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Instagram Hacks

Instagram Best Practices In the Age of Corona Virus


This post has been developed by speaking to a few influencers and brands who are communicating with their audiences with messaging specific to this worldwide event.  As disclaimer, these are simply some findings and do not intend to be prescriptive for all Instagram businesses.  You may choose to avoid the discussion altogether and that could be your best approach. 

Should you choose to approach the subject, then here are some best practices and ideas to consider.

In case you didn’t know (and live under a rock) …

The Corona virus is first and foremost a humanitarian tragedy. Thousands of people have been affected already and it’s gaining momentum globally.  Very recently, the World Health Organization declared Corona virus, aka COVID-19, a global pandemic, and that designation is not taken lightly. 

What makes this virus so dangerous is its infectiousness and apparent lethal nature.  To put it into perspective, Corona virus is more infectious than the common flu by an estimated magnitude of 10x.  In order to stop its wide-scale spread, employers around the world are urging their staff to work from home. 

This can mean bad news for the economy, and by all accounts, has already pushed several economies further into recession.  Still, many businesses, and e-commerce and digital businesses in specific, might actually experience growth because more people are electing not to go outside.  Shopping for goods from home, using tools and building your marketing or doing home projects are things that people will naturally turn to. 

Here are a few things you can do specifically with respect to Instagram to show your sensitivity, awareness, and marketing savvy throughout these trying times.

1- Post content that demonstrates what you are doing to prevent and mitigate the threat

Show your followers that you are taking the Corona virus pandemic seriously with the following ideas:

  • Post a picture of you working from home. Show your followers that you take safety precautions seriously.
  • Give your audience useful tips on how to stay safe during the Corona virus pandemic. Make sure you take your information from official sources such as the World Health Organization‘s website.
  • Show what you are doing to help combat the disease. Share a cause for the needy that you may feel strongly about, or call out community work efforts.

2 – Show that you care about your staff and partners

If you are an employer, show your support for the health of your staff by asking them to work from home. Convey this to your followers by posting pictures of your employees working at home.  Or share their stories.  You will not only spread a good cause, but you will also connect with your audience on a deeper level.

If you have any special policies related to the Corona virus pandemic, post them to your Instagram in a non-boasting way. Some examples of these policies include paid vacations for your staff, and financial aid for your partners and employees.

3- Promote your online business

Take some time to work out how best to link and promote your products on your Instagram page.  The extra time you may have at home can be put to use by refining your page.

If you don’t have a page or many followers, this is perhaps a good time for you to start that Instagram business page you’ve been planning to start for such a long time. Or maybe you already have an Instagram business and now is the time you start paying serious attention to it.  We are here to help through  our team of experts and powerful AI if you feel like you don’t have enough time or know-how to do it on your own.

4- Make your posts link-able with a bio linking solution

Instagram has become a key player in global online businesses. But still, Instagram doesn’t support posting more than one link on your Instagram page. This can limit Instagram businesses and online shops in a great way, especially if they don’t find a solution.

Fortunately, the solution has been found since a long time ago. Certain companies offer linkin.bio services that allow you to post multiple links and pictures to your Instagram bio. You can always try ours for free.

5- Boost customer service and public relations

Try to build a strong foundation of trust with your customers. Don’t be shy to show how much you care for them in these hard times. If you want to take your public relations to the next level, you can do this by providing a message to your users on your social media and letting them know that you care about them. For Instagram, You can message your users and let them know about your business, or provide great value or free services for those in need.

If you are a local business, you can message them and let them know about whether your local business during the pandemic is open or not and which kind of protocols you have to improve their health and keep them safe.


We are all in this together and although this does present a new reality for just about everyone, we will continue on! Your e-commerce or Online business can sustain and even improve during this pandemic.  Keep safe and pay attention to official resources such as CDC and show the world you care!

The team at AiGrow wishes you a safe and healthy journey as you navigate through this daunting period.





This post was last modified on February 22, 2021 6:21 am