20 Best Instagram Giveaway Pickers You Need in 2023

top instagram giveaway pickers

Instagram giveaways can be an excellent way to boost followers, gain brand visibility, and promote your business. Unfortunately, they require time to organize and analyze the followers entering the giveaway and pick winners.

Instagram giveaways require a great deal of time, effort, and energy to set up and run. Wouldn’t you rather devote those resources to other tasks?

Luckily an awesome Instagram giveaway picker can do this for you automatically!

In this article, we will introduce you to 20 of the best Instagram giveaway pickers in 2023. Each can help you manage your Instagram giveaways more effectively, and win more customers!

Note: If you want to run an Instagram giveaway but don’t want to do all the work of setting it up and picking the winners, we’ll do it all for you. 

What Is An Instagram Giveaway Picker

An Instagram giveaway picker is a tool that lets you select random winners for Instagram contests, giveaways, sweepstakes, or other promotions. 

With a giveaway winner picker, you can choose winners in the fairest and most random way possible. When people know that the winners are chosen randomly, they will want to participate in your giveaways.

How To Do A Giveaway On Instagram To Gain Followers

To successfully run an Instagram giveaway, make sure that you have a goal in mind. What do you want people to get out of the experience? Do you want them to see your brand as friendly and approachable? Or do you want their feedback on a new product or service? Once you know what kind of feedback or response you’re looking for, then it’s time to pick the winner.

triangle of success of a vgiveaway

To accomplish this task successfully, follow these steps:

  • Identify your Instagram giveaway goals
  • Know the Federal and State rules & regulations
  • Follow Instagram’s promotion policy
  • Identify the qualified entry criteria
  • Post the official rules of the giveaway
  • Pick winners randomly using an Instagram giveaway picker app

Once you are done selecting the winners of your giveaway, make sure to announce them on your page, preferably on an Instagram story.

How To Pick A Winner For A Giveaway On Instagram

If you are wondering ‘how to pick an Instagram giveaway winner’, there are a couple of ways to pick a winner. One is the traditional method: randomly selecting someone from the eligible pool by hand. 

However, this is difficult and prone to error—you might accidentally disqualify someone who should have won, or miss someone that could have been disqualified.

Another option is using an Instagram giveaway tool which generates winners automatically based on specific criteria you set up in advance.

These Instagram giveaway pickers are simple to use—you just load up your giveaway image with prizes, add some rules and set up an entry form, then they’ll generate a random winner based on your settings!

Promotion Guidelines: Instagram Giveaway Rules Template

To enter a contest, participants should follow the Instagram giveaway rules. For example, they might need to “like” a post, leave a comment, or tag a friend to enter.

Keep your entry requirements simple when running an Instagram giveaway. But you may wish to add some rules to ensure that the giveaway is targeted at your ideal customers.

Instagram contest rules can include one or more of the following criteria:

  • Like this post
  • What do you think? Tell us in the comments
  • Use our hashtag in your photo
  • Get a chance to win by following our account
  • Bonus entries if you tag friends
instagram giveaway rules

Be sure to inform your participants about the Instagram promotion guidelines before you launch your giveaway. These guidelines ensure clarity in your contest rules and terms of eligibility. Below is an example to include in your Instagram giveaway caption:

“Per Instagram guidelines, I must state this giveaway is by no means sponsored, administered, or associated with Instagram inc. By participating, entrants acknowledge that they are 18+ years of age, agree to Instagram terms of use, and release Instagram of all responsibility”.

Promotion Guidelines: Instagram Giveaway Templates

Instagram giveaways and contests come in all shapes and sizes these days. For example, you can run photography contests or simply ask your followers to like your post and tag a friend. 

However, no matter what type of giveaway you choose, it’s important to have an eye-catching Instagram giveaway image that inspires users to take part in your contest.

There are a number of Instagram giveaway templates available that you can be inspired by them and create your own giveaway image or download and customize.

Top Instagram Giveaway Pickers

Here are 20 Instagram giveaway winner pickers to make your next Instagram contest easier.

Instagram Giveaway picker #1: AiGrow   

aigrow giveaway picker landing page

 AiGrow has a top random picker for giveaways on Instagram and a growth service that offers its clients a range of innovative tools for running their contests and managing their Instagram accounts. 

It boasts the Post & Reward module, which helps marketers create giveaways from scratch and run them successfully.

