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SociNator: Why you shouldn’t be using + Reviews & Alternatives

As a marketer, you want to keep pace with digital marketing. So, you rush into every news you may face. As a consequence, you encounter a couple of social media tools claiming dominance of all social media. Since there are lots of social marketing tools, you may think they are the same to some extent. But, we are going to show otherwise. In detail, we want to go over a full review of SociNator (claiming to be a social dominator). And, compare it with some other tools such as AiGrow, SocialCaptain, and Ingramer. So, fasten your seatbelt, please.

SociNator First View

When you go to the SociNator website to know what you are up to, you’ll face a beautiful webpage. You’ll find almost anything you need from the top bar except FAQ, which is all down to the page. Among the top tabs, the features tab represents features around Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, and other supported platforms. 

An interesting part of this webpage is a guidance section called knowledgebase. In this section, you can find many articles about how to do things with the app. Oh, I said app. Yes, to do your marketing with SociNator, you’ll need to install an app that is on the website. The problem is that this app is just for Windows. So, unfortunately, Mac users cannot use it as all the people hoping to use this app on their mobile phones.

Is there a free trial mode on this app? The sad news is that there isn’t. As soon as you get to fill in the signup form, you’ll face compulsory payment info fields. So, you have to install an app on your must-be windows device and purchase it to get your hands on it. What is afterward? Features.

SociNator App Features

There are very similar features when we look for different platforms. So if we focus on Instagram, the others’ features won’t be a big deal to guess.

Activity Statistics

You can view your Instagram account(s) statistics and progress on your SociNator app. If people like your posts, comment under them, and even follow you, you’ll notice these lively on your dashboard. There is no need to take your mobile phone to check how many likes you get. Besides, some demographics and diagrams can be helpful for your future.

Automation Processes

If you check the features by yourself, you will see that most of the features are automation activities. It means that you order SociNatro to like, or to comment, or to follow, and the app starts to fulfill your orders. Well, it’s not really interesting because this is a robot activity. And, as you may know, bot activity is banned on every social media, especially on Instagram.

Well, how do they find out? They have special algorithms to distinguish a robot from a man based on many factors. The famous one of these factors is activity speed. For example, if you follow too many accounts during a short period, Instagram will ban your account or warn you. That’s why you can see buttons of taking delay for actions and activities.

All in all, they have almost everything automated. And you can do anything with this app as you do with Instagram in advance.

Post Scraping

Another feature of SociNator is something called Instagram auto-post scraper. This feature is going to play the role of scheduling or reposting. SociNator downloads Instagram posts by a query you should add. And then you can use them as your posts.

SociNator Packages and Pricing

The main and the most important thing about SociNator is that it doesn’t have a free package. In order to experience all of its features, you have to purchase a package of it. SociNator packages pricing begins with 9.95$ and ends with 69.95$ within a month. The only differences between packages are the numbers of the accounts that you can use.

AiGrow First Look

AiGrow is a powerful web-based Instagram marketing tool with many incredible features. It can be the first alternative of SociNator because of many factors which we’ll discuss. First of all, AiGrow is on the web, and you don’t need to install anything for any special OS device. 

When you go to AiGrow’s website, you can see a professional website with everything in their right places. You can easily have access to their FAQ, blog, features as Instagram solutions, and other formal info on the top. So, at first glance, it’s nice and welcoming.

The second amazing welcoming part is that you can sign up for free. You can see all of their features freely and test it if you like to get a personal experience. So, what are the features?

AiGrow Features


One of the joyful activities around Instagram is posting with AiGrow. AiGrow enables you to share your content as a feed or story in a scheduling manner. You don’t want to worry about how many times you should use your mobile phone to filling up your feed. Just on weekends, you can schedule all posts you want to share within a week.

Listening & Repost

If you get confused about what to share and you lack content, you can use reposting. You can download others’ or your own content and schedule it for another time. Well, it seems quite well for many areas of work to use these kinds of posting. For instance, if you work on restaurant Instagram marketing, you will surely know how reposting is useful.

