow to connect all your accounts and get a lot of followers.

Making all this happen takes only four steps, but just take a look at the advantages you get:

Another practical way to look attractive in your bio for Instagram for craft business is to use related emojis and not use plain text only. This adds character and color to your page, something that is actually the first identity of Instagram in general.

You might think the bio part of an Instagram page is only partially important and it’s the content of the page itself that speaks, but I insist otherwise. Let’s look at two examples.

Here’s a profile that literally speaks for itself:

On the other hand, some profiles just push the followers/customers away. Here’s an example:

Have A Schedule and Stick to It

Imagine you’re following a cooking page on Instagram; you open up the app in the morning and see a post published by the page on your feed. A few hours passes by and you get a new post by the page. Some time later, one more and it goes on like this.

You get the idea now? Posting more on Instagram doesn’t mean you’re positively active; it just grows your audience tired.

There’s also another side to this coin; imagine you publish a post today and the next one you publish is a few weeks ahead. This way, too, your audience will take a distance and maybe even unfollow you.

The best way to keep the audience following you is to plan a schedule and stick to it. Yes, we know it’s hard to strictly follow a plan, but don’t worry. You’re not on your own!

AiGrow offers a package that not only schedules your posts but also rewards your users and sends them direct messages so that you gain followers even when you’re not using the app. Just get started with AiGrow and you’ll see the magic.

Instagram for Craft Businesses in a Nutshell

Instagram is a simple and most importantly, inexpensive, platform to use for craft businesses; however, you should be able to use all it has to offer (hashtags, tags, bio, optimized posts etc.) to get the best results.

In this ultimate guide, we talked about the ways in which we can use Instagram for craft businesses.

If you have any questions and any experiences that might be useful for other users, please leave us a comment and we’ll respond ASAP.

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