AiGrow also offers an Instagram giveaway comment picker to pick the lucky winners of the contest randomly without needing you to use other apps. Let’s see how you can use them:

How To Use The AiGrow Instagram Giveaway Picker

watch the video below to see how the giveaway picker of AiGrow works:

AiGrow’s Instagram comment picker allows you to select random winners among entrants for a giveaway on Instagram. It is fast, fair, and easy to use.

This random comment picker for Instagram enables users to design a customized giveaway with its post and reward feature, contact contest winners via direct message, and schedule post times for giveaways. let’s see how to pick a winner for a giveaway on Instagram using this tool best Instagram giveaway picker:

If you create an account on AiGrow, you will be directed to your dashboard upon completion of registration. Now you can choose an account to manage. 

instagram giveaway picker of AiGrow

Choose the giveaway picker in the top-left bar. 

aigrow giveaway picker

In the first field, enter your giveaway post URL (any new or existing post). In the second field, enter the name of your giveaway.

aigrow giveaway app

Selecting a winner using a specific hashtag or a minimum number of mentions in the comments is available.

The “Select Unique Users” and the “Eliminate Duplicate Comments” settings prevent users from mentioning the same user twice or more in the comments and count a single instance of each user’s comment.

After you set up your giveaway and enter the giveaway end date, you can leave the rest to the AiGrow Instagram giveaway winner picker.

Sign up and get instant access to this Instagram giveaway picker.

How To Use The AiGrow’s Post & Reward Feature

Here is how to take advantage of this feature:

  • Sign up on AiGrow for free using your email address.
  • After signing up, you access AiGrow’s dashboard. From the dashboard, you can add as many Instagram accounts as you want to the dashboard by clicking Add Instagram Account
  • Once you connect your Instagram account(s) to the dashboard, choose the desired account you’d like to manage.  
giveaway tool of aigrow
  • In the opened window, click on the post & scheduling tab, then click post & reward and schedule a contest.
post &reward feature of aigrow
  • Now you can upload your Instagram giveaway contest content(image/video). You have three possibilities here: 

1- Upload your content by dragging and dropping it from your computer drives. 

2- Upload a video from YouTube by simply copy-pasting the desired video link.

3- Importing images via Unsplash.

giveaway app of aigrow

AiGrow’s Post & Reward Feature- Setting Contest Rules And Details

Using AiGrow’s Instagram giveaway app, you can schedule two types of contests.

1- Reward followers who comment on your contest post 

2- Those who tag you on the post they have created on their feed.

By choosing each type of contest, you can set the rules of your contests, such as tagging a certain number of friends to the post, using specific hashtags, or following the hosting account of the giveaway.

aigrow giveaway running tool
  • When you are done with setting the rules, craft your DM. AiGrow will send this prewritten DM to those who fulfill your contest rules. Also, in this DM, you can add a coupon code, a press link, or a link to something free on your website.
giveaway tool for instagram
  • It’s time to write your Instagram giveaway caption. The rules you’ve set will automatically be placed in your caption as instructions. Then scroll down and add relevant trendy hashtags to your Instagram contest post using AiGrow’s hashtag generator tool.
setting giveaway rules-aigrow
  • AiGrow allows you to add locations and multiple accounts to publish your post on them as well. 
  • Now you can not only schedule specific times and dates for your posts to be published by clicking Post in the future but also publish your posts at the time by choosing Post Now.
setting rules of giveaways
  • And, the last thing you may need is a clickable external URL link to connect your post, when you are happy, click Submit.
aigrow tool for running giveaways

Note: After sharing the contest post on AiGrow, this platform will check every participant’s conditions. Then, when the giveaway time is over, AiGrow picks a random winner from the qualified entrants.

Let’s watch the related video below to see how this feature works in detail.

Try AiGrow’s giveaway picker

#2. You to Gift

You To Gift: a YouTube or Instagram Giveaway Picker

With “You To Gift”, pick a YouTube or Instagram giveaway winner in a versatile fashion, or in other words, in your own way.

As a revolutionary app that allows you to select the winners of your YouTube or Instagram giveaways based on your own criteria – whether you are hosting a small or large giveaway – You To Gift is the perfect choice for selecting the lucky winner.

This app provides users with an easy-to-use platform that ensures fairness and transparency when choosing a winner.

Download from App Store and Play Market.

