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Loomly vs. AiGrow- What’s a Better Instagram Scheduler?

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Taking Instagram seriously means posting every day. However, maintaining a daily posting schedule of quality content from just your phone is enough to drive most people mad. Fortunately, this is where using a well-planned Instagram scheduler can save the day.

Instead of waking up every day having to worry about what you’re going to post to Instagram that day, you can save yourself the hassle by taking one day and planning all of your posts for the upcoming week.

If you really want to plan ahead, you can even use a social media calendar to plan your Instagram content for months ahead.

In a way, using an Instagram scheduler is like having a personal assistant. All you have to do is give them the content, tell them what to write, and let them know when you want the posts to go live. After this is done, your work is done. Your personal assisant will post to Instagram exactly what and when you want them to post.

Many tools have emerged making it easy to create and use a social media calendar.  Two of those tools are AiGrow and Loomly.

To give you an idea of which tool is worth your time and money, we put them to the test.

Our comparison consisted of five categories:

  • Setup
  • Connecting Your Accounts
  • Features
  • Price
  • Conclusion

Loomly vs. AiGrow – a comparison of the two Instagram schedulers.



Get started with AiGrow in four simple steps:

1) Go to www.AiGrow.me.

2) When on the homepage, click “Free Trial” in the upper right corner.

3) Provide your name, email, desired password, and click “Register Now”.

With AiGrow, you don’t have to download anything.


Go to Loomly.com into a page that looks like this:

Click on “Start your 15-day Free Trial” and fill out this form and  verify your email and you’re all set.

Connecting Your Accounts


After logging into your AiGrow account, you will be brought to your dashboard which looks like this:

Here you can see all of your connected Instagram accounts (you can add and grow multiple Instagram accounts at the same time).

4) To add a new account, click “Add Instagram Account”.

From here, simply log in to your Instagram account as you normally would on your phone.

While most users are finished setting up here, some users will be asked to provide a 6-digit verification code sent to your phone or email by Instagram.


AiGrow encrypts your password and will not share it with anyone or use it for anything not related to growing your followers.

Alternatively, you can download our Add Instagram to AiGrow Safely Chrome Extension from the Google Chrome Extension Store.

Once logged into both Instagram and AiGrow in the same browser, connecting your Instagram is as easy as opening the extension and clicking “Next”.

Watch the video below to see how easy it is:


To connect your Instagram account, you need to click on step 3 of your setup. It’s on a bar at the top that looks like this:

Set your time zone, upload your logo on a page looking like this and move to the next round:

After this step you’ll be asked to select your Workflow:

Moving to the another round, you can choose between  “Schedule with Loomly” or “Schedule with Buffer” or “No Scheduling”.

There are two other option named “Schedule with Hootsuite” and “Schedule with Oktopost” that are currently not available. They are tagged as “coming soon”. Hootsuite and Octopost are two other social media marketing platforms.

As for the available methods, “Schedule with Loomly” is the primary option. The description is described as: “Scheduling with Loomly is the recommended option for most users. If you just want to publish your posts directly inside Loomly at the push of a button, then this method is for you.” It seems like the easiest option and the most convenient way if you aren’t using any other scheduling tool out there.

Another option is “Schedule with Buffer”, Buffer is another social media marketing software. It is described in Loomly’s website like this: “Scheduling with Buffer is ideal if Buffer is already part of your workflow. You will be able to send your posts from Loomly to Buffer automatically. This method comes with a couple of limitations though: you will not be able to schedule content to Pinterest, and when publishing links to Facebook & LinkedIn, URLs will be automatically removed from your posts”. You can read more about the tools like buffer here.

“No Scheduling” is for when you want to post your posts manually. It will make Loomly a calendar tool only. They have described it like this: “This method is great if you enjoy publishing your content manually on all your social networks. You will then be able to leverage Loomly as a simple social media planner”.

After you’ve chosen your publishing method, You’ll have to connect your Social accounts, Loomly supports posting on these networks:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram (Manual publishing reminders only (push & email notifications). See below for automated publishing.)
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
  • Google+

If you’re planning to use Loomly’s scheduler tool, you’ll have to connect your Instagram account. You’ll be guided to a page like this:

You can use your Instagram account that’s connected to your account to PC at the time If else, connect your Instagram account by giving your Instagram’s username and password. It’s a page like this:

In the next step, You’ll be helped with your posting. Loomly uses RSS feed and suggests you post ideas for your social media channels and even your RSS and create a draft.



Begin by clicking the “Schedule Posts” tab on your AiGrow dashboard.

When you are in the “Schedule Posts” tab, begin your scheduling by clicking “Schedule Your First Post”.

From here, drag and drop the photo or video you would like to schedule into the broken rectangle at the top of the page.

Uploading and scheduling posts to Instagram with AiGrow is as easy as dragging and dropping.

After dragging your photo or video into the rectangle, click “Save” before you continue.

Remember, you can also schedule multi-photo, and even multi-video posts.

Supported formats for photos are JPG and PNG, and supported formats for video are MP4, 3GP, MKV, and AVI.

