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AiGrow VS mavsocial. Which one is the top choice for instagram marketing?


Today we want to compare AiGrow VS mavsocial and let you know the best choice.

Instagram has been on the list of popular social networks for a while now and has gained popularity around the world.The importance of Instagram came from the fact that large companies also opened a page in this software to accompany their users and customers there.

If you also own a business that subscribes to multiple social networks and wants your customers to keep up with you everywhere, Instagram is a must-have for you.

Because Instagram is the best media for celebrities,Small and large businesses and even ordinary people that have something to say and getting more real followers is the first step to getting started on Instagram.

The main purpose of advertising on Instagram is not to attract fake followers!Rather, Instagram should be a useful and effective tool to, directly and indirectly, attract and retain customers.

Now let’s introduce you to Instagram tools that can help you attract real followers.


AiGrow is constantly striving to make a difference in your business by attracting real customers to Instagram.

The AiGrow method is a simple but laborious one.

AiGrow experts are keen to observe and work with Instagram activists to attract those who are likely to be your customers to your Instagram page.

AiGrow is a state-of-the-art Instagram management tool that lets you manage your page and attract more users and reach your goal tailored to your needs,it gives you a lot of permanent and daily users become your permanent customers.

This is the surest way to attract real followers,that works in a natural way.

 Now, we’ll go through the registration process and explain it in a simple language. Click here to get started.

You will now go to the homepage of the site and click on the Get Started option to complete the rest of the registration process.

You can also enjoy a five-day free trial and purchase our products with satisfaction.

After logging in to the registration page, enter the required information, including your full name, a valid email, and password, and your registration process will be completed.

You will now be taken to your dashboard page where you can see all the Instagram accounts you add and manage whichever you like.

How to add your Instagram account to AiGrow dashboard page?

  1. Click on the add Instagram account option at the top of the page.

  2. Enter your Instagram account on the page that opens.

3. Then choose your city and country of residence and complete your registration process as easily.

You can now see your account on the dashboard page.

Manage your Instagram account by dedicated account manager or automatic settings.

 In the first step, we will explain to you who is an Instagram admin and what are his/her tasks?

One of the most effective marketing tools is social networks such as Instagram. You can get started with hiring an Instagram admin.

You might say to yourself, “Instagram is a simple space and does not need to be spent.” This is wrong thinking.

When you and I want to take full advantage of the potential of this space in a way that deliberately reaches our customers, we will probably think in a more professional way.

The question may come to your mind what an Instagram page admin can do to me?

Before formulating the strategy, AiGrow experts are evaluating the E-Marketplace Assessment in the Instagram space.

In these evaluations, customers ‘target market and their tastes, competitors’ performance, weaknesses, etc. are examined. Next, using the information gathered, the strategy development process begins.

 Our experts delineate the appropriate strategy and roadmap by carefully examining the target market and taking into account the goals and prospects of customers.the targeted strategy is a key pillar of Instagram advertising.

The basic tasks of a page manager are as follows:

  • Research the best hashtags related to your job:The Instagram admin has the task of selecting the best hashtags that are relevant to your post and your business theme, using advanced tools.
  • share posts:sharing posts on Instagram have a specific law. If you manage to post your posts during the busiest times on Instagram, you will get the most views. An administrator is required by Instagram to share your posts when they receive the most views.
  • Share stories:An administrator is required to share a proper story on the subject of your page.
  • Timely responding to DMs and comments: Timely responding to your audience enhance your page’s credibility and makes you more engaged with your users. An administrator is required to maintain this interaction with users.
  • Trying to increase the number of followers: As your page’s followers increase, your page’s credibility increases. Your page manager have to increase the number of your followers.Our experts will guarantee this for you.
  • Set Required Business Page Settings:To set up your Instagram page, it’s best to enable your page’s business settings.This will have several advantages for you and your Instagram Page Administrator.Features of a business page include adding communication options like email, phone and address to your Instagram page.
  • Analytics the page of competitors:The page manager is required to provide you with a weekly report on page performance and alert you on how the page is progressing.
  • Content Production Scheduling by Instagram Page Administrator: Other things to do on an Instagram page admin is to plan your Instagram content.One of the most important parameters in posting is choosing the best possible time from 24 hours a day.this choice varies for different days.For example, the best time on Thursday might be 3 pm, but the best time on Tuesday is 4:50 pm.Now think about putting your Instagram posts on your page every day at a specific time.you’ll probably be completely frustrated after a month! your admin page will program your posts for a share in a timely manner on your Instagram page by using specific tools.
    Everything automatic

You can easily do all your Instagram stuff automatically to attract follower,Set up the robot, hit the start button Now the robot will comment and like,It will follow and unfollow,this will attract more users and followers to your page every day.

