6 Ways to Use Instagram to Enrich Your Classroom

use innstagram to enrich your classroom

Instagram started as a photo-sharing platform, and today, people from different backgrounds use it to run businesses, educate, socialize, and do a lot more with the mobile app. Instagram now also offers shopping experiences for users to purchase whatever they need. One thing that Instagram has been beneficial for is education. Hundreds of thousands of teachers use the app as a lounge where they access numerous teaching concepts to aid in the classroom. Here are six ways you can use Instagram to enrich your classroom:

use instagram to enrich your classroom
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Create visuals to teach better

A picture is worth a thousand words. Everyone knows that a picture can communicate a message a lot better than a paragraph can. Using visuals in the Instagram carousel feature to tell a story or explain a process can make it easier for students to grasp a concept. For example, you can post images showing the different steps in the process of evaporation and condensation or a comic explaining the legislative assembly. The mobile accessibility of Instagram makes studying a lot easier and more fun. It will not seem like a serious task for a student to learn a concept using the app. It also has the benefit of using visuals to teach better.

Use hashtags to find what you need

Hashtags are an essential feature of Instagram. People use hashtags to find what they need, whether a museum in a city they want to know more about or a type of flower. It helps students not get distracted and access unnecessary information on the app; instead, stick with what they need for the classroom course. Other than that, hashtags are also beneficial for teachers and aids in searching for specific information or media that can assist in teaching. Some popular hashtags on Instagram for teachers are:

  • #teachersofinstagram 
  • #classroomideas 
  • #teacherinspiration 
  • #iteachtoo
  • #teacherlife

Socialize with other educators

This is a social media platform; socializing is Instagram’s number one benefit to its users. As an educator, you can reach out to other teachers, get in touch with them, and set up remote learning lessons for your students. This teacher may be an expert at a topic you want your students to know more about, or maybe you want your students to have a change from regular class. There are also a lot of Instagram educator communities on the platform that you can be a part of and help out other students just like your own.

Find the intersection where internet culture and education meets.

Students can get whatever they need on the internet. Education and the World Wide Web are now more interconnected than ever before, and modern students gladly leverage online education solutions. For instance, many students use GrabMyEssay and other good essay writing platforms to get academic papers written. Similarly, Instagram and other media can be used to enrich education in your class.

One of the most significant benefits of living in a technologically-driven era is keeping up with the times. Today, almost every child above the age of 10 in urban areas has access to the internet and a mobile device. Some may even call this generation “chronically online.” This light-hearted term gives an insight into how well-versed children these days are with internet culture. Find the intersection where popular and internet culture meet education, and you will be the most excellent teacher on the block!

Add a dash of healthy competition

Studies have shown that social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram can harm young students. However, the social media platform also has its benefits. It can allow teachers to post the best work submitted by students, which will be seen by a broad audience, encouraging other students to do better. Although, one should also explain to the students that likes and comments do not necessarily equate to a higher quality of work. Using Instagram to encourage students must be used in moderation and combination with other grading methods.

Create a thriving environment for students

By using visuals and other media to get students to participate in the classroom, you create an environment where they enjoy sharing and learning. Not only this, but competition among peers can drive students to do better. When this is done healthily, it can create an inclusive community for students to thrive in. The rise in student influencer culture has shown how beneficial this is for them. Using Instagram to educate students on various topics is also highly advantageous for you as a teacher.

using instagram for your classroom
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Today, you can, too, use Instagram to enrich your classroom teaching experience. Take advantage of social media trends and practices for the benefit of your students. This attention to modern solutions will make your teaching more progressive and fun. Happy Teaching!

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