After uploading your photo(s) or video(s), you can:

  • tag people
  • crop your post (fit entire photo or crop to 1080px x 1080px)
  • rotate your post

From here, scheduling your post can be accomplished in 5 steps:

  1. Write your caption
  2. Add your hashtags (your hashtags will be posted as a comment to make your caption look cleaner and increase post engagement)
  3. Choose the date and time you want your post to go live (or check the box to “Post Immediately”)
  4. Choose which accounts you want your post to be posted on (you can schedule the same post for multiple Instagram accounts)
  5. Finish scheduling by clicking the green “Schedule Post” button

After hitting “Schedule Post”, you’re post is officially scheduled. Come the date and time of your scheduled post, your post will automatically post to Instagram without any effort on your part.

You can see all of your upcoming scheduled posts from your dashboard, as well as all of your past scheduled posts using AiGrow’s scheduler.

If you want to change something about an upcoming scheduled post, you can simply hit “Edit”, make any desired changes, and hit “Schedule Post” to save your changes.

Caption Spintax

If you are posting the same post with the same caption across multiple Instagram accounts, you can use AiGrow’s Spintax feature to avoid being flagged by Instagram.

When posting the same post to multiple Instagram accounts, Instagram can sometimes mistake your posts for spam and flag your account. To help you avoid this, AiGrow’s Spintax feature allows you to easily create multiple different versions of the same caption.

Using Spintax in your captions is as easy as including the following format in your original caption: {Phrase 1 | Phrase 2 | Phrase 3}.

Here’s how it looks in a real caption:

To give you an idea of how the the above caption would work when posting to three Instagram accounts, one account would post with a caption including “time”, another account would post with a caption including “adventure”, and another account would post with a caption including “stay”.

The more variables you include in your caption, the more variations of your original caption can be posted.

Hashtag Suggestion Tool

When choosing the hashtags you want to attach to your post, you can also use AiGrow’s search tool to find the most popular hashtags related to your post without having to leave AiGrow.

To help you find hashtags that will produce the best possible results for your post, you can also read this article.

You also have the ability to Repost previous post scheduled using AiGrow’s scheduler.

Coming soon: the ability to geotag your posts from AiGrow’s desktop scheduler.

There is no limit to the number of posts you can schedule using AiGrow’s Instagram scheduler.

To see the scheduler in action, watch the video below:

Growth Engine

AiGrow also allows you to automatically like, follow, unfollow, and comment on real channels with the intention of driving relevant and organic traffic back to your own channel (and ultimately converting that traffic to followers).

This way, instead of buying new followers in bulk who don’t necessarily fit your target audience (which is especially important if you are a small business or brand), you’re gaining exactly the kind of new follower you want for your channel and you’re doing it almost as quickly as you would if you purchased them.

With AiGrow , you can target Instagram users based on:

  • hashtags they use
  • competitors they follow
  • where they’re located
  • custom lists of usernames
  • whether or not they’re public or private
  • whether or not you have already followed (and then unfollowed) in the past

In addition the above features, you can also select a category that you think best fits your channel. We’ll use this information to further refine your targeting.

You also don’t have to worry about engaging with irrelevant or risky channels as you have complete control over the types of users you interact with, and at no point will AiGrow perform any action from your Instagram account without your permission.

AiGrow also automatically unfollows any person you follow but who doesn’t follow you back within a certain amount of time to keep your follower/following ratio looking natural.

Instagram engagement groups

AiGrow also offers free Instagram engagement groups.

Engagement groups are groups of people on Instagram who agree to Like and comment on every post uploaded by a group member.

Depending on the size of your engagement group, using engagement groups can guarantee hundreds, if not thousands more real Likes and comments every time you post to Instagram.

With AiGrow , receiving the engagement from your engagement groups is accomplished in two easy steps:

  1. join any groups that apply to your Instagram page by navigating to the “Engagement Groups” tab on your AiGrow dashboard and clicking “Join” under any groups you wish to join
  2. post to Instagram using AiGrow’s scheduler

With AiGrow, there are 100+ engagement groups you can join catering to nearly any kind of Instagram page.

When your post goes live on Instagram, all members of all groups you are a part of will automatically Like and/or comment on your new post.

Likewise, when you schedule a new post through AiGrow’s scheduler, all members of all engagement groups you are a part of will automatically Like and/or comment on your new post.

Because the process is automatic, all groups are guaranteed to be free of leechers. No leechers means that absolutely none of your effort is wasted.

This way, there is little to no maintenance work on your part after initially joining your groups.