Automatic settings include the following:

  • Hashtags:You can find the most popular hashtags using AiGrow and automatically put them to your posts
  • Locations: Determine what region, city or country your followers will be from.
  • Influencer Accounts: You can review them by following your competitors’ pages and use this information for your progress.
  • Likes:Enable this option for AiGrow to automatically like users and help you grow.
  • Follows:Enable this option so that AiGrow will automatically start following users and they will stimulate to follow you.
  • Unfollows:After a while, AiGrow starts to unfollow those who followed them.
  • Direct Message:You can automatically set up a message to send automatically and interact with you and your users.
  • Follow Cycle:Set to follow a certain rate and stop after you reach the rate you set.
  • Don’t follow same users:Enabling this option allows you to specify that it will not retry the people you previously followed and unfollowed them.
  • Don’t follow Private user:Select this option to choose not to follow accounts that are private.

Take a look at the video to get more familiar with AiGrow.

Tips : If you are one of those people who do not have enough time to spend on Instagram and your business is not separate from Instagram, we recommend that you use this platform and save your time for other tasks.

We are now introducing you to another platform called mavsocial and introducing you to the benefits of using Instagram robots.

For busy brands and businesses that want to promote their brand on Instagram, finding the time to prepare, schedule, strategize and optimize Instagram content can be extremely difficult.

Fortunately, there are several ways to simplify this process and save time when planning your posts and story on Instagram!

Join us now to explain the mavsocial registration process.

Click here to sign up for mavsocial.

Then enter a name and a valid email and password on the page that opens.

Your registration is complete and you can now login to your dashboard page and add the account you want.You can enjoy a 14- free-day course at mavsocial.

You can add and manage your accounts on the dashboard page such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, and easily manage them join us to teach you how to work with it.

You will first be asked if your account is private or a business account.

 Then enter your Instagram username and password to add your account.

Your account has been added to the dashboard page and you can now manage it.

mavsocial features

Contact Management: If you have a problem, you can email the support team very quickly and tell them to send you the solution as soon as possible.

  • Keyword Filtering: mavsocial Using the law of keywords can select the best hashtags for your posts and help to make your posts more visible.
  • Post Scheduling: Make your posts more visible by publishing them at the right time so you can easily plan your posts.
  • Automated Publishing: In order to become an active user on Instagram, you have to share 3 posts daily and regularly.But this is going to be boring on a daily basis and you can use this feature to publish your posts automatically and on a timely basis.
  • Content Management: You can prepare your content before publishing and share them at appropriate intervals.
  • Customer Targeting: You can easily reach your future customers by targeting your competitors’ followers.
  • Multi-Account Management: With mavsocial you can manage and grow multiple accounts on different social networks at the same time.
  • Analytics: If you have a problem, you can email the support team very quickly and tell them to send you the solution as soon as possible.



AiGrow is able to increase likes, comments, followers, and send automatic DMs. You can also automatically share posts, stories, likes, and comments.  Doing this, you can attract real followers.

In addition to being able to do things automatically. By fixing your settings, you can have one expert manager for your page.  You can do this by buying one of the VIP packages and give the manager all the tasks.

AiGrow is designed for those who need an ultra-professional system to manage their Instagram page. Click here to start registration.

MavSocial enhances the activity of your Instagram account, which increases the visibility of your posts and account.MavSocial delivers timely and targeted all the essential activities of Instagram, including Likes, Comments, follow, unfollow, and DM . with mavsocial you can manage your accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube.

MavSocial is designed for those who have multiple profiles across different social networks.Click here to register.

Take a look at the prices:


Our packages are tailored to our customers’ needs.You can also purchase any of the services you need individually.Take a look at the prices.

Let me end this article by suggesting that you take a few minutes to sign up, and then you can turn off your phone or PC and handle your daily activities.Instagram robots will do all the activities you set out without any problems and without interruption.You can also log in to your robot panel at any time and make changes to keep the robot running with the latest settings.







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