You To Gift Features

  • You don’t have to provide your Instagram username and password, or log in on the Instagram website, for your Instagram giveaway. Just give a post link to your giveaway and select a winner.
  • You can select a winner based on who Likes, comments, or subscribes. Additionally, you can download your follower database in any publicly-accessible Instagram account in Excel or CSV format.
  • It’s fair. You to Gift will collect 100% of the data and leave nothing out. An Excel document with a numbered list of participants will be available to you once the data collection is over. Post a link to it on your social media profiles so your subscribers can find themselves in the spreadsheet and make sure the results are calculated objectively.
  • The service has been on the market since 2019. It has accounted for more than 1.75 million customer giveaways. The best evidence of its performance is found in customer reviews – there are more than 2,000 of them on the site, and they are left by actual individuals.
  • Your first giveaways are totally free and are available in the App Store and Play Market.

#3. Gleam

gleam homepage

Gleam is another good random picker for automating your Instagram giveaway contests and picking the winners. Gleam only supports Instagram giveaways, offering no other features.

The upside of this random picker is that you have the flexibility to organize your giveaways on Instagram, your website, and different social media accounts, including Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. 

On this Instagram giveaway picker, you have options such as like/comment-to-enter, mention, and hashtag giveaways.

Note: It does not automatically contact the winners of your competitions.

#4. Sorteos

Sorteos homepage

Sorteos is a free comment picker tool that enables you to create Instagram contests, giveaways, sweepstakes, and promotions, picking a random winner from a link on your Instagram giveaway image.

Just provide Sorteos with a link to your giveaway image and they will extract all the comments from that image. After that, select how many winners you want to identify and click Start.

#5. Iconosquare

Iconosquare homepage

 Iconosquare‘s Instagram comment picker, which randomly selects comments from your media on a pre-set basis, is available for both Instagram and Facebook.

With this random picker, you can choose winners based on multiple criteria—such as specific hashtags used or the number of hashtags.

#6. Heyo

Heyo homepage

Heyo is a platform that allows you to create landing pages, contests, and forms to gather information from visitors. You can hold your giveaways on Twitter and Instagram, and Heyo will randomly choose the winners.

#7. Wishpond 

wishpond homepage

Wishpond is a growth tool that provides you with other features. One of its features is Instagram Social Promotions which lets you run contests.

This tool offers you an Instagram hashtag app that helps you run a hashtag giveaway on Instagram. Using this giveaway picker, you can also allow users to vote for entrants to pick a winner. Bear in mind that each entrant has a gallery where the number of votes is visible.

#8. Woobox

woobox homepage

Woobox Instagram giveaway picker lets you organize contests on Instagram in which participants are required to comment on a specific post to qualify to enter a contest.

Further, you can either auto-approve or manually approve entries to make a beautiful display of your entries; there is an option to collect these images into a gallery on your website.

Visitors can vote for giveaway entrants, and you can select a random winner using this Instagram comment picker.

#9. Rafflecopter

Rafflecopter homepage

Rafflecopter is a web application that provides you with giveaway design templates for forms. 

You can also use it as a giveaway picker to track the participants and specify your contest rules for Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter. Rafflecopter will then keep track of entries and choose the number of random winners you want.

Rafflecopter offers excellent support and lets you analyze giveaway performance, so you can understand where you went wrong and what you did right.

#10. Comment Picker

Comment Picker homepage

Comment Picker is an Instagram giveaway picker that randomly selects comments from users who have joined your giveaway using this platform. In addition to the Instagram giveaway picker, their picker wheel can also randomly select a name or an item for you.

Note: if you have a personal account, you need to switch to a business account and connect your account to Facebook before using this tool.

#11. Wask

wask homepage

Wask is a digital marketing software. It allows advertisers to manage and report on their Ad accounts across every major advertising channel, including Facebook and Instagram Ads, Google Ads, Twitter Ads, and Linkedin Ads.

Additionally, users of Wask can set up conversion tracking analytics and A/B testing.

Using the Wask Instagram giveaway picker, you can easily set up an Instagram giveaway by typing the link of the giveaway post and finding the winners automatically if desired. 

#12. Freeigpicker

Freeigpicker giveaway picker homepage

To use this Instagram giveaway picker, copy and paste the link of your giveaway image or video into the section that says “Giveaway Link.” There are a few additional features for you to customize the giveaway. After it picks the winner, it’ll show you a screen with the information and allow you to announce the winner or take a screenshot of this data and post it with your announcement.

