The Ultimate Guide to Starting an Online Boutique on Instagram in 2020

Each social network has its peculiarities and the queen of the photographs was not going to be less. Instagram marketing is essential to eCommerce business.

Especially when you consider that more than 200 million Instagram users actively engage with brands by visiting at least one business profile per day. Plus, Instagram is hell-bent on moving deeper into eCommerce.

Whether it’s the constant Instagram Shop updates or the rumors of a standalone shopping app, it’s clear that eCommerce stores must keep up or risk being left behind.

But what exactly is an Instagram Shop, how will it help you grow your business, and how can you set one up? So in this post, we explain what are its advantages and disadvantages and how you can use it to increase the sales of your online store.

What is an Instagram Shop?

An Instagram Shop lets you integrate your product catalog with your Instagram profile. In turn, this allows you to promote your products directly to Instagram users through posts, Stories, in the Explore tab, and in a special Shop tab on your profile.

You can also tag Instagram Shop products in your posts in the same way you would tag a friend. This adds a little shopping bag icon to your image.

Then, when users tap the photo, they can view the prices of the products featured and tap the product labels to view product pages. 

Instagram Shop product pages feature everything a user might want to know before purchasing an item, including The name of the product,  Product images, A product description, The price of the product,  A link to view the product on your website, and Related Products.

Now we tell you some tricks to squeeze the maximum potential of this social network:

Show your product in action

We all know how to take photos of our products, but as we explained in this post, it is not worth taking photos in any way. If you want your product to stand out over the rest of the competition, take photos while you’re using it. Do a test. Search Google images of backpacks. In addition to being more striking photos, we are attracted to see the article in a real context.

Use the hashtag

What is this for?

So that people can find your content easier (which will lead to greater followers and therefore future customers). Investigate which ones the competition uses. This way you will have more options to reach your target audience. Do not put more than 5 or 10 hashtags. It’s ridiculous to see 2 or 3 lines of comments and then a whole paragraph of labels. Put the ones that interest you most (for example, those of your brand) in your first message. The hashtags that you place in the 2nd will be hidden as soon as you leave a comment. You can also use tools that tell you which are the most popular hashtags in your subject.

Tell a story with your articles

This point is a variant of the previous one. In addition to showing photos in which you see the article “working”, you can make what surrounds you tell a story. For example, imagine that you are selling backpacks on Instagram. Let’s take the concrete case that you have a shop. In most shops, you will see the model with the garment on a white background. But, what if instead the model appeared on the mountain? If your buyer fits that age and values it a lot, that photo will impact you more because it shows an idyllic situation for him. With that kind of photo, you will establish an emotional bond with the person and you will have more options to retain it.

Make competitions and promotions

This is one of the best ways to give visibility to your brand on Instagram and improve the level of customer commitment. The steps to create a good contest or promotion are as follows:

  • Create a unique and simple hashtag that identifies your brand.
  • Make it clear what the prize is.
  • Explain the rules. For example, it is customary to ask your followers to upload photos of the product tagged with the hashtag that you have created.
  • Once you have a winner, make a publication congratulating him and mentioning his user.
  • The competitions everyone likes, take advantage of his pull to gain popularity.

Use photos of your products made by your followers

The Internet has changed the rules of the game in terms of selling. The information now flows smoothly over the network.  Seeing what has been the experience of other users, can transmit the necessary confidence or have you completely discard the purchase. That is why many eCommerce now uses a system of comments and scoring by stars. Encourage your customers to upload photos of your products with discounts or special promotions. Another good strategy is to incorporate these photos of your customers into the product cards themselves. Thus the feeling of “social proof” will be emphasized.

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Key Benefits to Setting Up an Instagram Shop

Reducing Friction and Making Shopping Easier

There’s a lot of noise online. With so many businesses competing for attention, it can be extremely difficult to get customers to leave what they’re doing on social media and visit your store. The solution? Don’t try to get them to come to you – take your store to them.

An Instagram Shop removes friction from the purchasing process by making it easier for shoppers to browse your catalog, check prices, or learn more about a particular product. Plus, once they’re ready to purchase, they can visit the product page on your website with just one tap.

Promoting Products Directly

Instagram has always been a fantastic place to connect with your target audience and deepen customer relations. To this day, you can’t add clickable links to Instagram post descriptions. This made it extremely difficult to promote individual products. For example, if you featured a product in a post, your call-to-action would have needed to point viewers to the link in your bio – which increases friction and massively hurts your conversion rate.

An Instagram Shop lets you seamlessly integrate all of your Instagram content with your store. This is awesome – especially when 65 percent of top-performing brand posts feature a product of some kind. Now, you can weave your product promotions into your posts and Stories and avoid the annoyance of nagging your followers to click the link in your bio.

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As you have seen, using Instagram to sell your products may be interesting despite the disadvantages of the platform. And that is not to say that it is a social network that is growing like foam and that allows you to approach users in a different way.

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