The doors to Magic Social have closed, so find out its magic alternative!

Magic Social Alternative

As you know, the first way is not always the last, but it can be a way to open the door to the best solution for you.

Now that you can no longer sign up for Magic Social, it’s time to look for alternatives that are even better than the previous one.

In order to find the best alternative, you first need to know what features Magic Social had and whether the new option has the same features and capabilities?

keep reading this article, so that we can clear the way for you and you can revive some of your memories you had with Magic Social, and sign up for AiGrow to add more sweet memories to arrive the succeed.

What was theMagic Social Strategy?

In fact, Magic Social was an Instagram robot that purposefully was increasing your Instagram followers.

This smart robot, in addition to the increase of your Instagram followers, had other features such as increased likes on Instagram, sending automatic DMs and automatic likes.

In fact, Magic Social was in control of some of your Instagram account operations when you had not been online, this robot had working and doing your duty on time.

For example, you should like other users’ posts, comment below their posts, and choose the most appropriate hashtags for your posts.

With Magic Social, you could automatically like posts, choose different hashtags, commenting, and more.

In general, we can say that Magic Social used to do all of this automatically, by using some of the filters.

What were Magic Social features?

Magic Social Alternative

  • Marketing Strategy Analysis
  • E-Commerce/Brick & Mortar
  • Business Strategy Consulting
  • Post Performance Review
  • Posting Recommendations
  • Content Strategy Consulting
  • Location Targeting
  • Gender Targeting
  • Commenting
  • Follow/Unfollow
  • Liking
  • 24/7 Support
  • Target Your Audience
  • Follower Growth Reports
  • Safe & Secure

Now that we’ve listed the Magic Social features for you, it’s time to find its new alternative features and make a list of them to compare and review.

We were able to come up with a general conclusion by reviewing the features of Magic Social and find a much better alternative to it called AiGrow.
This platform in addition to having Magic Social features has many more new features that we have mentioned below.

What are AiGrow features?

Magic Social Alternative

  • Dedicated Account Manager

In fact, the page manager is someone who will do all the tasks related to your page and take responsibility for it.

With an administrator, your page will be managed in accordance with the specific rules and algorithms of the Instagram.

You will also see a regular increase in page views and followers, resulting in increased sales.

  • Hashtag search engines

Magic Social AlternativeHashtags are one of the benchmarks of Instagram that users add to their photos and make it easier to search for images on Instagram.

Never forget that choosing a hashtag can have a huge impact on the development of your Instagram business.

AiGrow can provide you with the most visited hashtags with a special tool.

  • Location Targeting

This AiGrow feature gives you the ability to find your customers based on their location.

For example, if you want to sell your products to people in New York, then you need to have your posts displayed to people who live in this area.

Magic Social Alternative

  • Liking

One of the rules that will help you increase the number of your followers is interacting with them.

To get engaged, you first need to have a targeted program and start liking those who are interested in your page.

You may ask how I can find and interact with these people one by one.

It’s simple, just follow your competitors so that AiGrow will automatically interact with their followers.

As you know your competitors are pursuing a goal that you are also pursuing so they are one of the steps that can help you get to your goal sooner.

Magic Social Alternative

  • Follow/Unfollow

After you have followed people, you need to unfollow them after a while to keep your page credible.

But all this takes a long time on Instagram, so we designed AiGrow to do all this for you automatically.

Magic Social Alternative

  • Commenting

With this feature, AiGrow can automatically interact with your users and comment on their posts.
This way you can persuade them to look at your page and even follow you.

  • Automatic Direct Message

By enabling this feature you can set a message to include your product introduction or even a thank you message to those who are followed you recently.

You can also set this message to be sent to your competitors’ page followers, and it will be an ad for your page.

Magic Social Alternative

  • competitor analysis

Checking your competitors’ pages can help you save yourself time and get some useful information to get you started.

This allows you to get a list of people who are interested in your business and attract them on your own page by the ad for yourself.

  • Schedule Content 

Before you start, remember: The more you plan, the more time you have for your business (online and offline), connecting with people and even more fun on Instagram.

You can spend a day generating content and scheduling your content.

This allows you to rest for the rest of the week and make sure your followers will see your content at the right time.

