How to make a fan page on Instagram

Although it is difficult to connect with people online, many fandoms are joined by Instagram fan pages.  You can inspire users who also like it.” However, it is hard when someone first starts; many people are easily confused when it comes to setting up a fan page.”

Make sure you know what/who your fan account is going to be about, and what kind of content you want to post on there. If you plan on using a filter in your posts or following a certain theme, I would gather at least a few photos, videos, edits, etc. that you want to post and figure out what filter/theme you are going to use before you make your account.

Choose a good username

The first step of creating a fan page on Instagram is coming up with a great username. Fan pages on social media take pride in their usernames; it’s how other fan pages identify them. Inside jokes, or something special the fandom shares is something that can be braided in the username to make it unique, or funny. 

Profile Picture

Next, you will want to set a profile picture. I would suggest making the picture related to your fandom in some way so that other fan accounts can discover you easily. A photo is also needed for an Instagram account. Usually, for a personal Instagram account users add a clear picture of themselves, but most fan pages create their profile picture to use.

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Bios are also very important for a fan page. They let you share a bit about your real off-screen personality. Users include different data in their bio, but it is essential to add who the fan page is for. It is also necessary to add pronouns, first name/ nickname, and age range.

In your biography, try to be as clear as you can be on what/who you are supporting. You do not have to design a neat-looking biography immediately; write something that relates to your fandom for the time being. You can always change it later.

Start creating content

When it comes to my very first post, I like to add a friendly introduction and briefly explain the purpose of my page. Now, before you post it, skip two spaces down from your typed caption. There you will write hashtags. Using hashtags is extremely important if you want other fan accounts to discover you. All hashtags should be related to your fandom.

Your first post changes the way other fan pages look at each other; everyone desires to have a good first impression, like in life. Usually, for a first post, people re-post a photo of their idol with a caption. For the first caption, you may include facts about yourself, like sports you play or books you like. Fan pages frequently create photo collages, memes, or videos to post.

After you upload your first post, you can paste the hashtags you had copied into the “Comments” section. I find this much easier than keeping the hashtags in my captions because it looks more organized and not as crowded. If you would rather keep them in your caption, however, that is completely fine.

Growing your account

You are going to reach out to fellow fan accounts and follow them. Whichever hashtag you clicked on should lead you to a place to browse all posts with that same tag. You are automatically brought to the “Top” section. Click on the “Recent” section. The posts you see now are the most recent posts with that tag; you are only going to focus on these right now. Click on one of the posts. If it was posted by a fellow fan account, then you will want to like the post so they will see your interaction in their notifications, and maybe be prompted to follow you.

Continue going through the recent posts and liking anything that relates to your fandom. Again, comment as you go along if you can. Other fan accounts will see your comment, which will increase your chances of getting discovered. Do not be one of those fan accounts who comments “follow for follow” or “like for like” on other peoples’ posts. Self-promotions are very irritating.

Schedule your posts

Fan accounts may post once a week or every day. The schedules are based on what users can do in the time they are free. A fan page should be something that people love. Try to post consistently at least once a day (I would suggest more). Only post content that is related to your fandom. Posting anything unrelated is the best way to lose followers.

With AiGrow you can simply schedule your content and be sure that your account is in safe hands with experts.

 Also, remember to be an active follower; like and comment on the posts in your feed. Do not be a ghost follower! Do not self-promote. You are better than that. Check statistics regularly if you switched to a business profile (profile visits, reaches, impressions, etc.).


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