RocketGrow not working? The perfect Alternative for Rocketgrow



in this article, we are going to talk about  Rocketgrow and its alternatives.

lots of you asking have been asking questions in the comment section about Rocketgrow what actually happened to them?

if you don’t know what Rocketgrow it is, basically an Instagram automation software.we know lots of you were use it as well.

but recently their sign up page was taken down, so you can actually no longer become a client of Rocketgrow.

you can no longer use it. which was annoying to a lot of people because they try to sign up and you could not make it work.

it was not actually possible because of the landing page has basically been taken down.

But don’t worry, because today we are going to introduce a more complete and alternative version of this platform.

The best alternative platform for Rocketgrow


RocketGrow alternative

There are millions of users on Instagram and they are active on own page.

As you know, most users of this network are looking to increase their followers and this is usually due to the high advertising revenue.

If you are also an Instagram user and want to increase your followers.

You should know that using fake and unrealistic followers is not a good solution and is easily recognizable by the number of likes and views of your posts.

What is the AiGrow strategy to increase your followers?

AiGrow is a versatile robot to enhance your real and targeted followers for your Instagram Page.

You can attract active audiences according to your city, region, hashtag, and target page or a combination of them for your Instagram page.

AiGrow cleverly will promote your Instagram page.

AiGrow Features

  • Dedicated Account Manager :

RocketGrow alternative

 It’s a very professional feature, and you couldn’t find it in Rocketgrow either.

A professional manager who will handle all the tasks related to your account.

He has a duty to share your posts during the hours when Instagram has the most traffic and to use the most popular hashtags that are relevant to your post.

He is also responsible for responding to comments and messages sent to your directory in a timely manner.

Of course, the duties of an account manager will not end here, and depending on your job and the account you have on Instagram, their duties will also change.

But one of his main tasks is to increase the number of followers on your account.

  • AI Powered Hashtags, Competitions, Locations Research:

RocketGrow alternative

If you are a former Rocketgrow user, surly you remember these options .

AiGrow follows a similar strategy.

You can find the most popular hashtags using this popular platform, and you can even follow their followers by finding your competitors’ accounts.

Or by specifying a location you can determine what location your followers will be from.

  • Manual Growth Activities – Follows, Unfollows, Liking :

RocketGrow alternative

As you know, one of the strategies used to increase followers is to interact with others, but it will take a long time if you want to do it yourself.

You will also be faced with the restrictions that Instagram has set You will also face restrictions set by Instagram and if you do not follow them unknowingly your account will be blocked and at best your account will be turned into a spam account by Instagram.

But don’t worry you just have to enable these options and get to your chores, AiGrow will do this for you automatically and by following the rules of Instagram. this will be the safest way for you.

  • Follower Growth:

RocketGrow alternativeIn fact, the main reason every user is looking to sign up and use one of these smart tools is to increase the number of followers.

Increasing your followers on Instagram will increase your page efficiency and result in more sales.

By signing up for AiGrow your followers will be guaranteed to grow.

So sign up and enjoy these benefits and don’t worry about the number of followers because AiGrow will help you grow purposefully.

  • PODs:

As we mentioned earlier, AiGrow is a fuller version of Rocketgrow, and with the option of PODs it can easily help you reach your goals by the shortest time.

Now the question is what are PODs and what does it do?

In fact, PODs are groups that are automatically created by AiGrow and contain a set of people who interact with each other, for example when you share a post in those groups.

People visit it and if they like your content they will like it and will follow you.

By joining these groups you can easily open the door to followers and invite them to follow you.

  • Schedule Content:

You can use this option to create a targeted plan to share your future posts, for example, you can prepare a post about Christmas Day two months before and set a date you want that post to be shared.

Or you can repost a post just copy and paste the address of the post you want to repost again.

You can also use this smart tool to manage contest you run on Instagram.

  • Multiple Links in Bio:

Suppose you have multiple profiles on different social networks that you want to place their links on Instagram to get visitors and introduce your products.

 But you are limited by Instagram and you can only post one of your links in the biography.

But don’t worry because we have found the solution and with the help of AiGrow you can include all the links in the biography

  • Automated DMs:

One of the great features of AiGrow is the automatic sending of messages to users’ directories.

This tool will have a tremendous impact, especially in advertising.

You can send a thank you message to those who follow you and make a good impression on him.

You can set up several messages to introduce your services or products and send them to users.

Note that this feature is activated on similar sites with a separate charge on the robot, but at AiGrow you can easily use it with the free package of your robot at no extra cost.

  • DM to Email:

Open your email and view the messages you receive in your Instagram directory and reply to or delete them from there.

  • Safe & Secure:

AiGrow is a completely secure and intelligent platform to promote your personal or business account and increase followers.

We make sure nothing is fake and there will be no risk.We also provide all the functionality for up to 3 days of free testing for our customers.

RocketGrow alternativeAiGrow is for those who:

  1. They need followers to suit their taste or subject matter.
  2. They need for targeted advertising based on location and hashtags.
  3. They need to attract people who are on their location and interested in the topic of their page.
  4. They sell online and need advertising in this way.
  5. They like to have more followers.
  6. They don’t have enough time to manage their Instagram account and need an expert person to manage their Instagram account.

now try for a 3-day free trial of AiGrow and renew your panel if you are satisfied.

 summary: We’ve introduced Rocketgrow’s best alternative in this article. You can enjoy all the benefits you had before in Rocketgrow by registering for free at AiGrow, as well as trying out new options that didn’t exist before, for the first time. Have a great experience.


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