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What does Meetedgar do? +Alternatives and reviews


When you start a business on Instagram, you can’t just beat your competitors by producing engaging content,In particular, it should be borne in mind that users generally do not have much interest in business pages.

Instagram Robot is a tool that automatically advertises and increases your followers.

If you also have a business under Instagram and want to make some good progress, we suggest reading this article and getting to know each of the types of Instagram robots and their performance.

The main feature of an Instagram robot is the ability to increase Instagram followers.

Instagram robots have the task of purposefully attracting followers to you.

Join us to introduce you to two very powerful platforms and how to work with them.

What does Meet edgar do?

First, we are going to introduce you to the Meet edgar and start with a simple and brief explanation.

To understand how this tool works, you must first have a brief introduction to the concept of SEO and SMO.

SEO means: (Search Engine Optimization) and SMO means (Social Media Optimization).

 With the proliferation of social networks, the need for social network marketing is becoming more and more common.

Social networks can also bring you targeted visitors like search engines. So you can also use this tool to increase the visibility and sales of your site.

In SMO solutions, website designers and webmasters optimize their website design to bring traffic to social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and other social networks.

SMO can also be defined as: Social network optimization is similar to search engine optimization its purpose is to increase traffic and awareness about a specific site.Generally, optimizing social networks means optimizing a site and its content in the area of ​​social networking.

Now that we have a brief introduction about SEO and SMO with a brief explanation in mind, we will take the next step and let you know how to work with Meetedgar.

Click here to enter the homepage of the site first.

Then click on claim free month to sign up for a free course.

You will be redirected to a new page where you can complete your registration process by entering your full name and a valid email.

In the final step, you must confirm that you are not a robot to complete your registration.

Now we want to let you know how to work with it and its features.

You can plan your posts before sharing and without writing them.

Do you wonder how to do it?

It’s so weird!

Stay with us to tell you how this is possible.

Take a quick look at the video below, then read the description to find out how this will work.

  • paste the link that your content is located there.
  • Tap the “Autogenerate variations” button.
  • This platform chooses the best content for you, and you can choose or remove or replace the best one as you see fit.

Meetedgar gives you the best content based on the keywords law it uses.

You can also do the following with Meetedgar:

  • Organize Your Content:Prepare your posts in advance with the help of this smart platform to be released at the right time and date you want.
  • Automate Your Posting:It’s very easy to set a date for your posts to be published, and you can automatically share them on the same date you set.
  • Increase Your Reach:Meetedgar can make your posts more visible by using a specific strategy
  • Reclaim Your Workweek:with this platform, You can easily save your time and spend it on more important things.
  • Generate Posts:Use the Chrome Extension Browser (or Safari / Firefox Bookmarklet) to find the topic of your article to automatically generate five pre-written posts from the articles.
  • Category-Based Scheduling:You can put your posts in the appropriate category, for example, if your post is about cooking, you can put it in the category, or if it is about animals, it can be easy to determine to Get people interested in your page to follow your page.
  • Unlimited Content Library:You can save all the posts you share indefinitely and have them anytime.
  • A full report of page performance:You can get a weekly report of your page activity that will be sent to your email. This report includes the number of followers, clicks, and more.

The price is as follows:

 NOTE: MeetEdgar automates content for your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn accounts.

Ways to develop Instagram Businesses

Do you want to start an online business on Instagram but still not sure how to get started?

If your answer is positive, we should say that with the advent of technology and with the use of low-cost, online tools, it is the best time to start an online business and make money.

Join us now to introduce you to another platform dedicated to boosting Instagram businesses.

You’ll need an expert to succeed in marketing and get what you need over time.

But where can you find this expert?

Today we are going to introduce you to a tool that is tailor-made to develop your business and you can create a high-paying job at Instagram for the least cost.

The first step to growing your business is to increase the number of followers you have.

If you want to increase the number of followers, you need to share post consistently on Instagram, especially in the rush hour you see most. Active users publish at least 3 posts daily on this social network.

But this is not ended just by sharing the post and it requires adherence to a particular strategy and rules.

We invite you to understand more about AiGrow and how to work with it.


Click here to enter the homepage of the site.

Click on the free start option to sign up for free.

Then enter the required information in the new window that opens, including name and surname and a valid email and password to complete the registration process.

Your registration process is now complete and you can access your dashboard page.

