How to Resolve the Issue with our Scheduler if your Posts Gets removed by Instagram.

Removed Posts by Instagram? Resolve the Issue with the Direct Scheduling

If you have a problem with posting on Instagram and you face the following message “Post removed by Instagram”, proceed with the following steps.


NOTE: You have to use “Google Chrome” browser on a PC or laptop for this. If you don’t have this browser you can get it using this link in Google’s site.


First, log into your Instagram on a chrome web browser on a desktop, you can open it here.

Instagram Home Page

Simply enter your Instagram account’s credentials on Instagram’s website



Log into your account on our platform. Enter the credentials of your account here.


Once logged in, Delete the Instagram account which runs to this issue (‘Removed by Instagram”) from your dashboard.

delete account from aigrow

Step 3:


Go to this safe google chrome extension and add it to your browser. Click on “Add to Chrome” and wait till it is installed on your browser.

aigrow extension

Step 4:

Run the extension which is sitting on top right of your browser next to bookmark.

aigrow extension on toolbar

Step 5:

Click on Next. This will add your Instagram account to your dashboard automatically.

aigrow extension login

aigrow dashboard

Step 6:

Once you’ve added your account to your dashboard, You have to join all the previous engagement pods that you had before. For a detailed guide to doing that, check out this video:


That’s it. If you find it useful or you have any problem, let us know. Send your questions to

Post by Annika Daugherty

Annika is the chief editor for AiGrow. She has been working in the Marketing industry for more than 10 years and is the perfect Instagram Management Service advisor for you!

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