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Instagram Contest

5 Best Instagram giveaway apps you need in 2021

Instagram giveaway contests are undoubtedly important in the process of gaining new followers, escalating your visibility and brand awareness. It takes a great deal of time to do things to run an Instagram giveaway and manage it. But the good news is that you can automate Instagram contests using an amazing Instagram giveaway app.

Nobody wants to spend a huge amount of time managing an Instagram contest. You need to create and design posts, share them on your accounts, stay in touch with people, choose the winner(s), inform the winner(s) about their prizes, etc., then would there be any free time left to focus on other tasks?

In this article, we introduce 5 best Instagram giveaway apps you need in 2021 to help you manage your Instagram contests with ease and save a lot of time to focus on other aspects of your business, daily life, etc.

Note: One of the top quality Instagram giveaway apps you have the chance to make use of in the process of running your giveaway contest is AiGrow’s Post & Reward feature.

Before jumping to know these 5 apps, let’s see what Instagram giveaway is and how it can help you grow your Instagram account growth

What is an Instagram giveaway contest?

Nowadays, Instagram has turned into a competitive atmosphere, especially for brands and businesses, since most companies try their best to get more and more popular on the platform in order to be able to introduce their products and advertise their services to a larger group of people. 

That’s exactly why Instagram contests are highly recommended. In fact, Instagram giveaway contests are beneficial for both the followers and the page owners. 

Generally speaking, contests and giveaways on Instagram are events where people are given a chance to win if they fulfill the entry requirements that the person who started the contest has set. 

If you’d like to run an Instagram contest, first of all, you need a post that informs your followers about the contest’s entrance rules, the prizes, etc. Do you wonder what these rules are, what ideas you need to start running a contest, etc.? Read the Creative ideas for your next Instagram giveaway article to find all your answers.

5 best Instagram giveaway apps

As we said, Instagram giveaway contests help you a lot with growing your accounts on the platform, boosting your engagement rate, and increasing the awareness about your Instagram page and business.

Although it has a lot of upsides, the only downside is that when thousands of people enter your contest, it will obviously be so hard to pick the winner and check all the conditions manually.

So the only possible way to deal with this tedious and time-consuming process is to make use of third-party apps to facilitate the whole process of managing your contest.

Here are the five best Instagram giveaway apps to help you run your next Instagram contest with ease.

1# Instagram giveaway app: AiGrow – Top quality Instagram giveaway app

AiGrow is undoubtedly one of the best Instagram management and growth services you can find out there. Its Post & Reward feature is here to give you a hand in the process of running your Instagram contest. Using this feature is super beneficial since it lets you save tons of time and energy due to the fact that there is no need to manage the whole process manually.

Here is how to take advantage of this feature:

  • Sign up on AiGrow for free using your email address.
  • After signing up, you access AiGrow’s dashboard. From the dashboard, you have the possibility to add as many Instagram accounts as you want to the dashboard by clicking Add Instagram Account.

  • Once you connect your Instagram account(s) to the dashboard successfully, choose the Scheduler option on the left-hand corner. Then from the drop-down menu, choose the desired account you’d like to manage. Next, choose the Post & Reward option.

  • In the opened window, click the orange button, Schedule a Contest.
  • Now you can upload your Instagram giveaway contest content(image/video). You have three possibilities here:

1- Uploading your content by dragging and dropping from your computer drives. 

2- Uploading a video from YouTube by simply copy-pasting the link of the desired video.

3- Importing images via Unsplash.

AiGrow’s Post&Reward feature- setting contest rules and details

  • Using AiGrow’s Instagram giveaway app, you can schedule two types of contests.

1- Reward followers who comment on your contest post 

2- Reward followers who tag you on the post they have created on their feed.

  • By choosing each of the types of contests, users can set the rules of your contests, such as tagging a certain number of friends to the post, using specific hashtags, and follow the giveaway runner account.