#13. Viral Loops

viral loops hpmepage

Viral Loops is a viral and referral marketing platform to launch ranking competitions, sweepstakes and pre-launch campaigns. It also has an Instagram giveaway picker that helps you get your winners based on the number of their entries.

#14. EasyPromos 

easypromos instagram giveaway picker homepage

Easypromos is a random comment picker for Instagram that allows you to create giveaways, contests, Instagram games, and digital experiences that engage your online community.

This app allows you to run mention, comment-to-enter, and hashtag giveaways on Instagram. This tool uses different methods to pick the winner depending on the kind of contest you are running.

For Example, for the comment-to-enter giveaways, Easypromos lets you use its pick a winner app to choose winners.

Note: They have 34 apps to download and help you with different purposes and templates.

#15. Woorise 

giveaway picker of woorise

Woorise is an app that allows you to design and implement various interactive campaigns, such as giveaways and contests, forms for gathering data, surveys for feedback, quizzes for branding purposes, and landing pages. It also allows you to collect payments and donations.

Woorise is equipped with different features that you can use to meet your needs. These features are designed to take care of your contest, from creating to publishing the giveaway post.

It is a platform that enables marketers to run giveaways on both their websites and Instagram accounts. With its drag-and-drop builder, marketers can use Woorise to create landing pages on their websites that promote their giveaways.

#16. Simpliers Giveaway

Simpliers Giveaway homepage

This Instagram comment picker makes it easy to select a winner for giveaways on Instagram and TikTok. Simply paste in all the comments from an Instagram or TikTok post, then click “Select Winner” to choose your random winner.

Note: For each post with 100 or fewer entrants, you may use this Instagram giveaway picker once for free.

#17. Giveaway Picker For Instagram

Giveaway Picker For Instagram

Giveaway Picker For Instagram is an app available on App Store for iPhone and iPad users. This app enables you to make random draws and raffles for your followers, which can help increase the popularity of your Instagram account.

Here’s how to use this app: Copy the link to the Instagram post you want to tag, apply the rules—for example, how many tags there should be or how many winners there should be—and enter the number of substitutes.

#18. VerifyShare

VerifyShare instagram giveaway picker

Verifyshare Instagram giveaway picker is an online tool to help you check for subscriptions for the required profiles (one or several) and other profile posts like likes under a contest post and reports in the feed or story. You can also check for friends’ mentions directly from this tool.

#19. Arbitery

Arbitery instagram giveaway picker

With this Instagram giveaway winner picker, you can select winners from likes, mentions, comments, or hashtags on Instagram. You can also combine multiple rules to create a more specific winner-picking formula.

You can also create an Instagram giveaway image that’s customized with your own photos and text, and link to it from a webpage with a unique URL.

#20. Popsmash

Popsmash homepage

With the Popsmash Instagram giveaway picker app, you can keep track of giveaways and winners, pick winners with a tap, and see your giveaway stats. To log in and use the official ‘Log in with Facebook’ feature, you’ll need an Instagram Business or Instagram Creator account.


Running an Instagram giveaway contest is highly recommended if you are looking for a way to grow your engagement and following. 

You need an Instagram giveaway picker to help you save tons of time and energy by managing your contest and doing everything on your behalf, from posting the contest post to picking the winner. 

Among all the giveaway pickers we’ve introduced here, the best choice would be AiGrow which provides an easy app with many unique features.

Give AiGrow a try now


Can You Use A Wheel Spinner to Pick The Winner of A Giveaway?

You might be wondering if you can use a wheel spinner generator to pick random winners for your giveaway; well, it is possible if you have only a few participants since you have to enter the names of participants and roll the dice. 

Wheel of Names
Wheel of Names

But imagine you had hundreds of participants; going through their comments and evaluating them to ensure they met your rules. That would be a true hassle!

On the other hand, using a random winner picker specific to social media platforms will save you the trouble of manually selecting winners.

How Do You Automate a Giveaway on Instagram?

To automate your giveaway, simply use an Instagram giveaway picker app which allows you to select and randomize prizes for your giveaways. 

For example, say your company has four different giveaways happening at once. You could set up all four of them in one app, then let it run on autopilot until you hit the winner! The best part about this method is that it doesn’t take any extra effort on your part—you just open up the app and watch it works its magic.

A good example is the random comment picker of AiGrow which allows you to import your giveaway entrants’ comments into their database and then pick the winners fairly based on the criteria you set in advance.

Give AiGrow giveaway picker a try now

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