How to Write Compelling Texts on Instagram & Increase Engagement?

Content for Instagram should be accurate, concentrated, and catch the reader’s attention. Only then it will fulfill its main task – to sell. In this article, we will consider how to retain and involve people in reading your content and as a result increase reach, involvement and sales.

How to Write An Engaging Text?

Before you take any marketing steps, it’s important to create a detailed portrait of your target audience and segment it according to criteria that are important to your business. This will allow you to create a more personalized approach and accurately meet people’s needs, touch key pains, and desires.

Each text on a business account page should have a specific purpose and give one of the three: value, emotion, or a powerful promise that must then be fulfilled.

When scrolling through the feed, people often don’t retain their attention on the text, but focus more on the visual content. Therefore, the first sentence should catch the reader’s attention, and prompt him to read the text. This can be done with an unusual question, intrigue, or forecast that touches potential customers’ pains.

An important element that keeps users’ attention is the level of content popularity. At the initial stages of promotion, an effective solution is to buy Instagram followers, likes, comments, etc. This marketing step will create a trusting first impression and enhance the content value.

Next, it’s important to raise interest with the help of reinforcing a specific pain, actualizing the problem, and arguing why it needs to be addressed now. Subconsciously, the post should promote your personal brand and generate interest in your services or products. Every message should end with a call to action.

There is a concept of selling text. Many people perceive it as a text in which many times they have to call to buy a product, which is erroneous. A sales text is one that gives a sufficiently reasoned basis for a person to make a buying decision.

Another common mistake is when an entrepreneur writes a text about his product. But the text should be about the reader. It should connect him with this product and show how the product will solve his problems, relieve his pains, problems, bring him closer to his dreams, etc. So, be always guided by your client’s objectives.

Storytelling As A Powerful Way to Keep Attention

We live in the era of the impression economy, and it’s not enough to give rational arguments to a person. You have to convey some kind of energy. Emotions move communication from the abstract level to the interpersonal one, and the reader immediately sees a personality behind the text.

One of the most important tools for working with social media is storytelling. Research shows that the human brain perceives information better when it’s presented in the form of a structured and interesting story. This method is based on indirect advertising, so it has become extremely useful for sales. 

There are three methods of using storytelling in text. First, you can tell a global story and conclude it. This can be a case, a history of a company, etc.

Secondly, you can include mini-cases as examples in the text. For example, you talk about the principles of working with clients, and insert: “Once we had a case when a client…”. And then tell a short but complete story.

Thirdly, you can not embed any stories, but build the text itself according to storytelling tools: a story should have a hero and an antagonist, climaxes, and other plot springs.

How to Increase Involvement With Psychological Triggers?

The tendency of people to make a purchase is determined by an intrinsic motivation that arises when certain emotional triggers are launched in their minds. A trigger is a predictable reaction of our brain to specific actions. Thanks to triggers we can build a profitable system of communication with customers, remove their fears and objections, and turn the client to the target action: buy, place an order, leave contacts and make sales.

One of the most powerful triggers is social proof. When a person sees that many people successfully work with a certain brand, it serves as a good motivator. So, specify how many clients have bought the service or product, as well as indicate your concrete clients. This trigger can be strengthened with high statistics in the profile. That’s why most entrepreneurs actively buy real Instagram followers and other popularity metrics.

A popular trigger is the principle of scarcity. If we say that something is available in small quantities, a person gets the missed opportunity syndrome and tries to make a purchasing decision faster. The scarcity of a product makes it more valuable, and consumers are willing to pay more for it.

To sum up, it is important to remember that copywriting skills depend on practice: the more you practice, the more you improve your writing skills. Moreover, reading plays an important role. It’s worth reading more books, as you will unconsciously copy the writing style of those authors whose writing styles you like.

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Sarah Jamshidi
Sarah Jamshidi
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