Now click on the add Instagram account option at the top of the page to add your Instagram accounts.

A new page opens asking you to enter your username on Instagram.

Then select the country and city where you live.simply add your account and you can start managing it.

There are two ways to manage your accounts with AiGrow:

  1. Manage your page by an expert Instagram manager.
  2. Manage the page automatically and set it manually.

We will now explain each one in detail:

How to manage your page by a professional administrator and what are his/her tasks?

You can hire an expert administrator to manage your page by purchasing our VIP package, which performs all of your page tasks.

The following are some of the tasks an administrator does:

  • Share posts regularly :One of the things that keep your page active is the regular release of three posts a day.Instagram follows a specific algorithm that you can follow to make it more successful.An administrator knows when to share your posts to get more visits.he does this for you on a regular basis.
  • Share the right story with your Page theme:An administrator is required to share an occasional story that is relevant to your page’s theme to increase your page views.
  • Choose the right hashtags for your posts: Choosing the right hashtags for your post topic will rank your post in the appropriate category and will target the target audience that is interested in your page topic. An admin can use the best hashtags and keyword  for your posts.
  • Attract targeted follower: Targeted follower means people who are following your page and are interested in your topic.these followers can be your loyal customers in the future.
  • Respond to your audience in a timely manner:One of the tasks of the admin is to give timely and proper response to those who send you a message or comment.this will increase the satisfaction and trust of the people who follow you and increase the credibility of your page.
  • How your page works: Your Page Administrator is required to provide a complete report that includes the number of followers and comments and visits to your page .

How to Automatically Manage Your Account by AiGrow With Manual Settings?

You can manually categorize the following settings using this smart platform to automatically execute them later:

  • Hashtags: You can find the most popular hashtags by using AiGrow and use them for your posts. This system is very smart, and following the law of keywords can help your account roll out very easily.
  • Locations:You can easily determine the followers that you want to be from which country or city.
  • Influencer Accounts:You can attract followers by following your competitors page, and this will help to attract a targeted follower to your page.
  • Likes:Enabling this option allows you to automatically like posts that are relevant to your page’s topic or like your followers’ posts, so you can interact with your users.
  • Follows: Enabling this option allows you to automatically follow users, and making them curious about follow your page and follow you reciprocally.
  • Unfollows: You can set it to automatically unfollow the ones you follow.
  • Direct Message: You can choose to send DMs to those you follow or those who follow your competitors to introduce your products to them, or send any message you want.
  • Follow Cycle: Set how many AiGROWs to follow, and after you reach the desired number, you can start to unfollow them automatically.
  • Don’t follow same users:By enabling this option you specify that AiGrow will not follow the followers you previously followed.Don’t.
  • follow Private user:Determine not to follow accounts that are private.

After setting all these options, just click on the Start growth and stop these settings if needed.

You can easily do all the work both automatically and by hiring a professional administrator.

With all the features that this service has, its package prices are very reasonable. Let’s take a look at the prices.

  • VIP package
  • Pro package
  • Basic package

  • POD-starter
  • POD-pro
  • POD-Advanced

+Alternatives and reviews

If you are of those people who have many social networks profiles, we recommend using Meetedgar as this platform is capable of running multiple profiles simultaneously across multiple networks, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn manages and reviews you can easily add your posts and then plan according to the date you want to share.


This platform uses the keyword rule that is used in all social networks and even searches engines and has a specific strategy to grow your accounts and has many capabilities including to Generate Posts, Category-Based Scheduling, sort posts by topic, automate Your Posting and report how your page works.


AiGrow is a specialized platform for Instagram that is very easy to work with and for start to work with it you have to go through the registration process and you can start setting up your account by adding your Instagram account. You can also grow your account in a purposeful and tailor-made way by hiring an AIGrow administrator to get you on track and staying on track with your business.

AiGrow Growth

 AiGrow helps Instagrammers to gain followers by using marketing automation. This platform has the ability to like, comment on, follow and direct message Instagram users based on your targeting criteria. AiGrow makes scheduling easy and gives you options that make you grow on Instagram.


You have to have something other than posting to increase your Instagram Page followers. for example, you have to like other people’s posts, comment on them, and so on.there are also techniques on how to attract followers by liking the posts in different hashtags.

You can achieve your goal by using the tools we provide for your goals.






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