Posts & Reward

Have you ever heard about giveaways? Well, it’s a secure strategy for Instagram marketing, and AiGrow dedicates a particular part to it. You can run contests with an easy-to-build scheduling sketch on AiGrow. You can set rules and do so much stuff on this part.

Social Calendar

Another part which we really like about is the AiGrow social calendar. You may ask, “what’s the use of it?”. If you are a marketer and you use a scheduler, you don’t want to miss an important occasion. That’s why this social calendar becomes so handy and practical.

All-in-one Bio Link

All people want to look good on Instagram, and your profile is your illustrated autobiography. You cannot do many things on Instagram itself. For example, you can’t add more than one URL to your bio. But, with AiGrow, you can add as many as links as you wish. There are numerous jobs you can do with the all-in-one bio-link feature of AiGrow. One is that you can attach your other social network accounts on your Instagram profile. Another is to build action buttons for your business account. To get all the advantages of the feature, watch this

Email DMs

AiGrow helps you find yourself better interactions with your followers without getting involved with Instagram. You can add your email address and get your DMs sent to your inbox and reply to them through your email. Then, there is no need to engage with your audience with your mobile phone in your hands.


The only payable AiGrow feature is its organic growth. It’s organic because it doesn’t use the automation process. There are actual account managers who are assigned to your accounts as soon as you purchase managed packages. They design your posts and work on your marketing and engagements. It’s a guaranteed and organic way of improving your followers’ growth on Instagram.

But, what do you do in this part? You can guide these account managers with some elements. You should provide them with your work category, favorite hashtags, locations, influencers, and some usernames. With the integrated AI to AiGrow, your real targets emerge based on your input. Then, simply, your targets will become your active followers.
To know how this works, watch the video below:

AiGrow Pricing

First of all, AiGrow has a free package to check all its features and abilities except the growth feature. Altogether, the pricing ranges over 7$ to 150$ monthly. Pro managed packages include dedicated account managers which are very pleasant suggestions with the brand making marketers.


SocialCaptain is one of the automation tools around the world. Some of its features are:

  • Tracking your followers and audience lively
  • Sending DMs to your new followers or your own list
  • Language targeting
  • Using a complex AI module to boost all actions
  • Automation actions on growth and scheduling

SocialCaptain free trial, unfortunately, doesn’t work right now. They may fix it later. For other usages, you can buy packages in which the costs range between 30$ to 99$ in a month.


Our last alternative for SociNator is Ingramer which is a very well-known Instagram bot. Ingramer is honest about being a bot. However, it claims it acts like a human, and the Instagram algorithm cannot find it. Some of the Ingramer features are:

  • Auto like, unlike, follow, and unfollow
  • Hashtags, locations, gender, and language targeting
  • Automated posting (scheduling)
  • Smart growth regarding with some base-type followers
  • Clear analytics and statistics
  • Personal manager supporting

Ingramer does not have a free plan. So, you have to purchase it to use its least efficiency. There aren’t familiar packages on Ingramer pricing though it has four modules to buy. You can buy each, or some, or all of them, and the pricing changes by it. You can see these four modules in the following picture. 

Time to Decision Making: Is SociNator Worth a Try?

Let’s gather our facts and make a result out of it. The SociNator features were less than all three mentioned alternatives. However, the pricing was not bad. AiGrow does have a real free plan and most of its features are free. SocialCaptain lacks many features that AiGrow has. Ingramer features are almost the same as AiGrow without organic outreach. But, the pricing is less than the most expensive packages of AiGrow. Besides, it doesn’t allow you to use its feature without any payment. So, what do you do? The obvious answer is that SociNator is not worth it at all. The competition rests among the alternatives. And, the safest tool to check whether it works or not is AiGrow. Good luck.

This post was last modified on February 22, 2021 12:23 pm