  • When you are done with setting the rules, craft your DM. AiGrow will send this prewritten DM to those who fulfill your contest rules. Also, in this DM, you can add a coupon code, a press link, or a link to something free on your website.

  • It’s time to write your caption. The rules you’ve set will automatically be placed in your caption as instructions. Then scroll down and add relevant trendy hashtags to your Instagram contest post using AiGrow’s hashtag generator tool.

  • AiGrow allows you to add location and multiple accounts to publish your post on them as well.

  • Now you can not only schedule specific times and dates for your posts to be published on by clicking Post in the future but you can also publish your posts at the time by choosing Post Now.

  • And after all, the last thing you may need is a clickable external URL link to connect your post to. After all, when you are happy, click Submit.

Note: After sharing the contest post on AiGrow, this platform will check every single participant’s conditions. Then, when the giveaway time is over, AiGrow picks a random winner from the qualified entrants.

let’s watch the related video below to see how this feature works in detail.

Instagram giveaway picker of AiGrow

AiGrow is an all-in-one app that provides you with all the features you may need in the process of managing your account. When using its Post and Reward feature to manage your Instagram giveaway contests, all participants need to be checked to make sure if they have followed all the rules of the contest or not.

Once AiGrow checks all the giveaway entrants to make sure if they are all qualified to have the chance to win, here comes AiGrow’s giveaway picker to pick the lucky winner of the contest randomly without needing you to use other apps to pick the winner.

Try AiGrow’s giveaway picker

AiGrow’s other features

AiGrow is an all-in-one Instagram management app. It provides you with all the professional features you may need when managing your Instagram like a professional. Take a quick look at all its features below:

  • Instagram post, story, and IGTV Scheduler
  • Instagram contest and giveaway management
  • VIP growth service
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Bulk posts delete
  • Repost content on Instagram
  • Automated DM/bulk DM
  • Account monitoring
  • Designing a bio link landing page

Here’s AiGrow’s pricing packages!

2# Instagram giveaway app: EasyPromos

This app is a random Instagram contest picker. This app allows you to run mention, comment-to-enter, and hashtag giveaways on Instagram. This tool uses different methods in order to pick the winner depending on the kind of contest you are running.

For Example, for the comment-to enter giveaways, Easypromos lets you use its Instagram comment picker app for picking winners.

Note: They have 34 apps to download and help you with different purposes and templates.

3# Instagram giveaway app: Gleam

Gleam is another good choice when it comes to automating your Instagram giveaway contests and picking the winners. Gleam only supports Instagram giveaways, not any other features.

The upside of this app is that you have the flexibility to organize your giveaways on both Instagram, your website, and different social media accounts, including Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. 

It should be noted that on Instagram giveaways managed by Gleam, you have options such as like/comment-to-enter, mention, and hashtag giveaways.

4# Instagram giveaway app: Wishpond

Actually, this app is a growth tool that provides you with other features as well. One of its features is Instagram Social Promotions which lets you run contests.

This tool offers you an Instagram hashtag app that helps you run a hashtag giveaway on Instagram. Using this app, you can also allow users to vote for entrants to pick a winner. Bear in mind that each entrant has a gallery where the number of votes for each of them is visible.

5# Instagram giveaway app: Viral Loops

This app works best if you are new to social media marketing. Its giveaway tools include templates for email campaigns, social media giveaways, etc.

This app makes the process of creating your Instagram giveaway easier by offering a lot of pre-designed templates to save your time. This app won’t take all the work off your hands but it just helps you make running your giveaway contest easier.

Final thoughts

Running an Instagram giveaway contest is highly recommended if you are looking for a way to grow your engagement and following. You need an Instagram giveaway app to help you save tons of time and energy by managing your contest and doing everything on your behalf, from posting the contest post to picking the winner. The best possible choice would definitely be AiGrow.


This post was last modified on June 6, 2021 1:01 pm