All you have to do is set a specific date and time for your posts to be published.

AiGrow will automatically share your posts on the date and time you set.

Magic Social Alternative

  • Reward Post

When you run a contest on Instagram, your biggest concern is how to determine the winner.

AiGrow does this automatically, you just have to determine the rules of the competition to select the winner and AiGrow will send him an automatic message.

  • holds the Instagram contest

As we said, this platform can help you hold competitions and make it easier to manage a match.

You set the rules and AiGrow will manage.

Magic Social Alternative

  • Multiple Links in Bio

As you know, Instagram does not allow users to use clickable links in their feeds.

That means you can’t click on the link to take you somewhere else and the only place you can use clickable links is in the biography section of Instagram.

You will be restricted here too, and you can only add one link, that is clickable and drives your audience to your target page.

For example, if you want to add a post that introduces your products and you want to redirect your audience to that page, you have to delete the previous link so that you can add another clickable link.

It’s a hassle for you to change the link every time So AiGrow will show you the solution.

Using this platform you can create a link in the biography section where all your links are located.

In fact, the user is redirected to the page where all your links are located.

  • PODs:

You can join groups that are automatically created.

By joining these groups you can easily promote your business.

Any posts you share in these groups will be liked by the people in the group and they will follow you if your content is engaging.

In fact, joining these groups has a lot of benefits for you, which improving the Instagram algorithm one of them.

Magic Social Alternative

  • DM to Email

 Very convenient and wherever you are you can open your email to receive messages sent to your Instagram directory and reply to them from there.

  • Inbox for DMs

Managing messages sent to your Instagram directory is difficult if your messages are high.

With this feature, you can have an inbox and manage your messages from your PC.

for example, you can filter messages and view messages received on a specific date or day, or even delete all your messages at once.

  • Safe & Secure :

The most important feature of this platform is the security it provides for your account, as it progresses in line with the algorithm of Instagram and so far no complaints have been reported from users who use it.

What a Dedicated Account Manager will do?

Magic Social Alternative

One of the prominent features of AiGrow is that it will provide specialist administrator for users who want to use this feature.

He know enough about how to manage your page and performs all your page tasks according to the Instagram algorithm.

an admin will handle all the tasks associated with your account.

These tasks include:

  • He will generate regular and custom content with your Page theme

Have you ever wondered how people who have multiple jobs on different social networks can manage them while at the same time doing their jobs in the real world?

Those who understand the value of time know how to manage every second of it.

On the other hand, you need to spend a lot of time on social networks to start an internet business.

the first step To succeed on Instagram is to producing user-friendly content that requires high creativity and skill, and the second step is to deliver content for greater visibility.

Therefore, it is a great success when a brand or any business can present its content to a larger audience.

If you want Instagram to recognize your page as an active page, you must share at least 3 posts per day, according to Instagram rules.

The main and most important activity that the account Manager will do for your page is to produce content that suits your goals and needs, as well as posting at the best possible time.

However, Instagram Page Activity does not end up producing content, and Instagram Page Administrator will be fully managed your page by staying in touch with your customers and visitors, both in writing from your Direct message section and by phone Will promote it to others.

Admin tasks at a glance

  • Upload and share content including photos and videos on a regular basis
  • Write a caption or text that fits the uploaded content
  • Responses to directories posted by Page Followers or even people who don’t follow Page.
  • Reply to Post Comments.
  • Removing offensive comments
  • Increase likes
  • Increase Targeted followers
  • Keep the page safe and preventing it from being hacked
  • Creativity in content creation
  • Introduction to different ways of advertising in Inestagram
  • Increase engagement rate optimization
  • And more…


We were able to review all of the things that Magic Social had to offer before, And introduce you an alternative that includes all of the platform’s previous items of Magic Social.

In fact, AiGrow saves time with more features than Magic Social and is suitable for those who want to manage an Internet business in the best possible way.

All over the world, Instagram is now recognized as one of the most popular social networks, and those who have learned how to use the Instagram platform are increasingly benefiting from the development of their business on the system, while many people are learning how to use Instagram for marketing and advertising.

Let’s start the first steps in e-commerce by signing up for AiGrow.

If you are also a user of AiGrow or Magic Social, please share your experiences with us.


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