7 Ways You Can Benefit From Instagram As a Student

benefit from instagram as a student

There are a variety of social media applications that are ruling the world currently. One of such apps is Instagram, which has more than a billion active monthly users around the globe. It allows users to share their favorite moments through photos and videos with each other. The young generation extensively uses it for it is an excellent source of entertainment and learning. Students can use Instagram to interact with their batch mates and their college or university, for most higher education institutes nowadays have a social media presence. And as Instagram has a user-friendly interface and a more active student base, institutes prefer to have an Instagram profile to increase engagement with existing students and prospective students. Using social media for education has a lot of benefits. Mentioned below are seven ways in which students can get the most out of Instagram.

1) Improve interpersonal skills 

A person needs to have good interpersonal skills to lead a balanced personal and professional life. Students get to interact with their friends and peers and, most importantly, get global exposure as Instagram connects users from across the world. 

2) Networking 

There is no doubt that the definition of learning has evolved over the years. Students dread the old and traditional ways of learning and prefer to learn things in an exciting and fun way. Learning is now limited to books and classrooms, it has gone far beyond these two. Studies have shown that students take interest in learning more via social and e-learning applications. Social learning involves networking with peers and other inspiring people. This helps students to stay motivated and achieve their goals. 

3) Working opportunities 

On social media, one does not only get to brush their interpersonal and networking skills, but also there are a plethora of career opportunities to choose from. Companies and recruiters often post job openings on social media. Students need to select the desired job from the available options and apply by just sending their resume. Many renowned companies have a solid presence on Instagram. This makes it easier for students looking for job opportunities to find leads. 

However, it is not a secret that students struggle to find jobs even after rigorous academic coursework in university. There are writers for hire online who can help students ease their semester workload and deliver professionally written literary texts. This leaves students with more time than usual in their hands for extra circular activities. 

4) Engage in discussions

While posting a photo or a video, there is an option to add a caption to the post. Students can use it to initiate conversations about any topic of their choice. Following are some tips to remember while engaging in discourses on Instagram:

  • Do not be disrespectful to other people
  • Discuss trendy topics and news
  • Initiate conversations with a catchy line
  • Do prior research before giving your views on any topic

5) Attend webinars 

Many inspirational and renowned people on Instagram conduct webinars and Instagram live from time to time. These sessions can be a great source of learning for students. They can join these webinars according to their field of interest. 

6) Enhance photography skills

Photography is something loved by a lot of people. Instagram lets its users share up to 10 photos in a single post. Students extensively use this feature to showcase their work and achievements or their interests in general. Images can also be edited before posting using the inbuilt editing options. Moreover, getting good recognition among your followers for your aesthetic photos can help you become a student influencer. All you need is a passion for clicking pictures and dedication to better your skills.  

7) Join groups

Instagram offers users to create groups hassle-free. Studying along with friends and peers can be extremely useful and productive. Students can instantly get their doubts cleared and share and receive necessary information with each other. 

These tips can help students use social media apps like Instagram with maximum benefits and enhance their education in the process. Using social media is not just a fun pastime – platforms like Instagram can provide students with the opportunity to learn, grow, and better themselves. Take advantage of this resource, learn how to use it properly as a student, and you will notice the benefits of your cooperation in no time.

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Sarah Jamshidi
Sarah Jamshidi
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