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Complete guide to Instagram dark mode on iPhone and Android

Nowadays, we spend too much time with our phones especially surfing social media including the most popular one, Instagram. It should be noted that this can end up damaging our eyesight, especially if we do it at night. Luckily, Instagram has recently rolled out Instagram Dark Mode feature to help you in this case.

Moreover, using Dark Mode can also help you in saving your device’s battery life, especially if you’re using an OLED phone.

These days, most social media apps have enabled the Dark Mode. However, some apps are still behind when it comes to dark mode.

Previously, Instagram had the same problem, but finally they have launched one of the most frequently requested features of Instagram not too long ago.

If you’re still not taking advantage of enabling Dark Mode for Instagram on your smartphone, read on to learn how you can turn it on.

What is Dark Mode?

Dark Mode is a display setting for smartphone or laptop users. To put it in simple words, it gives everything a dark background.

It means that, instead of the light mode (dark text showing up against a light screen), a light color text is presented against a dark screen.

Despite the fact that both Android and iPhones offer system-wide dark modes, you can also enable it on some apps like Instagram individually.

Enabling your Dark Mode on Instagram is highly recommended due to the fact that Instagram Dark Mode not only saves your battery life but also saves your eyes.

How to get Dark Mode on Instagram app

Instagram has made it easier now that you don’t need to head to your phone’s settings in order to switch between Dark and Light Mode. We are going to provide you with some mega easy steps to take to put Dark Mode on Instagram.

  1. First of all, have your Instagram app opened on your mobile device.
  2. Next, go to your homepage.
  3. Then, click on your avatar once you are on the homepage.

   4. Click on three horizontal lines.

   5. Tap settings.

   6. Choose theme.

   7.Once you tap theme, you can see three options on the open page,                  dark, light, and system default.

Note: You can simply choose between light and dark whenever needed. In addition to these two options, you have another one, system default. 

System default simply means whatever option you have selected in settings of your mobile device, that’s exactly the setting Instagram uses in the app. 

8.Once you choose Dark Mode, your Instagram background will be in black with light color text.

Dark Mode on iOS

You can have Dark Mode available on your phone just in case you have an iPhone updated to iOS 13 or later. Bear in mind that Instagram Dark Mode for the iPhone only works based on the phones’ overall system default, so here’s how to turn on this feature on your Apple device.

How to turn on Instagram Dark Mode on iPhone?

  • Make sure you’ve updated to the latest iOS version(iOS 13-14) as well as the latest Instagram update.
  • Go to your iPhone Settings (the gear icon)
  • Choose Display & Brightness.

  • Select Dark to turn on Dark Mode

  • Finally, you should be able to launch Instagram Dark Mode automatically.

Note: There is another quick way to activate your Dark Mode without opening settings. First, swipe down on the upper right of the iPhone screen, after that long press on the brightness menu, then simply toggle the Dark Mode option on the left side.

How to schedule your iPhone Dark Mode

If you don’t want to have your Dark Mode on all the time, you can schedule it whether on daytime and nighttime routines or customize your Dark Mode. 

  • Open iPhone’s setting
  • Go to Display & Brightness
  • Toggle on Automatic
  • Tap on the options menu that appears under Automatic
  • Now, you can choose between either sunrise and sunset hours of the day or custom schedule to customize your Dark Mode and specify times.

How to make Dark Mode on Android?

Instagram Dark Mode is available on Android 10 or later. Let’s take a quick look at the steps you can take to activate your Dark Mode on Android.

  • Open your phone’s Settings.
  • Tap on Display option.
  • Then for some Android phones, the Dark Mode toggle is available under the display settings. However, for some Android users, it requires tapping on Advanced display settings to find Dark Mode.
  • Choose Device theme. After that tap Dark.

  • Now, open Instagram, and you’ll see the Instagram Dark Mode has been enabled automatically.

Note: Scheduling Dark Mode is also possible on Android. You can customize it or prefer to go by sunrise and sunset.

Note: Instagram Dark Mode is also available on the web; all you need to do in order to activate it is a browser extension called Stylus, Night Eye, or Dark Reader.

Final word

If you have the latest update of Instagram on your device besides your an Android 10 or iOS 13 user, enable the Dark theme on your device and keep your eyes and your phone battery safer.

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