A list of all features offered by AiGrow:

  • Post photos, videos, and multi-photo/multi-video posts your posts for days, weeks, and/or months ahead (all from your desktop)
  • Support for unlimited number of Instagram accounts
  • Support for posting the same post across multiple accounts
  • Hashtag generator
  • Repost previous posts
  • Caption spintax
  • Automated comment responding
  • Automated Likes, comments, follows, unfollows, and DMs
  • Ability to target users based on hashtag use, location, and competitor connection
  • Ability to target specific users from an excel list
  • Ability to send DMs, respond to DMs, and manage your DM inbox all from your desktop
  • Daily safeguards for all actions (Likes, comments, follows, DMs, etc.) to help prevent your account from being flagged
  • Free access to over 100 engagement groups
  • Customizable comments
  • Customizable DMs
  • Alternating tags for comments and DMs (Hey/Hello/Hi/What’s up… etc.)
  • Daily safeguards to help prevent your account from being flagged
  • Free one-on-one appointments to help get your account properly set up
  • In-app analytics
  • Automatic email notifications in the rare case you encounter an issue with our service (and a proposed solution to the issue)


From Loomly’s easy-to-use dashboard, you can create and manage multiple social media calendars depending on your needs and the social platforms you use.

For example, you can easily access a schedule for Instagram, Facebook and Twitter from one screen.

When scheduling a post, depending on the significance of the day, Loomly will suggest what kind of content might work well on that day.

You then have to upload what you want to post and write the caption that you want to accompany your post.

One nice thing about Loomly is that you can schedule the same post across multiple social platforms simultaneously.

As shown above, just click on the different social platforms and adjust the information accordingly.

Loomly will also give you four different quality ratings: “Time”, “Date”, “Format”, and “Image”. Green indicates that your rating is good for the specifiy category. Yellow indicates that it could be improved. If your rating is yellow, Loomly will suggest how you can improve it.

The final step is deciding what you want to do with post. From here, you can update information about the post, finalize your scheduling by hitting “Schedule” or post immediately by hitting “Publish Now”.

If you are working with a team and you want to see all posts before they go live, you can also view upcoming scheduled posts from your dashboard by clicking on the desired calendar.

A list of all features offered by AiGrow:

  • Create different social calendars for different requirements (different platforms, for example)
  • Post using multiple scheduling platforms
  • Post ideas based on your RSS feed
  • Post ideas based on Events, holidays & date-related celebrations
  • Ability to post on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin and Google+ (also simultaneously)
  • Publish accurately with audience targeting (Using Facebook Preferred Audience, Facebook Audience Restrictions, and Facebook Post Sponsoring)
  • Permissions for team members
  • Preview your posts on different platforms and even export a PDF file)
  • Tools for social media marketing teams (Post mockups, Approval workflow, Commenting system, Version history)
  • Analytics for all posts (not only those published via Loomly)

Maintenance and Support


After scheduling your posts, your work is done. Your post will automatically go live at the set posting time.

Similarly, after setting up your targeting options, simply hit “Start Growth”. AiGrow will start to run and continue until you tell it to stop, never overstepping the limits imposed by Instagram.

If for whatever reason something forces your growth to stop, we will automatically let you know on your dashboard. We will also let you know through email and provide possible solutions, as shown in the example below:


If you experience an issue, you can also likely find an answer in our 25+ FAQ page. We also offer free one-on-one appointments to help get your account set up, and we’re always available by instant chat and email.


For Instagram, Loomly works similarly to AiGrow. Just schedule your post and it will automatically go live at the set time.

This goes for most of the other social platforms supported by Loomly.

Loomly also offers an online chat and also Email support. We tried the support too and the responses are pretty quick!



AiGrow Instagram scheduler is completetly free and always will be.

Although it is not necessary, if you want to also use AiGrow growth engine in addition to its scheduler, you are entitled to a 5-day free trial.

Below is AiGrow’s packages after this 5-day trial:

Remember, you don’t have to pay to use AiGrow’s scheduler and/or Engagement groups.

AiGrow’s scheduler includes:

  • schedule photos, videos, and photo + video albums
  • unlimited scheduled posts
  • auto posting (no mobile verification required)
  • unlimited connected accounts
  • post the same post across multiple Instagram accounts
  • hashtag suggestions
  • caption spintax (the same post will post across multiple Instagram accounts with different captions)
  • access to 100+ Instagram engagement groups
  • repost previous posts


Loomly offers a 15 day free trial for new users.

After this trial, users must subscribe to one of the following packages to use any of Loomly’s features:


Loomly is a great scheduling tool with a slick experience and support for multiple social platforms. If you are trying to streamline your content plan for social media, especially if you are working with a team, then Loomly is a great option.

However, if you are specializing in Instagram, AiGrow offers a much better experience.

Of course, the main difference between AiGrow and Loomly is that what costs money with Loomly is absolutely free with AiGrow.

In addition to AiGrow being absolutely free, you also gain access to features that are missing from Loomly, including:

  • being to able connect an unlimited number of Instagram accounts
  • support for multi-photo and multi-video posting on Instagram
  • access to over 100 engagement groups to help get you more real Likes and comments every time you post to Instagram
  • caption spintax (multiple versions of the same caption) to save time when posting the same post across multiple Instagrama accounts
  • hashtag suggestion tool that updates in real-time
  • easily repost past posts

Want to try AiGrow for yourself? Click here to sign up and start scheduling Instagram posts for free today.

For those interested in trying Loomly, click here to visit their website.

This post was last modified on February 22, 2021 2:21 am